Rated output in this case is not mandatory, required testing machine head of the party. Certification of a single machine, manufactured commercially in other countries, may be held without trial on the documentation provided by the manufacturer. In this case, the firm must submit a copy of the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 and declaration of conformity to the machine. Declaration of Conformity stipulates that the crane is manufactured according to European or other standards and meets their requirements. The task of the experts – to determine how implementation of these requirements, complies with Russia.

On materials nationwide Log on lifting technique 'All the Cranes' 03/03 May 2006 'features of foreign certification of cranes and hoists' OA BARDYSHEV, Ph.D., Professor, Director of 'ECL' by an expert and academic work in the case of manufacture abroad under orders of the enterprises taps on individual projects (bridges, including steel, portal, gantry etc.), as a rule, certification is moving into the manufacturing company of experts testing laboratory. Prior to this preliminary examination is being conducted project crane in accordance with the requirements of the law 'On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities "in order to establish its compliance with standards and regulations in Russia. A certificate can be discharged and other organizations – the seller or broker the presence of his attorney from the manufacturer. For registration of foreign equipment in Rostekhnadzor need 'permission to use' which is issued by the central office based on RTN statements and provide relevant technical documentation. The procedure for issuing permits are set forth on the order permitting the use of technical devices at hazardous production facilities (RD 03-485-02). As an applicant can be a manufacturer, dealer or organization that acquires crane.

Statement appears in the form prescribed instruction RD 10/03/2004. As an application to the application submitted documents showing the possibility of operating the machine in Russia. These include a passport to the crane and instruction manual in Russian, certificate of compliance (on a new technique), the results testing machines and other documents. As a rule, it is also the conclusion of the examination of industrial safety on the possible use of technical devices. For even more analysis, hear from Professor of British History. For earlier vessels in service abroad of machinery is Finally, necessarily. Date of receipt of the permit to apply for a positive opinion of specialists of the central apparatus RTN defined in the Regulations RD 10/03/2004 in two months. Examination of industrial safety performed by expert organizations with appropriate licenses and experience in conducting such a review. Since this work is very time-consuming and requires a sufficiently high level experts, businesses appropriate to entrust this work to expert organizations with experience in the examination of lifting equipment of foreign manufacture. Such organizations in Russia, there are about a half dozen from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk. The best option, when an expert organization can do all the work on certification and preparation of documents for obtaining permission to use. Lack of knowledge European and Russian standards for acquiring foreign technology generate irregularities in its subsequent operation. For example, in temperate climates of foreign equipment is designed for a temperature of not lower than -20 C (in Russia puts the figure -40 C). Operation of such cranes in lower temperatures can cause damage to the metal. When you select a crane is necessary to pay attention to the devices that provide safe and reliable operation. Not all safety devices, which include foreign cranes meet Russian requirements. For example, in such devices may not function coordinate protection and defense against dangerous voltage.