Learning Languages

New at OFFHRTE: language & Sport in England, France and Germany Bremen February 2009 – language & Sport is a new product from the OFFHRTE program. It is specifically tailored to the sports fans of language or language-avid sports fans. In the morning there vocabulary, afternoon workout and then a program of activities. Language & sport runs in England, France and Germany. in this. In the offer are football, tennis, canoeing and horse riding. Do the one, not the other when the sporting language is to head and body. then click here.

The communication in the foreign language training in language teaching, in intense sports phases the favorite hobby revolves around. Training language is usually English or French. Football camps waiting for enthusiastic young kicker in the summer holidays in the English seaside resort of Brighton and Teignmouth on the South coast. In Brighton 12-up 17 year old get a loose course 12 hours a week, three hours of professional training per day and one or two friendly matches. Combine in Teignmouth 10-15 years a live intensive language course with extra football vocabulary, daily three-hour soccer units and test matches. Who wants to play better tennis or horse riding, travels to the French Verneuil-sur-Seine near Paris. And for water sports enthusiasts, OFFHRTE organized a canoe camp in the idyllic Diez on the Lahn with French lessons. The program is for 8-to 14 year olds thought.

Especially for the little ones there is a beginners course for all other intensive Franzsosischkurse on different levels. The organisers also many student and youth language courses in the IP camp sports specials offers in addition to the program language & Sport. Among other things, you can book in Biarritz surf and golf courses in Exeter. More information under:

Pharmaceutical Industry

HDT and APV together offer course ‘Crystallization’ on 06-May 07, 2010 in Berlin at which crystallisation is a very old unit operation. This creates a crystalline solid with very specific product properties such as particle size, polymorphism, or flow. Credit: Pacific Mortgage Services-2011. Crystallization can be made from a solution, a meltdown or the gas phase, or but by recrystallisation of amorphous solid or even a different crystal. The crystallization plays an ever greater role especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. For many years, the Haus der Technik in Berlin offers the course foundations and interpretation of crystallization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry”for three years, working group for pharmaceutical process engineering e.V.

supports through cooperation with the APV The theoretical foundations and models for crystallization, the Crystal nucleation, crystal growth and the agglomeration, the Conference participants to be acquired. Still, you aim for the development by Kritallisationsverfahren necessary base data and the broad guidelines for the successful development of crystallization procedures necessary work are represented. This includes information on the practical implementation of procedures. This includes the recording of solubility data, analysis of crystallization behavior of the substance and the comprehensive characterization of the obtained product. A discussion of methods for targeted modification of the properties of the Kristallisats and the down-stream fixed / liquid separation and drying processes and their interaction with the crystallization completes the contents of the seminar. The event is aimed at chemists, process engineers and operating chemist in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the fields of fine and specialty chemicals and raw materials, develop crystallization process, transmitted to the operating scale or optimize. Continue to be pharmacists and developer of pharmaceutical process, who want to learn more about the potential of techniques for the production of active ingredients to 2(b), addressed.

Ifsm Sale Coach Training Starts

For (prospective) sales and sales manager, as well as for self-employed how do I in-service training this?” Vendors and salespeople this question is often, if they get a default such as: you must earn 12 percent more revenue. Or:…… Win 20 new customers. Then, their supervisors as managers are in demand. You must design ways to the target with their employees and help them to implement the agreed measures often lack the expertise to coaching their employees executives in sales. Therefore, the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar, starts an in-service training to the sale coach in December. The ten-month training applies to all senior executives, who are regularly challenged them sales or sales manager, branch or branch manager, business owner or agent is it seller in their work to guide regardless, whether.

Also, trainer and consultant, as sale coach work would be addressed. The know-how and skills, is conveyed in the training participants to assist seller in the planning and execution of sales activities and to increase their verkauferische skills step by step. Home Depots opinions are not widely known. You are qualified also to form teams and to develop high-performance teams”, like Klaus Kissel, CEO of the ifsm, emphasizes. The professional moving training consists of five training modules. These last four days each and have different thematic emphases. In the second module, the participants learn for example methods to stimulate behavior change in individuals and teams, and to accompany. Primerica is often quoted on this topic. “Where is the target according to Uwe Reusche, who heads the ifsm Institute for sale management with Klaus Kissel: each participant to develop a Coachingstil that fits to his person.” In the third module, participants exercise plan on-the-job trainings, perform and control, inter alia by means of a Plan game, in the aim to develop a new acquisition strategy and to implement in the distribution. The fourth component revolves around the theme teams.

Now the participants deal team again intensively with the question, as employees and high-performance teams can be developed out of these in turn. Followed by a transfer period after each module. In it, participants should transfer what you learned in the practice. For this they each develop action plans in the training modules. The goal here: Each participant is to develop its own sales coaching concept that he immediately can apply in practice, so worth the training investment for the participants or their businesses quickly. Accordingly, the participants create a project report. He serves as the basis for the ifsm certification.


