The Golden Pegasus

The well-known German automobile company BMW was founded in 1915 by Charles and Gustav Otto Rapom. One of the famous slogans of the BMW 'car driver'. In 1933, the company announces the first limousine with a feature – radiator grille with two ovals. For more information see this site: Fairstead. The main and significant model is the BMW 3 series with a notchback, wagon, coupe and convertible. Feedback from motorists are mainly to lots 1 and 5.

What was to be, in principle, expected. Last year it was announced a series Convertible, a remarkable crossover X6, M3 Convertible with a hybrid. In 2009, the expected update 1 and 3 series. To reduce the potential risk to health people who are allergic to nickel, and all items in the car nikelesoderzhaschie BMW, were tested for sootvetstvovaniya requirements for common standards. BMW 3 Series and BMW X6 – a truly unique German cars.

Perfect combination of technology and design art truly impressive. The new model features a natural representation BMW and perfection. February 1 for awards ceremony Grand Prix at the wheel 'group representative of the BMW Group were awarded just two statues of' The Golden Pegasus ', symbolizing the victory of the BMW 3 Series and BMW X6 in the class' luxury car 'and' large SUVs. " Reliability and security, which accompanies you throughout your journey is a good feature of the BMW 3 Series. But in the latest BMW sedan efforts of engineers increased at a fairly high level – due to improved design of the carrier body, whose elasticity increased by 40 percent, as well as improved sidushek. Air suspension, which you are invited to supplement the technical equipment, works well now in combination with damped, which thrive in the management of electronically. In a car windshield and roof completely give driver and passenger to observe the world around us for a journey – a chance to enjoy a quick ride on this incredible car and see the world around us. And it's not all BMW 3 Series is different from their counterparts and more of innovative technical features and featured design, being a reincarnation of the legendary car in the its class. Eight V8 engine with mechanical supercharger, having a capacity of 478 liters kVt/650. with. allows the car to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, and its top speed reaches 400 km / h.

American Financial Corporation

Company FILTRON, which is currently one of the most popular manufacturers of various types of filters for automobiles and industrial equipment, was founded in 1982 in the Polish city Gosty. Filters clean air, fuel and oil, made by the company from the outset proved to be of high quality products with high performance. The company is in international road Concern AFFINIA Group – of the American Financial Corporation The Cypress Group headquartered in New York. Products FILTRON, which range from maximizing the foundation of the company selects the lion's share of the market and filters Poland, while actively exported to the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Euro Pacific Precious Metals pursues this goal as well. In the list of importing countries and Belarus, one of the leaders which is a company Diaz Auto Parts offers wholesale. Diaz Auto in collaboration with the suppliers of the products the brand FILTRON supplies automotive filters auto shows, stations and service shops that sell car parts. What are the main dignity filters FILTRON? This is mainly: – flawless performance even in extreme conditions – high quality – flexibility and accessibility that makes excellent filters FILTRON alternative to expensive branded products – efficiency, reliability and capacity for long trouble-free as are enjoyed by all the auto parts manufactured by the most modern technology. If you say it of automotive filters, the company today produces FILTRON fuel, air, oil, filters for automobile engines, as well as filters and coolant filters, cleaning impurities from the air entering the Salon. In total, among the company's products, there are about 1800 FILTRON types of filters, each of which includes the products of the highest quality with impressive reliability. Where products are used Brand Filtron: The company supplies the filters on the conveyor, in particular, such companies as Aston Martin, Lotus, Ford, Volkswagen, Seat, GM, Fiat, Land Rover , MG Rover. For authorized service stations The Automarket (replacement market parts) Offering filters FILTRON, as well as other auto parts wholesale company Diaz Auto ensures compliance with European standards for quality and complete satisfaction of retail customers.


Rated output in this case is not mandatory, required testing machine head of the party. Certification of a single machine, manufactured commercially in other countries, may be held without trial on the documentation provided by the manufacturer. In this case, the firm must submit a copy of the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 and declaration of conformity to the machine. Declaration of Conformity stipulates that the crane is manufactured according to European or other standards and meets their requirements. The task of the experts – to determine how implementation of these requirements, complies with Russia.

