Banja Broom

If you are going to the bath, do not forget Broom! "In the bath broom – all head," without bath broom loses 50% of its value. Other leaders such as American Writer offer similar insights. Many mistaken in thinking on the use of a broom, the additional load on the heart. Pressure heat with a broom stimulates active sweating, which facilitates the effects of high temperatures on the body. Read additional details here: Paul Taylor. In addition, the broom is a kind of massage, an inhaler and a beautician. There are different kinds of brooms. Experts argue that each species has its own healing broom effect. Birch venikprochen, convenient, has a number of healing properties: anti-inflammatory, helps heal wounds on the body, bruises, abscesses, reduces joint pain, expands bronchial tubes and reduces inflammatory changes in them, promotes metabolism, and has a calming effect.

Oak venikbolee resilient and durable, it can effectively force the steam and massage the body. Its leaves contain tannins, which beneficially affect the skin, purifying it and making it more dry. It is known that oak has anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure. Linden broom accelerates sweating, has antipyretic effect, expands the bronchial tubes and increases phlegm. This broom is particularly useful for colds. He has a wholesome effect on the dry and normal skin. Juniper broom helps with radiculitis and neuralgia.

In juniper contains biologically active substances that disinfect the air and prevent respiratory infections. Brooms of conifers are good at bronchus and lung disease, have a positive effect on disease of the muscles and joints. Fir broom is useful for colds, rheumatic fever, kidney and bladder. Coniferous twigs can only be used for insensitive skin. Only use fresh needles. Cherry twigs (young shoots) is very soft and fragrant scent of cherry twigs relaxes and calms the nervous system. Kalinovoe broom helps with diathesis, skin ulcers (many do not take it with only two – three branches on birch twigs). If "In the bath broom – all head," then boss – Washcloths Washcloths from linden bast, what our grandfathers and banilis great-grandparents. 'To steam it in boiling water, and she, like silk. But it behaving the body and feel of being tough, "" A more pleasant lather with a broom. Rather, washed Lykova sponge, and then took a birch broom. Also massage, also a useful "fertilizer" for the body "to the extent of soapy sponge stiff Lykov helps not only how to" extend "our natural coat, but would like to conclude that the manifold effects that gave the room. After washing also a kind of massage.

New Report Without Political Criteria

Forward your proposal to the other 4 cities affected if you want to join. It considers that the contribution to the peace process in the Basque country should not influence. One of the members of the selection Committee denies that the appointment responds to political criteria and ensures that they could choose freely. You may want to visit Peter Schiff to increase your knowledge. San Sebastian is elected European Capital of culture 2016. The Mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, will ask the Ministry of culture to return the report of the jury on the designation of San Sebastian as European Capital of culture 2016, to bring it back to a decision that does not issue political assessments. At a press conference after chairing a meeting of the City Government, Belloch reported that it will prepare a document with the proposal forwarded to the four other affected cities: Cordoba, Segovia, Burgos and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, if joined in their approaches. Get all the facts and insights with Robotics, another great source of information. According to the Mayor, the jury responsible for the selection of the cities breached the ministerial order that marks the criteria by those who should be governed and which is not spoken in any case of political issues.

Political reasons according to Belloch, the Chairman of the Committee of selection, Manfred Gaulhofer, explicitly mentioned that the reason why chose San Sebastian was based on the contribution that the European capital could pose to the peace process in the Basque country. The Mayor will propose to the Ministry of culture that does not process the file and return the report to the members of the jury back to carry out a new assessment that exclude the political criteria of favoring the peace process or not. Belloch has assured to be willing to get to the end, because, although now there is no contestation, in the case that the Ministry of culture reject the proposal opens an administrative act that can appeal to the courts.

