Dynamic Summary

To compare cars. Besides a slight adjustment, this Ford with habitability record and giant maletero, have reviewed due to the obligations of the norm Euro 5, its motors. To move a car of average ton and is not simple, but the two 140 liters of CB is sufficient for this task. To compare cars. A little sluggish to low regime and equipped with a box of six marches with sixth a little releases, the Mondeo prefers the highways to the city, and of step it diminishes his sonorous level and its vibrations, more well-known at low speed. To compare cars. Nevertheless, in traffic conditionses in city, the two 160 liters of gasoline CB is more pleasant, although it is pleased with 2 liters to 100 km To more compare cars.

Equipped well of finished series and with good, the Mondeo has a behavior and simultaneously surely pleasant, showing a comfort of good level. To compare cars. – Summary the great and discreet Mondeo improves year after year. Always very extensive and been becoming well in the highway, it shows to his letters with a relation price-benefits difficult to beat in the category. To compare cars Japanese Mazda 6 Comparar cars hard To compare cars. Mazda is a discreet mark in our country.

But this Mazda 6 tries to hit with its roughshod line. In the interior its presentation is serious but of quality, although it would be to be thankful that a little plus the seat of the conductor could be lowered. To compare cars. The direction is very sweet and it does not provide any problem nor in the slow maneuvers and at high speed. The gearshift very short and reduced route, disappoints a little and it does not seem adapted a relative very. To compare cars. On long routes Mazda 6 does not disappoint absolutely. The diesel engine of 163Cv is sufficient in any circumstance, with frank accelerations. Behavior in highway is really agile and has antislip (ESP), that leaves freedom enough, although is necessary to say that in case of emergencia, a little enters behind schedule. To compare cars. – Dynamic Summary, Mazda 6 offers much pleasure to its conductor, although a little to the detriment of its comfort, a little dry, that nonhouse much with a familiar car. Pity, because space and an excellent reliability.


Finally, the Evaluation, moment of being able to review themselves in the previous stages and to evaluate ' ' the symbolic dimension of meaning of the totality of the experience vivida' ' (P. 44). The stages lived during the workshops make possible that the involved ones can, each one in its time and rhythm, to go taking conscience of its process. It is interesting to inside observe the movement of growth of the group, therefore, when giving itself account of what I obtain happens and of its entorno, can, then, ressignificar and transform. For one better development and understanding of the internal processes of the participants, the workshops had been divided in sub-groups, in each one of them subjects had been lived deeply. We initiate with ' ' Presentation pessoal' ' , where the History of the name was worked, and the personal Trajectory. We use diverse materials as chalk of wax, pencil of color, colored glue, old bristol board, magazines and glue.

In this activity, they had been able, then, to enter in contact I obtain exactly, revisiting some stages of the life, mainly histories of infancy: ' ' I felt a true child to me in the infancy garden, wanted to catch tudo' '. The participants had also perceived the differences in each carried through work: ' ' each one is different of the other. Incrve! igual&#039 does not have none; '. As Rhyne, (2000, p.40): ' ' Each line that you trace is solely its; the ones that I draw are individually mine; each one of us this involved in an event pessoal' '. During the first meeting, I observed the great difficulty, on the part of the group, to work with the disponibilizados resources, unreliability and lack of ability in dealing with materials. They seemed not if to feel very to the will ahead of presented material e, initially, they chose the resources simplest and they asked for excuses for making a mistake, not knowing to write right or the simple fact of if moving.

Peruvian Currency

Note of the Publisher: Inflation in the economy and appreciation of the Peruvian currency. At first sight, the government considers the inflation there a consequence raises of it world-wide in foods. Fitch lifted the note to him. Their commentaries a can send me: Although Peru Grows, the Popularity of Alan Garci’a Surely Will fall Buenos Aires, Argentina 3 of April of 2008 If there are two aspects that are bothering to the Peruvian town by these times they are the inflation and the appreciation of its currency. To such point it is the misfortune that it generates to them that in spite of the growth and strength that the economy of Peru shows (even yesterday, the projections of growth for this year were reviewed to the rise), the approval of the management of the government of Alan Garci’a is in its minimum. Inflation in the month of March was of 1.04%, consequently, the rate inflation of last the 12 months promotes to 5.55% It is for worrying? The first impression that one can have is that no, that does not seem so worrisome east inflation level.

More in my case than, like Argentinean, I coexist with a rate real inflation several times greater. And after to read the declarations of minister of Economy and Finanzas, Luis Carranza being said: the dangerous thing would be if this increase of prices occurs of generalized way and that it is outside control, but that is not happening and I am not going to pass What she is happening is a phenomenon of greater inflation anywhere in the world, essentially through the subject of foods, has left the impression that either is no too much preoccupation from the government. It is not that to the Peruvian government it does not worry to him that is major inflation, but understands that the perspective tend to improve: Vemos deceleration international level, that is happening because the speculative flow that occurred in the wheat, product maize, soybean and bags during January and February already is being deflated in March and that is very positive, said Carranza.