On materials nationwide Log on lifting technique 'All the Cranes' 03/03 May 2006 'features of foreign certification of cranes and hoists' OA BARDYSHEV, Ph.D., Professor, Director of 'ECL' by an expert and academic work in the case of manufacture abroad under orders of the enterprises taps on individual projects (bridges, including steel, portal, gantry etc.), as a rule, certification is moving into the manufacturing company of experts testing laboratory. Prior to this preliminary examination is being conducted project crane in accordance with the requirements of the law 'On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities "in order to establish its compliance with standards and regulations in Russia. A certificate can be discharged and other organizations – the seller or broker the presence of his attorney from the manufacturer. For registration of foreign equipment in Rostekhnadzor need 'permission to use' which is issued by the central office based on RTN statements and provide relevant technical documentation. The procedure for issuing permits are set forth on the order permitting the use of technical devices at hazardous production facilities (RD 03-485-02). As an applicant can be a manufacturer, dealer or organization that acquires crane.

Statement appears in the form prescribed instruction RD 10/03/2004. As an application to the application submitted documents showing the possibility of operating the machine in Russia. These include a passport to the crane and instruction manual in Russian, certificate of compliance (on a new technique), the results testing machines and other documents. As a rule, it is also the conclusion of the examination of industrial safety on the possible use of technical devices. For even more analysis, hear from Professor of British History. For earlier vessels in service abroad of machinery is Finally, necessarily. Date of receipt of the permit to apply for a positive opinion of specialists of the central apparatus RTN defined in the Regulations RD 10/03/2004 in two months. Examination of industrial safety performed by expert organizations with appropriate licenses and experience in conducting such a review. Since this work is very time-consuming and requires a sufficiently high level experts, businesses appropriate to entrust this work to expert organizations with experience in the examination of lifting equipment of foreign manufacture. Such organizations in Russia, there are about a half dozen from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk. The best option, when an expert organization can do all the work on certification and preparation of documents for obtaining permission to use. Lack of knowledge European and Russian standards for acquiring foreign technology generate irregularities in its subsequent operation. For example, in temperate climates of foreign equipment is designed for a temperature of not lower than -20 C (in Russia puts the figure -40 C). Operation of such cranes in lower temperatures can cause damage to the metal. When you select a crane is necessary to pay attention to the devices that provide safe and reliable operation. Not all safety devices, which include foreign cranes meet Russian requirements. For example, in such devices may not function coordinate protection and defense against dangerous voltage.

City Taxi Contest

The company "City Taxi" announced a contest for the best vacation spot in the weekend, "Where to go for the weekend?". From 15 January to 31 March 2008 from everyone who wants to have a chance to spend a weekend with his family in Moscow (inside Moscow) to free ride on the "City Taxi" to the place of rest. According to the contest, the best vacation spot should be located within the Ring Road, have an opportunity to all members of the family holiday program should be exciting, Leisure and myself – a healthy, active and useful. Among all the proposals "City Taxi" chooses the most interesting, recommends an optimal travel time and origin, is developing a route. To enter the contest must be send your proposal and contacts to marked "Competition". Deadline for proposals for the coming weekend – every Thursday of the week. We welcome your requests and suggestions and for their part offer comfort this weekend! For more information on the competition "City Taxi" can be obtained by calling 500-0-500 or visit the company – About the company: "City Taxi" was founded in 2000. Today, it offers its clients the following services: – taxi – a personal vehicle – passenger and cargo transportation; – evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services.

April, 2006. – 'City Taxi' was an official Carrier Domodedovo International Airport. Currently, the building of Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks order 'City Taxi'. May 2007 – 'City Taxi' official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Teply camp '. October, 2007. – The official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha'. November 2007 – 'City Taxi' has reached a new level of service in the direction of the evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles.

