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The following are private full backup is described in more detail. You should never change to a private health insurance (PHI) if you can not have consulted previously neutral. For example, either by the government of the insured or by having to inform itself in the form of brochures and marketing material. The advantages that a private health insurance can offer you, speak for themselves. The performance is in fact much larger than with statutory health insurance. Depending on which tariff you choose, you can, therefore, choose the various services that you want to have it in your plan. What are the benefits you enjoy at a private health insurance, are mentioned below.

Among the outpatient services include the following: You can choose your doctor. You also have a few waiting times by appointment. In addition, you can switch at any time your doctor, even without a referral. You also have the advantage of trying out the latest (in particular alternative or very expensive) treatments and to get the latest medications prescribed. You get all the drugs without prescription. Added a supplement freedom for all drugs and medicines. You not only have a free choice of doctor, but you have to go and the possibility of a healer, if the healer has a corresponding admission requirements.

refunded when you need new glasses, then you anti-reflective, private health insurance costs and even tinted glasses. Reimbursement for spectacle frames amounts to 100-250 . Even for hard or soft gas permeable contact lenses for a refund of the costs made by the insurance. Your private insurance coverage is valid Europe – or worldwide, without having to pay a higher amount. The patient benefits include the free choice of hospital. They are handled by the chief physician beyond. Your accommodation is in single – or twins. You will also receive hospital cash and have no co-payment to bear the hospital expenses. Also in a European – or global scope is no excess. The dental services include free choice of dentist. There will be a reimbursement of up to 100% for a Zahnbehandelung. Also inlays are reimbursed it. Furthermore, for denture is a reimbursement of costs up to 100%. This area also expensive implants and dentures. If orthodontic treatment is to be paid back up to 100%. The benefits of long term care insurance carried in accordance with legal requirements. The sick pay in line with the agreed rate of sick pay insurance to the full net income.