Banja Broom

If you are going to the bath, do not forget Broom! "In the bath broom – all head," without bath broom loses 50% of its value. Other leaders such as American Writer offer similar insights. Many mistaken in thinking on the use of a broom, the additional load on the heart. Pressure heat with a broom stimulates active sweating, which facilitates the effects of high temperatures on the body. Read additional details here: Paul Taylor. In addition, the broom is a kind of massage, an inhaler and a beautician. There are different kinds of brooms. Experts argue that each species has its own healing broom effect. Birch venikprochen, convenient, has a number of healing properties: anti-inflammatory, helps heal wounds on the body, bruises, abscesses, reduces joint pain, expands bronchial tubes and reduces inflammatory changes in them, promotes metabolism, and has a calming effect.

Oak venikbolee resilient and durable, it can effectively force the steam and massage the body. Its leaves contain tannins, which beneficially affect the skin, purifying it and making it more dry. It is known that oak has anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure. Linden broom accelerates sweating, has antipyretic effect, expands the bronchial tubes and increases phlegm. This broom is particularly useful for colds. He has a wholesome effect on the dry and normal skin. Juniper broom helps with radiculitis and neuralgia.

In juniper contains biologically active substances that disinfect the air and prevent respiratory infections. Brooms of conifers are good at bronchus and lung disease, have a positive effect on disease of the muscles and joints. Fir broom is useful for colds, rheumatic fever, kidney and bladder. Coniferous twigs can only be used for insensitive skin. Only use fresh needles. Cherry twigs (young shoots) is very soft and fragrant scent of cherry twigs relaxes and calms the nervous system. Kalinovoe broom helps with diathesis, skin ulcers (many do not take it with only two – three branches on birch twigs). If "In the bath broom – all head," then boss – Washcloths Washcloths from linden bast, what our grandfathers and banilis great-grandparents. 'To steam it in boiling water, and she, like silk. But it behaving the body and feel of being tough, "" A more pleasant lather with a broom. Rather, washed Lykova sponge, and then took a birch broom. Also massage, also a useful "fertilizer" for the body "to the extent of soapy sponge stiff Lykov helps not only how to" extend "our natural coat, but would like to conclude that the manifold effects that gave the room. After washing also a kind of massage.