Smoke Heating

Any heating device – a complicated and fire the device, so installation of flues should be carried out by professional firms, responsible for quality of their work. It is best to consult a specialist at the design stage chimney. Experienced professionals will help you choose a product with all the possible wishes, prepare a project and figure out all of its components, acquire or make all the necessary elements, will work on installation, hand over a working system, tell us how to care for her, and, naturally, will give a guarantee on their work. The minimum height of the chimney furnaces must be at least 5 meters (if it be considered for a specific home – the height of the chimney should be at least 0.5 meters above the roof ridge). The cost of one meter of high-quality certified pipe depends on manufacturer (on the market today introduced range of pipes, both Russian and foreign production).

Thus, installation of flue involves the acquisition of spare parts for the chimney with subject to the necessary elements for a safe passage through the floors and roof, and the final cost of construction works depends on the diameter of the chimney's height and erection of chimney concrete scheme. System elements Smoke (or simply the chimney) through which the smoke from the combustion of fuel in the heating unit is displayed outside – one of the most important parts of the heating system. In organizing the construction of a chimney wood heating should be given increased attention.

Tatiana Shkodin

The only outlet – Litsayty on the Internet: Full Member, Fabula,, Poems. py, etc. They help to discover new names in the contemporary literary world. And believe me, many worthy authors can be found in the literature sites. This sort of open the floodgates to an abandoned Soviet literature. The author has the opportunity to come to his readers.

It is to his. Of course, there are costs and does not hold water, open graphomania. Simply put, continuous reading. If it can be called literature. To have all the time.

Decent work is not sink into oblivion. All the quality and talent has the ability to locate themselves in space and time. It is known that a creative person who can not realize itself – it is an unhappy man. Uselessness of his work – for a real tragedy. Tatiana Shkodin: On the forums litsaytov is an active discussion published works. With the participation of editors. But in the journals, especially in Moscow, to publish virtually impossible. The impression is that everywhere, including in our literary world, and the solid mezhdusoboychiki. According to the principle: a brother, friend, pal, sycophant, toady, saint, etc. In general, a kind of corporate mezhdusoboychik. Writers' Union, incidentally, the same thing. It's no secret that the thick journals in metropolitan spirit can not tolerate writers from the provinces. That they are poor, they were given? Valery Kuznetsov: I remember in 1996 on the basis of competitive selection of manuscripts committee of the seminar invited you to the All-Russian seminar of young writers, but because of the difficult material situation you could not go home Nikolay Nekrasov in the city of Yaroslavl.

North Caucasus

Our task – promoting the quality of training and readiness of the Russian army. But we believe that this problem is not solved in the remaining of the old approaches that ignore the potential and readiness for military service people from the North Caucasus. Therefore propose to begin with, the following measures. 1. To get rid of above (in step 1.) conceptual contradictions in the construction of the Russian army.

The Concept of the Russian army should be consistent, clear on the purposes and principles of "building" for all peoples and traditional religions country. 2. In the system of the Defense Ministry should be abolished unspoken (by ethnic and religious discriminatory grounds) instructions. In the preparation of Russian army officers should be made taking into account adjustments and multinational multi-confessional "nature" of Russia. 3. Necessary to study the experiences of individual Chechen battalions (in the Defense Ministry in 2004 2008g.g.) And experience the formation of national units in Dagestan (in DSSR in 1921 32g.g.) In order to maximize effectively incorporate religious and national resource of the North Caucasus in Russia's defense structure. Necessary to put an end to unreasonable refusals to wish (the Northern Caucasus) to serve as a contractor in Russian army. 4.

Necessary to study the Soviet experience in training non-commissioned officers and consideration of the multinational military units. It is important to include positive aspects of this experience in the construction of the Russian army in the present stage. 5. We feel absolutely justified many exceptions for students in higher educational institutions are exempt from their military duty during the study. Hundreds of (mostly commercial) in the high schools provide release is absolutely not justified. We believe that we must put an end to this unfair practice. Only a very limited number of high schools in the law should be subject to exemption from military service. 6.

