Moguntiacum Window

Shutters are helpers for more relaxed, calmer day and night hours. (tdx) Soon the cold season begins and we spend more time in your own four walls with her again. Who evening before the fireplace or the TV is welcoming it, perhaps sitting together with friends or organized a game night with the family, would like to remain among themselves. Brightly-lit window make it easy for walkers, but to get a glimpse of the private environment. You can easily turn off this sinking feeling: by making the shutters down. Because they are not only light protection, they give us a bit more privacy. Even who of the House not thought during construction on shutters, can retrofit it easily.

With stem boxes they are easily attached to the facade and the various RAL shades make sure that they fit the outer wall to the color. The highlight for the latest models of GroJa: a solar panel mounted on the stem box ensures the operation independent from the power supply Roller shutters. This allows comfort while at the same time lowest costs. The ongoing costs can also be reduced by shutters. On Windows is usually the greatest heat loss. Only modern triple glazing reduce the loss to a minimum. In all other Windows, a shutter can remedy.

Because through him, a layer of air, which damped effect formed between the window and the roller bars. Shutters are mounted into masonry, are nowadays also insulated. Common in old Windows, cold draught in the window or on the belt guide is prevented, and the heat remains inside the room. More information on roller shutter systems Tanja Est

Communication Powerfully Active

Life is really beautiful and beautiful, we see miracles everywhere, the birth of a child, nature, their colors, their magical sounds, flavours and smells, infinite, in short heaven so many beautiful things to see and to appreciate, infinite, however we hear the complaint ceaseless and constant unhappiness, sadness, melancholy, loneliness and isolation of human beings by a lack of knowledge and experience in the complex art of relating with others to through active communication. When I refer to the term of active communication, I mean one that allows me to establish a real, not imaginary, bridge with my partner or partners and achieve together and share the meaning common on a question, I mean a consensus between the parties, to concur with the body in the affirmative form, not just words, that we found, and this encounter Saint or Holy (course in miracles) instant leaves us renewed and transformed, trained to carry out changes in the environment since change is aroused in the if same as active and powerful communication product! A communication to make it effective necessarily has to produce transformations and changes in those involved, if not, simply has not happened the meeting, i.e. the active and effective communication. Is why we hear so often, complaints, is the not listens to me, is that she does not understand me, and what of aberration and they excuse me the grotesque expression, but it is that I can’t say it in another way, women have to want them, but don’t try to understand them, big mistake, and likely all more a rupture of that relationship that cannot be sustained in such foot madness. I hear often and is that your also, the following expressions in everyday conversations: is that separated why not communicated, in relation to marriages or relationships, adolescents were complaints of lack of understanding from their parents, it is that I do not understand, women complain of not being really included in our entirety and complexity for our couples, sometimes I think that I’m talking about with a wall, the men, for their part, as that does not seem to give him, apparently, many importance to the matter, and they act indifferent, but immensely they regret the consequences of not knowing, not understand, not able to reach out to loved ones when it is already too late!. .

Industry Bathroom

New products allow barrier-free showers and swimming offers safety and comfort in the small bathroom – bath with entrance door and saves our old bathroom 1 m sq space in the bathroom – because we want to change something long… The old bathroom should be cleaned up once, the years of intensive use have left their mark. Tiles, colours and decoration is no longer up-to-date, the shower is small and has a high single victory. The sliding shower door is still framed, has countless bars and care-intensive corners, cleaning is extremely expensive. Our basin already has a crack and the surfaces look dull. Many joints loose, are unsightly and no one knows if they really dense or already water penetrates into the building. Actually the bathroom also no longer fits into our remaining housing, because everything else is already renovated, bright, friendly.

The personal desire is an investment for decades many people think about to renovate your bathroom or change. Now you not himself with very long This topic and the selection of products nowadays seems to be incredibly large and cluttered. The most saves he who chooses quality, because the products are installed and water, hot water, circulation, heating pipes and sewage pipes are connected, also power cable, integrated lighting. Most people over 50 do quite casually said “her last bath” if one assumes an investment period of min. 30 years. Caution! Many sales stations increase the products for the final consumer enormously the many levels of trade from the manufacturer about purchasing associations, trade agencies, wholesalers with your bathroom from stables, craftsmen, retailers / bath studios to the end customer increase enormously the product! It is advisable to take the direct route.

Carpenter More

There is hardly a product that can be ordered online and delivered. Therefore, more and more craft enterprises develop their own brand. And care in addition to their traditional workshop also to their Web sites, social-media – and shop portals and sometimes even their own online shops. Here the example of a Frankish joinery: feel good with fair, ecologically and sustainably produced furniture “has the craft operating near the town of Bamberg with his new brand of furniture oak woman” on the flags written. Daniel J. Hirsch: the source for more info. High quality furniture from local wood are produced by the own, tenured staff to order and shipped nationwide. The costs and the risk for the development of the brand oak woman”wears the Carpenter master family itself. There is no government subsidy for this project. The budget is accordingly scarce, large advertising campaigns are not there financially: I am responsible for my company, my Carpenter apprentices and trainees, can the continuation of the ongoing Not endanger the joinery company with a new idea”in so the 50-year master of the Carpenter.