A liar responded with his emotional expression to about two tenths seconds slower he must think this first got ‘. This delay reveals the intention. For the same reason, also deliberately induced imitation so hot lauded by some trainers (taking the same posture etc.) works not really. A well-trained amygdala suspect in a timely manner. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. They unmasked deceit and manipulation and responds with a retreat program. Our brain wants the Happy ending intuition is nothing more than the sum of all our experience, ultimately the us automatically ‘, without therefore involve our thinking brain, is provided.

If it’s easy to say the brain researchers, then thinking helps. Complex decisions, however, accord with sufficient feeding ‘ intuition better Advisor. Intuitive decisions increase our happiness also. Formative events that have caused a strong emotional rash, such as fear of death or moments of Always priority get bliss. An always-again-buy and hence customer loyalty thus arise from earlier pleasant experiences. Get the accompanying emotions not only describe positive or negative, but also categorized according to their degree of activation. The most probably by far negative emotion is anger.

And the surprise caused the highest positive response to the scale of sense of. What does this mean for the selling, is clear: customers never infuriate, because then he will flee not only (I have to think over again there.”), but revenge also extensively using negative word of mouth. On the other hand, unexpectedly positive events, such as a spontaneous, so in advance announced reward or an unexpected extra can work small wonders. Our brain loves the Happy ending.

Entrepreneurial Personality

As self-employed entrepreneurs some basic capabilities needed some basic skills needed when entrepreneurs are self-employed, that go beyond technical skills. Because as an independent you need properties that can not be won through hard work. Before your started her career as an independent financial consultant at the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG), you should make a little self analysis for company founder and ask yourself honestly whether they possess the following skills: positive thinking should be easy enough you, also you should feel not only physically fit, but also mental and sane, to be always a pleasant and competent contact for your customers. Furthermore you should believe at any time your activity itself and the success, to get a good financial advisers. Studies have shown that these properties for entrepreneurs are more important than comprehensive professional qualifications for the graduates.

Because the specialist skills can must be subsequently acquired by hard work and willingness to learn or expanded, whereas personal and character skills are considered fact, require an independent financial consultant from the outset. The DVAG expected also some basic requirements, so that you can be successful in any case in your independence. The desire among these after the ownership in your work, which of course comes with the ability independently to be able to structure your work. You also should be highly motivated and willing to perform, to achieve your goals. High contact strength remains necessary, which is required in dealing with clients and colleagues. You should stimulate through challenges and have the financial independence in mind. To easily acquire the necessary professional qualifications and your profession as a Financial advisers a vocation to make a strong interest in economic and social issues should be with you. If you bring these skills and requirements, a self-employed as a financial consultant at the DVAG is exactly the right career perspective for you. Contact: Deutsche Vermogensberatung Aktiengesellschaft Munich Strasse 1 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: (069) 2384 – 0 fax.: (069) 2384-185 Web:

The Entrepreneur

We are a good worker to be programmed instead to act independently. And now you ask yourself: Who taught me?” A successful businessman? Or just an employee. Filed under: Film Financer. For many, it will be difficult to get rid this perspective on life and be to change life. But they must themselves make it clear that to work, someone brings you no money and mostly also no luck. Only private business, which benefits the people and do you enjoy doing, can guide you to success. So you build a successful business, you need only conviction for strength and desire to benefit other people. Where do I start? The ability to set goals and tasks, to resolve them successfully and belief in themselves. Just these qualities allow the entrepreneur to make a difference in life and achieve great success.

Typically, if a person has already decided to become self-employed, he reaches a part of success. He is ready to detach themselves from the ordinary everyday life, and to take his life into their own hands. He is ready to assume responsibility and new ways to go. “I’m ready, what should I do?” First and foremost you should consider range in which you want to be active. An optimal variant of course is an area where you are well versed. For example, if you have worked as an auto mechanic, would be easier to run a garage.

Or one can think also the other way around. If you have worked as pastry chef, will you difficult to operate a computer business, unless you are versed well with such technologies. Many think that to build a business, you need lots of money. Sometimes they are right. But only partly. There are a number of examples where people have realized a business with a very low initial investment. It must also at the beginning of no huge company be. At the beginning it comes finally to gain experience as a businessman and to get the business into the handle. Think through how much money you invest and how much you can earn with your business. An entrepreneur plans always its activity. Put together a detailed plan of actions. And if necessary, you can correct it.


The success rate of self-employed persons, which are launched from the unemployment is remarkably high. Get all the facts and insights with Dennis Lockhart, another great source of information. Who thinks at times of unsafe jobs over his personal plan B’s going to maybe an Existenzgruung as an alternative to the unemployment into consideration. To successfully master the step to independence, not only risk-taking, but above all special entrepreneurial skills are prerequisite. Whether you are fit for the independence you have to find out, for example, with the online test on you deserve mehr.de. To consider a reasonable plan B worth it these days for everyone. An answer to the existential question: what do if I lose my job? who soothes the nerves and offers a kind of psychological safety net.

