North Caucasus

Our task – promoting the quality of training and readiness of the Russian army. But we believe that this problem is not solved in the remaining of the old approaches that ignore the potential and readiness for military service people from the North Caucasus. Therefore propose to begin with, the following measures. 1. To get rid of above (in step 1.) conceptual contradictions in the construction of the Russian army.

The Concept of the Russian army should be consistent, clear on the purposes and principles of "building" for all peoples and traditional religions country. 2. In the system of the Defense Ministry should be abolished unspoken (by ethnic and religious discriminatory grounds) instructions. In the preparation of Russian army officers should be made taking into account adjustments and multinational multi-confessional "nature" of Russia. 3. Necessary to study the experiences of individual Chechen battalions (in the Defense Ministry in 2004 2008g.g.) And experience the formation of national units in Dagestan (in DSSR in 1921 32g.g.) In order to maximize effectively incorporate religious and national resource of the North Caucasus in Russia's defense structure. Necessary to put an end to unreasonable refusals to wish (the Northern Caucasus) to serve as a contractor in Russian army. 4.

Necessary to study the Soviet experience in training non-commissioned officers and consideration of the multinational military units. It is important to include positive aspects of this experience in the construction of the Russian army in the present stage. 5. We feel absolutely justified many exceptions for students in higher educational institutions are exempt from their military duty during the study. Hundreds of (mostly commercial) in the high schools provide release is absolutely not justified. We believe that we must put an end to this unfair practice. Only a very limited number of high schools in the law should be subject to exemption from military service. 6.