Marcial Kivach Corporate

Teambuilding training (team building) are currently the leaders in popularity and prestige, and among the types of active corporate outdoor activities. Psychological basis of the training is that torn from a familiar environment, people rarely returns to patterns of behavior, thinking, and prevailing in it. In an atmosphere that is created during the active corporate holiday, there is a need to act differently, one learns not only to do, but also to perceive, analyze the situation in new ways. Emotional high, placed upon the need to act together, provides a new principle – the team, creates the basis for confidence in the team members in working conditions. Form of team building training – very different, it could be a high ropes course, and role-playing game, and like fun starts, and overcoming an obstacle course.

To perform the job does not require special physical training in team building training can take part of any healthy person. Trainings team-building can be organized using different equipment, eg, using off-road equipment in difficult terrain conditions. Competing, crews are working with jeeps navigation equipment and radio communication, solve technical problems on the organization of the crossings by car. An excellent tool to maintain the team spirit is a sport, especially team types, such as soccer and bowling. Another version of the active corporate holiday on the verge of sports – paintball.

Paintball teaches skills to solve problems of command, and 'provoking' employees to adopt non-standard solutions in a short time, helps to identify a team leader. In Russia the possibility of holding a corporate holiday truly broad. However, in our opinion, the most attractive to corporate holiday today Karelia. Active corporate holiday in Karelia – this is paintball, orienteering and off-road vehicles and mountain climbing, and safari on snowmobiles, ATVs and dog sledding, and ice fishing! In this abundance of options for winter Corporate holiday in Karelia is successfully combined with the ability to comfortably accommodate participants in the hotels of Petrozavodsk and country cottage complexes. In addition, in Karelia, an active corporate outdoor recreation can be successfully combined with a rich educational program – excursions on the island of Valaam and Kizhi, Russia's first spa and waterfall water Marcial Kivach. Ownership to corporate values is born in dialogue, and increases in joint matters, so those companies where the organization of corporate events, corporate holidays is a tradition, more successful and promising, and have a positive image in the eyes of both partners and competitors.

Bulk Balloons

Finally, in Russia you can buy in bulk balloons from Malaysia. These balloons are made from 100% natural latex has grown up in Malaysia. Huge assortment of balloons of various colors and shapes to satisfy any, even the most refined taste, especially if it is, and bring joy to you and others. In "CBI group" will help you choose the balloons for any occasion, whether it be a corporate party, wedding, new year day birth, etc. After all, the balls will help to increase the significance of the event or holiday at times. It is also possible to buy sets of balloons, which are already manned balloons best suited to each other. So then do not need to rack their brains over whether a combination of the balls by color, size or shape.

We also thought it was the number of balls in the set, so save your money. We also offer this service as a seal on the air balls. This service is increasingly in demand especially for advertising purposes. Balloons – a great advertising medium, but not least, is the cost of advertising on the balloon, which is much lower than with other funds and the efficiency is quite high. Specially printed to order the beads also for birthdays, weddings, corporate parties. Because such events are rare, and I want them to remember for a long time, this will help you to air congratulations balloons or birthday name. At weddings can be applied to balls and place names newlyweds wedding is not only cars, but the hall or even give the guests at the ball. So that the balloons – it is an essential attribute of any event, but in order that the balls were floating, we advise them not to inflate with air and helium.

The Machine

When the concentration of operations on one machine combine certain operations in time and transitions, using the combined tools and tool set-up. To operate at higher cutting conditions and at a concentration of operations tools will be of great driving power of the main motion with the broad Regulation of spindle speed during the operating cycle. The guides will be replaced by sliding the guide roller. Layout of machines will be changed so that you can install additional nodes, secure chip flow and removal of coolant to provide protection from coolant armchair, sucking of dust and gases. In addition, the machines are automated tool changing processes and quality control process. The rapid improvement engineering products, increase capacity, rapidity and precision machinery, high demands on the environment and ecology of reliability in the operation of vehicles accompanied by ever-increasing demands on exactly the size, shape and arrangement of the machined surfaces, waviness and roughness of the surface machined parts. It is also necessary to ensure the stability of these indicators in time, given that the treatment will be relatively less involving human subjects. To fulfill these requirements will increase the precision manufacture of major parts of the machine, precision assembly and adjustment, and and stiffness elements, such as spindles, wear guides and supports, stability over time the size and shape of base and body parts. To improve the precision machining will be used Special devices and systems of compensation of systematic errors spindles, rails and other elements of machines. In the machines will incorporate microprocessor control unit and various high accuracy with high resolution: for linear and angular movements, temperature control, strain gage transducers and other control elements.