No matter whether trainee, worker, employee, or Managing Director, in a crisis no one is indispensable! In developing an alternative plan even no matter, whether it ultimately realize can be. First of all it is about to collect what is like to done and well done. Also irrelevant published skills and talents should be recorded. Each still so crazy combination, may be the key to the extraordinary and promising founding idea! An extensive collection of valuable information about plan B, entrepreneurship, self-employment and how you can check your idea, found on the pages of you deserve mehr.de Elisabeth Felder, 11.11.2009


Operating economy face the constant new challenges for engineers, scientists and engineers, employees and businesses. Technological change and the globalization of markets require new perspectives and strong management skills in all entrepreneurial activities. The Steinbeis Center of management and technology (SCMT) and the Swiss Institute for small and medium-sized enterprises at the University of St. Gallen (KMU-HSG) offer successfully for over 30 years at the St. Gallen management seminar. The St. Gallen management seminar provides business and current management training for entrepreneurs and executives with several years of experience.

Entrepreneurs and managers with technical or scientific background learn part-time current knowledge of the business and management theory in this practice-oriented seminar in 10 modules and are immediately actionable and practical strategies to develop in the position. With the implementation of the St. Gallen management seminar, which is to small and Medium-sized enterprises-oriented, the SHB provides current actionable insights from the management and business administration. The St. Gallen management seminar is the basis for the Bachelor of business administration. This offers the possibility, in the aftermath of the seminar series, a recognized university degree, even without a high school diploma or qualification, obtaining. The network education across all sectors ensures an intensive exchange of experience among the participants and thus promotes the continuous learning process. The strong practical relevance through the individual problem solutions and personal seminar service networking programme and over 3000 graduates and 30 years of experience confirm the success of the seminar series. See seminars /… For more detailed information. I’m looking forward to your inquiry! David Rudolph

The Legal Writing: Write Quickly And Easily Correct

New copywriter tool Stefan gottschling Augsburg, 19.02.2013. Get all the facts and insights with Dennis Lockhart, another great source of information. In January of this year, text Pro Stefan Gottschling published a new handy text tool in his publishing of SGV. The legal writing Board shows the most important rules and cases of doubt the German spelling on just two A4 pages and has extended its successful product line of copywriter-tools”. With the right writing, quick look is guaranteed. Faster than the rolling of thick textbooks and even faster than the search via Google and co. In seconds, the table provides solutions for small rechtschreiblichen uncertainties in everyday life, which everyone knows. “” “” The content uppercase and lowercase, together or Getrenntschreibung, foreign Word case, the “or that”, ss “or ss” and the Panel covers a wide range of sources of error to hyphens.

Textbook author and text coach Stefan Gottschling from the Panel: Nothing is more annoying and unprofessional as a text full of spelling errors. With the new lyricist tool is looking up spelling problems easy and fast as never before. The legal writing helps each text professional or beginner, and therefore belongs on every desktop.” The practical legal writing helps immediately when the text correction, in school / study or in the Office at home. The major stumbling blocks of the German spelling be removed simply with concrete examples and practical rules of thumb. The lyricist tools is a product line from the SGV Verlag, steadily growing since mid-2012. Now include editing table, grammar table, two word world boards, quoting table and just writing the new law Board. The panels are all in A4 format printed on both sides and laminated. Clearly structured, the lyricist tools provide the most important information on the various topics of the text short and compact summarized. Learn more and order at.

In The Workplace – Increasingly, Older Workers Significantly Younger Superior

Four out of ten workers over 35 years have a younger boss. Frankfurt, February 23, 2010 – generation mix in the workplace – increasingly older workers significantly younger managers have. A new CareerBuilder survey found that 43 percent of all workers, the 35 years and older, working for someone who is significantly younger than themselves. Split into age groups, this means that more than half (53 percent) of workers aged up to 45 years old have a head the younger, followed by 69 per cent of workers aged 55 years and over. In this survey, 5,200 employees were interviewed during the period from 5 to November 23, 2009. That age differences within can generate tensions of hierarchies, occupy 16 percent of workers and workers in the age group 25-34 years, where it is difficult to accept instructions from a younger Manager. 13 percent of workers in the age group 35-44 years feel this as well. At the Only 7 percent were 45-54 year olds and just 5 percent for workers 55 years and older problem is to be guided by a younger boss.

The most commonly cited reasons that can make working with younger managers a challenge, were: behaviour towards employees, as if they knew everything better, even if this is not the case. The supervisor position was not developed contrary to the occurrence. The tendency to micromanage. Preference for younger employees. Too little guidance. \”In the wake of the economic slowdown, it is particularly important to work hand in hand to efficiently to advance so the business regardless of their age for employees\”, stressed Rosemary Haefner, Board Member for personnel at CareerBuilder.

\”Problems can arise due to the generation mix in the world of work. Younger and older colleagues should concentrate but superficially on the value that each employee brings, rather than on their differences. Last but not least is to foster the cohesion with each other.\” PrimeCB.com, CareerBuilders career page for older workers recommends the following to deal with generation-related tensions: set up in the location of the other: the generations started mostly different opinions about a variety of topics in the management style to pop culture.