Chinese Trucks

Demand for trucks is now enormous. Immediately behind the traditional European brands on our market manufacturers of trucks pulled out of China. Now in China there is practically no truck with its own mechanism they are all in one, and to some degree taken at other manufacturers. Pure Chinese trucks in Russia – the exception, so for this or that in the heavenly realms trucks can find an example of a hands-market brand. This does not give guarantee that your chosen vehicle will be fully match the quality of the famous instance, although the purchase of "almost Mercedes-Benz or MAN is always more pleasant than the unknown trucks with hard to pronounce and hard to memorable name. Having at his disposal trucks HOWO SX4255NY2904B 6×4 and HOWO ZZ4257S3241V 6 * 4, I first try to grasp the structure. The bulk of both trucks was nearly the same, although one of them thoroughly duplicates, at least superficially, popular in the 1990's MAN F2000, while the other goes back to the early 1970's, copying Mercedes-Benz that period. Both trucks are equipped with six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine 279 hp, created "under license from Steyr.

Other heavyweights differ name, but the technical features are so similar that the difference is almost impossible to notice. In addition to the rear axle – in Shaanxi them with planetary hub reduction. Consequently, that under different "shell" we did same heavyweights? Yes and no … As for technical features, there is no difference at all. And those other heavyweights deliver 20 tons of payload, spending the same amount of fuel As livability of the driver's convenience, service and other trifles, the difference is very big.

About it and talk. The first conclusion suggests itself: Shaanxi in the cabin is the least twenty years more modern and then he and the faithful. But it is not so simple. Along with the actual cabin Shaanxi inherited from MAN interior and exterior decoration of plastics. Now imagine that the heavyweights will be used in the construction, where migrant workers will sit behind the wheel, working in shifts, almost without respite, squeezing out all of the trucks, what they are capable. In that case turned cab Shaanxi two or three months? For the ruthless exploitation of the trucks must meet one condition – The simpler the better. And here Shaanxi fits perfectly! Not for nothing that I have already said that every Chinese model has its adherents. Having dealt with a lot of consumer niches trucks now account all possible details found on the test. I'll start with what Cab MAN F2000 in action Shaanxi not lost its charm. Before the driver's eyes pleasantly recognizable brand appliances in cool colors, but in the hands of the steering wheel with leather trim. On Shaanxi, on the contrary, a great big wheel and thin. Manage it freely, but not very good – we have lost the habit of these "plastic rolls. The only thing more annoying in a Chinese truck, is the quality of workmanship. Not that these Heavyweights were worse than the domestic (as defined by the practice, just the opposite), is simply in our minds strengthened doubts and suspicion in China's heavyweights.

Kia Motors Corporation

Kia Motors is the wizard of the guarantee. Clearly, without the delays and bureaucracy. And now my Sorento expect an extensive list of repair work, the bulk of which are on the conscience of the dealer and manufacturer provides warranty repair the car. Repair installation of rear axle of the upper catalyst removal corrosion body and the wiper arm The planned 130 thousand miles MOT Repairs heated front seats Repairs hours Restoring chrome finish door handles and grille cover lifter Recovery ‘glove’ standard antenna Repair Repair motor (eliminating hum and vibration) Restore the lower anchorages protection crankcase and gearbox. Repair generator pulley and at a mileage of 130 tons km. So what’s up to you whether you need such a problem with 4-year car or not. Summary: The most interesting thing in this story is that the owners of communicating KIA ‘Sorrento’ with a range of up to 35 million (with others unfortunately do not have) found that problems with the machine really. (The same was and to me).

But after 50 thousand .. ! Chances are an authorized service station KIA on the street. P. Usenko, 8 (as producer – the Korean company ‘KIA’ Kia Motors Corporation) does not recognize its flaws. After all documented direct there is no evidence, and a motorist will be involved in red tape with meticulous expert opinions. So everyone is left with solutions to their problems’ himself to himself. ” I want to warn other motorists that like a beautiful machine ‘KIA’ Sorento – Do not believe the advertising! Choose your other brand, if you do not want to go with the new car KIA way tribulations and disappointments. Vladislav 8-067-2776565 1.

Defects Sorento 2. The destruction of the chrome coating pen 3. Damage to the door handles Sorento 4. Door Handle driver 5. The destruction of the protective coating the wiper arm 6. The destruction of the protective coating the wiper arm 7. Corrosion Kia Sorento rear door 8. Corrosion of the rear doors KIA Sorento 9. Corrosion bar rear wiper.