I am however convinced that today’s customer looks more and more on the Internet and is perfectly willing to pay a fair price for a good, honest product. Comfortably at home to seek out high-quality made in Germany”furniture to build even without tool itself and at any time to be able to extend that did not exist in the network so far! “Therefore he relies on transparent and honest communication with the customers, for example in the form of its own Facebook page for the furniture of wife of oak. It had more than 1000 fans to the opening of the shop in September 2013. She is looked after 49 years old and since the company was founded in 1990 for advertising and marketing at Thomas Schuhmann Innenausbau GmbH responsible in addition to other social media channels by wife Silvia Schuhmann. I have many nice contacts from all over Germany page of Carpenter for several years both privately and on our Facebook, often have questions about furniture or even how to spot good carpenter”she smiles often I’ve recommended then fellow craftsmen from our Association, because the typical furniture of the carpenter usually do not cross can be transported through Germany and assembled locally.

With our new oak woman system that go “are manufactured the furniture with modern CNC technology, requires precise cuts into the material to the necessary connections to create the specially developed connectors of the furniture of wife of oak. But even handmade and tact is required for many operations. Local wood is processed without exception. For such projects and developments, real entrepreneurship without fear is needed to open up new sales channels to raise a new awareness. Rethinking is needed, away by mass consumption and throw-away mentality, towards more durable and high quality and environmentally friendly and healthy sustainability. Contact: Silvia Schuhmann (marketing, press relations team oak women) Thomas Schuhmann Innenausbau GmbH To the Ruhstein 7, 96110 Schesslitz Tel. 095427585 fax 09542772419

Japanese Government

The same features could be implemented in a number of devices in particular laser sensors for the measurement of the distance to give them the gift of the movement. Imagine: never wash or leaves blowing out of the driveway. Imagine the comfort when many tasks could be done around your home during your absence. It seems almost too good to be true, but many consumers around the world already live with home robots and enjoying its many benefits. Take a future-oriented country in terms of technology Japan. Of course, it is at the forefront of the private robotics. Click Jeff Flake for additional related pages.

Because the Japanese Government hopes that most households will have at least a robot in the year 2015, she enjoys the development of corresponding devices of generous financial support. The same goes for South Korea, and Europe follows close behind. Fact is that the technology for home robot is not only available, It is also used with great success by millions of people all over the world. However the potential of home robots can be used for far more than just a comfortable lawn mower. Although it of course is a wonderful idea to do chores of our automated friends, the growing opportunities that go along with the technological development, are downright stunning.

In particular in Japan is aware of an aging population: in just a few years a quarter of Japan’s population will be over 65 years old. Therefore it is the target of Japan’s, home robot to develop, which do not only housekeeping, but also people assist in the daily personal hygiene and may one day even the company making them. The trend of home robots has nothing to do with laziness in the House, it’s about improving the quality of life for every single person in the world. In addition, robots are already with many responsible tasks, including surgical Robots that can work more precisely than their human counterparts. Under the supervision of surgeons, these machines save lives. If we entrust them with the performing of operations, it is certainly not utopian, the cleanliness of our houses to deliver this technology. We are only at the beginning of the development of home robots, but Bill Gates himself already compares the market with the development of the PC in the 1970s. Only the experts are working on the technology, and later the consumers are beginning to be interested in. Seemingly impossible ideas of science fiction have been realized already, and the consumers are beginning to discover the many possibilities of this emerging market. Robomow Robomow is a fully automatic lawnmower, which supports your lawn not only on optimum height using the latest technology, but also its built-in battery charges. The mower uses an advanced area coverage algorithm with the he can mow the entire lawn evenly, by he mowing each area in different directions. In addition, Robomow is also a pioneer of grass recycling. He leaves a finely chopped layer of grass clippings, which actively provides nutrients the soil and thus ensures an impressive, lush lawn with minimum human effort. Robomow is a private company that was founded in 1995 with the aim of automating time consuming household tasks.

Zeroemission Building Materials

On Saturday, the 3rd 2011 opens the shop by Torsten Rathmann and Dirk HERBERG its doors in the district Mollen, Voerde / Niederrhein. Lord Peter Hennessy is likely to agree. The benefit of the business concept which is both independent and vendor neutral consulting by Torsten Rathmann and Dirk HERBERG. Dirk HERBERG, expert for building biological instrumentation, explains: us it’s important only products that we have tested to offer. All materials are free of questionable ingredients, or the existing ingredients are specified. Also, we would like to inform many, often unknown properties. Lime plaster is active against mold and is very good for allergy sufferers. Clay is a building material used by humans for over 4,000 years. It stores heat particularly well and perfectly regulates the humidity.

Special clay plasters also have a protective effect against electromagnetic radiation.” In business you can see application examples of the decorative effects with clay and lime as Wall – and ceiling plaster are possible. The design ranges from subtle natural colors for creative wall design. The range includes also products for preventive protection against ElectroSmog. Nourishing and cleansing agents for wood / Cork floors, tile / stone surfaces and linoleum/carpet floors complete the offer. The years of experience by Dirk comes to the product selection HERBERG as application engineers and building biologist VDB, so also the measurement and analysis of pollutants on site is possible. The appropriate materials can help the new building, the purchase of existing real estate or the housing renovation, to minimize burdens or avoid. Again and again, topic is also the renovation due to mold infestation or pollutants. This is most effectively carried out with ecological materials and due to the natural properties of the material to share an alternative on the spot. Torsten Rathmann is pleased with his colleagues on the new shop in Voerde: we would be pleased, if to many people inform how to enable a conduction and healthy living with natural materials.”