Soundproofing Industrial Plants

The Muller-BBM seminar for engineers, technicians and environmental protection officers of the 12th-14th November 2008 in Planegg/Munich, protection against noise in the workplace and in the vicinity of industry and commerce is a substantial legal requirement in the planning, approval, establishing, acceptance, and the operation of technical installations. Those responsible for these tasks must be familiar in addition to the basic principles of technical acoustics with this relevant policies and regulations. Professionals with many years of experience in the industrial soundproofing advice and approval practice provide the required sound technical fundamentals and essential legal requirements engineer employed with soundproofing issues, technicians and environmental protection officer. The seminar program is rounded off by exercises and practical demonstrations by visiting acoustic test equipment and test facilities. Exchange of experiences with experts and colleagues is an important part of the event again. Our speakers have about many years of professional experience and experience in the collection and assessment of industrial noise and the planning and interpretation of industrial noise control. Seminar outline: Understanding of the description and evaluation of noise pollution regulations for the protection against noise in the workplace and in the vicinity of commercial installations of sound propagation outdoors sound propagation in and out of rooms technical noise protection measures planning of sound insulation for industrial demonstration and home management practice tasks Muller-BBM GmbH Robert-Koch-Strasse 11, 82152 Planegg/Munich Tel.: + 49 (89) 85602-0 fax: + 49 (89) 85602-111 Web: Munich Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg Cologne Stuttgart Nuremberg Muller-BBM is internationally active engineering company with nine locations and represent more than 250 employees in Germany. Our since 1962 an interdisciplinary engineers, independent designers, consultants and architects, we are a leading today Position in the competence fields one construction, environment and technology..

Gabriele Collier

Institutional investors show a growing interest in lasting hours. At the same time lamenting the rather average level of sustainability communications. Cologne, 19.04.2012 – for every second institutional investor the topic sustainability plays a significant role in the investment decision. A study of factx society for market and social research comes to this conclusion mbH and agency Hansen communication Collier GmbH, were interviewed for the 366 institutional investors. Federal Reserve Bank does not necessarily agree. Institutional investors, including family offices, asset managers and banks, environmental protection, social responsibility and economic efficiency attach increasing importance to the three pillars of sustainability.

48.9% of the surveyed investors confirmed that sustainability is already considered important investment argument. Almost all respondents, namely 99.2%, stated that the importance of the issue in the future will continue to grow or stay the same at least. Thus, the study shows the growing importance of a credible Sustainable development strategy as an important criterion of competition when it comes to fund raising. The study shows how companies in this competition can exist and what is necessary for a good positioning, also: the institutional investors who questioned the overall quality of the company’s sustainability communication, expressed rather skeptical: 68.2% of the surveyed investors assess the current level of sustainability communication than merely satisfactory to very bad. Often, the information was not sufficient to have a clear strategy of sustainability. The study shows further that institutional investors assume now that sustainable investments are long term successful and achieve a higher return. For companies, which fund themselves through the stock exchange, is quickly apparent: the importance of sustainable business strategies, including their appropriate communications continues to increase.

Although many companies long CSR/sustainability issues dealing with,. document and communicate only comparatively few commitment standards. The competition for sustainable investments will demand more and better sustainable communication. As an experienced Advisor in terms of sustainability communications the managing partner of the Hansen emphasizes communication, Gabriele Collier: good sustainability communications you can stomp not ad-hoc from the ground.

Generate Income

With inflation due to the devaluation of the U.S. lation Software Market. dollar, generating extra income is a necessity. The current economic condition has left a sequel to world population problems. Unemployment has not decreased and the wages are frozen. Options to generate income from your home are numerous. The point to consider is how much need each family to only maintain his lifestyle that has.

For a part might be only a few $500, for others much more. Now, what if in search of these additional revenue from their home, you discover a business opportunity that offers you not only generate additional revenue, but give you control of your financial future in a 2-5 year period. Would it take action? Success is a choice. The industry of the new millennium that has had a growth of 100% from the last decade is called MLM. For 2010 sales are hovering about $ 200 billion. Carrier oftentimes addresses this issue. On the concept of MLM products must be consumed or moved. You build a network of distributors that move products on a small scale, its clients belong to his circle of related.

