Mafia Franchise

La Mafia franchise Center sits at the table renews the dishes in your daily menus by keeping the prices and the quality of their ingredients. New menus include dishes such as omelets pepone, cod with piquillo pepper sauce, scrambled eggs with paprika, and cuchifritos sauce Thay, created especially for the menu thus giving greater variety of dishes to customers. All these dishes have been created through the work of r & d carried out in the own workshop of the Ensign. The chain of Italian restaurants still committed to innovation and quality, in his service, both their dishes to thus reach its objective of establishing in all cities of Spain. The Mafia is sitting at the table is the day of the last dictates of the kitchen. Our range of dishes is not rigid, but always open and flexible.

We regularly incorporate new dishes, new ideas, new creations, in order to offer our customers a product always renewed offer. One of the keys so that the Mafia is sitting at the table is more profitable and easier manage, it has been to create a business model that does not requires specialized chefs, which reduces costs and consequently increases the profitability of the restaurant. Sits at the table in 6 years the Mafia has been consolidated as a reference Italian restaurant, and already are famous their antipasti, its wide variety of salads, crepes au gratin, tasty meats and, of course, their pasta and pizzas section.


Ten minutes took island in shake to Spain with a missile to the network, hovering around the long square of squares, and ten more to attend a large Association of Alexis Sanchez with Vargas, so this batiera again to the captain in the mano a mano and demonstrating once again the lack of complicity and rapidity of the dnsa in full. And the mess could be absolute if Casillas had not cleared with one hand shot Beausejour in the following Chilean rush, while Silva and Villa were trying to disturb something to Bravo in opposite field. Spain lost balls, between the legs and the Chilean intensity, and Negredo was not way to come into play. Couldn’t even convict Alexis Sanchez an advantage against before the break, but his shot sailed deviated. And Del Bosque returned to hit but the coach has shown too often that his art lies in the management of the bench, when the picture looks bad, and got into flour to Iniesta and Pedro to advance lines, open field and press.

There is where Chile began to shrink, since it did not reach the goal that occupied since then Pepe Reina. Appeared the football made in Spain and the bajitos conquered the lawn. Iniesta adjusted the marker with a shot dry and crossed just ten minutes after the break and Silva warned with another accurate shooting touching the stick. The pace was not stopped and the salmantino put into operation to Cesc, who not wasted the first opportunity which took in an oasis of solitude in the heart of the dnsa. In front of Bravo and after a good pass from Iniesta managed the igualada. There was no bellows and Chilean impotence to good work wasted Carmona fired saw the Red input harsh about the newly incorporated Cazorla. Everything pointed to the tie, but Arbeloa found a breath of oxygen more to win the left band and force a fairly rigorous penalty. CESC launched him, Bravo repelled and fortune followed of (immeasurable in its start of season) catalan, which it rejects to empty door side.

Settled the match in the discount, the spectacle was diluted in one fell swoop with an incomprehensible tangana that has little to do with the spirit of a friendly or the champion of the world, beyond the displayed unit. That you paste the football. Technical data sheet: 3 Spain: Casillas (Queen, m.46); Sergio Ramos, Javi Martinez, Raul Albiol, Arbeloa; Busquets, Xabi Alonso (Iniesta, m.46), Xavi (Cesc, m.64); Silva (cazorla, m.79), Villa (Pedro, m.46) and Negredo (Fernando Torres, m.64). 2. Chile: Claudio Bravo; Arturo Vidal, Pablo Contreras, Jara; Mauricio Isla (Meneses, m.83), Medel (Estrada, m.88), Carmona, Beausejour (Felipe Gutierrez, m.79), Jorge Valdivia (orellana, m.86); Alexis Sanchez and Eduardo Vargas (Felipe Seymour, m.58). Goals: 0-1, m.10: Island. 0-2, m.20: Vargas. 1-2, m.55: Iniesta. 2-2, m.70: Cesc. 3-2, m.90: Cesc. Referee: Jerome Laperriere (SUI). He chided Silva (26) by Spain and Alexis (70) and Vidal (73) by Chile. Expelled by direct red end pieces at the minute 82 and Valdivia in the 90th minute when he was in the bench. Incidences: find friendly played at the AFG Arena of Sankt Gallen in the presence of 14.605 spectators.

Buenos Aires

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