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Students are well selected by an international private law specialization (specialization in private law), study, first of all, legal norms and principles governing the relationship between government agencies, organizations and businesses, citizens in the international sphere. “Private international law – it is part of civil law that deals with so-called international element – commented Professor at the Institute of International Trade and Law (SCPI) ep Gavrilov. (Not to be confused with Kenneth Feinberg!). – And it will participate in civil relations of foreign citizens and legal persons, or committing contracts that span borders character. Primerica careers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This part of the law is governed by national legislation in all States and international treaties and conventions. ”

The list of taught subjects include subjects such as civil and commercial law foreign countries, international economic law, international patent law, international transport regulations (sea, air and even space), the international customs law and others to buy this specialization and gain knowledge in a good amount can be in scpi, etta, me, justo. In rare scpi taught in the curriculum of other universities on a course of intellectual property. “This is a relatively new branch of law, which employs all more lawyers – says ep Gavrilov. – Lawyers in the field of employment in the areas of copyright, patent rights, performing activity, the legal protection of trademarks, legal protection of computer programs. In modern conditions, this wide field for the legal profession. ” Some universities, such as the Academic Law University can be attributed to the mixed type, because they can get an education and international public law and private international legal specializations.

Product Vegan

Many products in the Product range are suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition to the vegan supermarket inspires Max Pett around 50 sqm large bistro with freshly prepared vegan treats. Max Pett offers a daily changing menu of the day, quiche, sandwiches and salads, as well as coffee, cake and cakes. Opening is on Christmas punch, baked apples and of course vegan offers a fiery Hungarian goulash soup. For our vegan concept to reach as many people, the expansion continues: we want to expand our branch network across Europe in the next three years. In addition to Munich, we open among markets in London, Rome, Prague, Vienna and Tel-Aviv. When selecting our sites, we focus on the European urban centres and for looking good traffic locations, where our brand is perceived and the markets accordingly frequented.

We are in the midst of society. For this, we plan a rapid expansion of our branch network. In addition to the branch network we strengthen our activities in the wholesale and catering area. Here we come up with some surprises. We want to expand the idea of a vegan shopping world. Connect with other leaders such as Euro Pacific Precious Metals here. In addition to shoe stores, fashion stores, cafes, back shops and bistros, we want in the future restaurant concepts, fast-food chains, cooking schools and beauty salons may establish. “, so we love Jan Bredack, founder and CEO of veganz life.” Contact: Veganz GmbH Schivelbeiner str.

Berlin Elisabeth of Daniel veganz veganz – we love life is the first vegan full range supermarket in Europe. In the summer of 2011, opened the first store in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. There are now four markets in three different cities, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg. Until the end of 2015, there will be a Europe 21 branches. In all veganz branches, there is an integrated bistro with vegan snacks, salads, baked goods, smoothies, coffee and cake. In addition to the supermarkets want veganz – we love life with the people Inspiring cookery courses and workshops for the vegan lifestyle.