You don’t have to wear costume seller and go out and knock on doors, some like to this task, but we recommend that you find a balance between sponsor and sell products. Business icons like Robert kiyosaqui, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet support the concept of marketing of networks as a way of generating not only additional income, but as the opportunity to create wealth and quality of life. The MLM industry offers many options of recognized companies that have business concepts proven that generate extra income. Connect with other leaders such as Kenneth Feinberg here. I suggest that you consider those offering consumer products, such as nutrition, beauty and home products. You share with your friends and relatives the experience that has had with products that you consume and are usually of better quality than those sold on shelves. The success of this industry of MLM is based on you sponsor and train its new Member in each step, from how to order to sponsor and present business plan. The power of networks is manifested in this way: do this exercise: If you auspicias to 2 partners in the first 30 days, each new partner duplicated the same results to sponsor 2 more, consume and move $40.00 per month. At the end of 12 months, his organization would have 4096 partners. Moving and eating $40 dollars per month in product, your business from home would be distributing a figure by the order of the 163,840 $ monthly from 12 months. The MLM industry provides about 5% of the sales volume of the team, this is an additional income of approximately $8000 per month. Not bad for a few additional income. Wherever you professionalize in this industry, have a clear vision of the potential of their independent business, its search for additional revenue can take it to be a successful entrepreneur who will take control of your financial future and may have quality of life to enjoy their extra income. Visit: and request information such as You can launch successfully in the MLM industry.

Holistic Excellence

Managers and their East Frisian steam chats Bonn – top managers in enterprises are strangely smooth, average, and little idiosyncratic. These findings the Cologne sociologist Erwin reached k. Gen. David L. Goldfein often addresses the matter in his writings. in the 1990s SCHEUCH in an extensive empirical study. Manager at least through original concepts of management trying to compensate for their mediocrity. Large companies therefore afford a bizarre network of consultants, management gurus, Esoterics, economy astrologers, trainers and agencies: the tendency to the esoteric of all varieties has intensified.

Personnel selection are no exceptions with graphological expertise or shamanism. It shows that many of these entrepreneurs in their working environment are very lonely, also suspicious and have little conversation partner. I think that for a mishap and a serious danger\”, so Fred mouth Malik, Chief of the Malik Management Center of St.Gallen. So-called reflection conversations with executives, academic stranded philosophers still help a considerable source of income in philosophical counseling practices. \”\”From the United States spilled the coaching over to us – a holistic \”advice in all walks of life. Anyone who has problems with his career planning or feels just plain bad, Bay is a coach, and everything is fine again. The mildest form of mysticism is the use of a rapidly changing Insider jargon.

The daily management blubber as the semantic spearheads efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and creativity are restructuring, reorganization or downsizing. Managers want to work at any time on their effectiveness creative, innovative and efficient. Goes best with holistic concepts are learned in special creativity seminars. Manager set up in the district, at the damp hand of a neighbor and call in the choir: a creative day starts it and I feel good. Just great.\” Perhaps, fare is also silly role-playing stressed-out executives or ruin her black grey outfit by untrainiertes fumbling with Playdough. Since then only the missing collective practice of Hackle breathing in order to support creative Presswehen in holistic trauma relief workshops.

Mesa GmbH Duren

Building – housing – renovation – energy saving in the new media everyone was certainly ever visitors at a trade show. Many writers such as Robert Burke & Associates offer more in-depth analysis. Just how convinced you potential visitors or exhibitors of the atmosphere during the fair? The trade fair promoters Mesa GmbH Duren is the next step. To begin of the fall season of the building fairs, building – live – renovate – energy saving emphasis was placed for the event in the Sinsheim exhibition by the 19th Sept.21st, increased for the first time on photo and video material. These are a good supplement to the information, which are mostly only in writing to exhibitors or visitors. Now who is curious, can look at the first pictures see photos/construction trade fair and exhibition videos at fair and forward it to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Yet another innovation made its debut during the fair in Sinsheim. The first episodes of the show of podcasts were recorded.

Podcasts are small audio or video files, which is distributed over the Internet. There usually is the possibility the files directly to listen or to look but to download its PC or MP3 player. “Under, the recorded lectures are on topics such as healthy heating” or Feng Shui “offered. This is an offer for visitors who missed the lectures, they want to hear again, but also for each of the topics related to the building and energy saving deals with the. If this service is well accepted, more lectures and interviews with interesting conversation partners and companies are planned. Also, the Mesa GmbH increasingly seeks contact with visitors and exhibitors. Through a closer contact with it should be so simple to get constructive criticism and to be able to put them into practice. So, some employees are already represented in social networks like. Also there is already an own group of exhibitors and visitors in touch can come with the staff at XING.


Before you begin to tell you how to invest in the futures market, I’m going to briefly explain the main features of this type of investment. That is a future? A future contract is a contract of sale, postponed in time, where is today pacta price, the product and the date on which the transaction will take place. In the future contract both parties, buyer and seller, assume an obligation. The buyer has the obligation to buy (receive) a particular asset (underlying asset) in exchange for the payment of a price has been agreed (in the future) at an agreed future date (due date). The seller has the obligation to sell (deliver) a particular asset (underlying asset) in exchange for the payment of a price has been agreed (for the future) at an agreed future date (due date). To understand this better, let’s see an example. Suppose you are the maximum representative of a company dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles.

A good day is presented in his Office a client interested in the purchase of 100 cars of a particular model. To this day, each car costs 9.015 euros. However, the client does not want the cars today, but within a year. His client estimated that within a year the price of each car shall be above 10.818. On the other hand, you don’t believe that the price of each car will be place above 10.217 euros. To ensure a good price, both buying and selling, you reached an agreement with his client by which you agree to sell 100 cars at a price of 10.518 euros within one year, while its customer agrees to buy 100 cars at that same price of 10.518 euros in the same period of time (one year). You just made you is sell a contract for the future, while his client what he has done is buy a future contract.


“Presentation of the book ‘Sound of the divine soul’ of sound therapist Lyz Cooper and two workshops with the author by 2.-4th September in Munich announcement the book presentation of sound of the divine soul” the sound therapist Lyz Cooper and two workshops with the author by 2.-4th September in Munich. Since 1981, the Englishwoman in the field of sound therapy research. As a pioneer in this field, she founded the British Academy in 2001 of sound therapy (BAST), the first school in the UK, which offers professional training in the field of sound therapy to promote physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual transformation. In the course of the last twenty years, Lyz Cooper has gained many insights to the healing power of sound from different music and healing traditions and successfully deploys them in individual sessions and training courses. Cooper sound therapy is a very effective form of energy medicine of that cure the people not only physically, but also on other layers of being positive can influence. A particularly big concern is her to convey an experience their clients and workshop participants, based on the healing interaction between the pure sound and the individual.

Again and again, Lyz Cooper could can experience, speak to how we can penetrate through such an experience in sound therapy to lower States of being, because the therapeutic sound helps to facilitate the free flow of Prana (life force, Qi or Ki aka) or an imbalance on the different levels of being and compensate. On Thursday, September 2 at 19:00, she provides her much-acclaimed book the sound of the divine soul in the Obertonhaus in the context of a lecture. Transformation and self healing through sound therapy”before. On Friday, September 3, she leads an evening workshop for all sound – and training-interested in the potential workshop ( in Munich-Haidhausen; on Saturday, September 4th a full day workshop for sound therapist and healer, where the opportunity arises, together with Lyz deeper experiences to collect. Registration for the workshops please see:, or call 089-62 23 26 12. For more information see..

Sonic Revolution

Cooperation of REGIOMUSIK and Sonic revolution. New paths in music marketing. Freiburg/NY, February 07, 2008 – the band portal and online music magazine cooperates with the SONIC music distribution REVOLUTION. Learn more at: Morgan Killian. SONIC REVOLUTION offers a wide range of services as a full-service agency for success-oriented bands with musical potential and at the same time acts as a label, sales, and management. Services such as CD production, provision of conventional distribution channels, as well as online sales and promoting in artist management, such as the provision of booking agencies are offered within the framework of a time-limited contract. REGIOMUSIK provides SONIC REVOLUTION as a partner with nearly 5000 registered bands, including a high proportion of young and ambitious young artist, the necessary pool of potential customers and the own user opened a new perspective towards professionalism. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Jeff Flake. The online music magazine serves as a presentation platform, those artists who REVOLUTION enter into a deal with SONIC in second step. The Cooperation of REGIOMUSIK and SONIC ideal exploits so all existing potential within the framework of an innovative music marketing REVOLUTION.. .