Fashion Trend

Fashion trend has not bypassed me – I have decided on their own experience that it is "Russian size, and whether the fruits of these plants are so great as saying. The results of planting want to tell you. Cabbage kohlrabi – born a early. The taste is very delicate. The main thing – do not be afraid of the harmful effects of nitrate and three times during the term of landing feed fertilizers containing nitrogen (the best use of Kemira). After passing thirty days there will be fewer nitrates than vegetables bought at the market! Daikon grew also not small. If the spring to dig the beds for a full bayonet – the root is simply enormous. Not only does he not fit in the fridge, but even wash it will be difficult – it just does not put in the sink! Tomatoes "Russian size" plant did not try and sweet and hot peppers failed big.

Sharp had a length of about 25 centimeters, although this is not a record. Such varieties as "The California Miracle," "Latina," "Purple haze", size or a little, not less. I do believe that in respect of peppers priority should otdvat smaller, but more yielding varieties, such as such as the Bulgarian-79 "or ". Planted as peas – nothing special, despite the fact that a large pea-sized pods a little. Cabbage although not yet reached the promised 15 pounds, was large, averaging 11.10 kg of forks. Smallest pulled by 6 kg. The most annoying is that most large specimens from the garden stole unknown 'helpers'. Pumpkin "Russian size" put simply did not, though the ability to get the seeds had been.

I believe that in our own economy necessary in a pumpkin weighing 150 pounds is not – now the family is not on 20 chelorvek. This is even before the revolution in fashion has been a pumpkin cultivar . I planted leeks are very pleased, "leg" he really is much longer than the other varieties. The beds, he immediately stands out for its size. Carrots – vyrasla very large, high-quality moderately sweet and beautiful red-orange color. Pasternak also claims there are no too pleased with the size. Radish born a big, but nothing special in the amount was not. So grow up and conventional varieties. And another minus – radishes quickly went to color. Squash and turnip "Russian size" plant could not – the seeds of any one store to buy and not failed, although according to the catalog, they do exist. Thus, we can make that giant vegetables in your household – quite realistic, unless you buy the original seeds and not fake. So when buying a call phone, which should be indicated on the package, and describe its appearance.

Amour Collection Screen

Most part of the front surface of the Nokia 7373 is the screen. Physical screen size is 31 x 41 mm, diagonal of 2 "(51 mm) at a resolution of 240×320. The screen can display up to 262 thousand colors and their shades. Picture juicy, bright and clear, good angle review, in contact with the sun screen, even in the sunniest day of the information remains a well-read and seen. The behavior of the sun, the screen is one of the best on the market. On the right side of the phone are a brand name possessed by all members of the L'Amour Collection, on / off button that can be used to reject the call in the closed position and a dedicated button for camera work. On the left side of the phone is rocker volume control, which adjusts the volume of standby, and when an incoming call in a closed state to turn off the ringing tone. On the back of the camera and is only latch the rear panel.

Under the battery cover is a memory card slot, hot swapping is possible, without turning off the devices use a memory card standard microSD, a bundled unit includes a 256 MB card. The keyboard is average in size and has a clear response keys. It is very convenient, very easy to press buttons, no nada exert extra effort when typing SMS and fingers do not get tired. On the keyboard unit is present relief, in form reminiscent of the navigation key.


How nice that sometimes make a difference in our interior. One very practical and comfortable things in our apartments is carpeted. It is practical and convenient. In the markets of our country represented the greatest number of species carpeting for every taste and budget, the more buying will always be successful because of low quality and counterfeit products are effectively dead. Course of its useful life not exceeding 5 years, but replacing it, the look of your Interior immediately acquire new. The only disadvantage of such coatings is that they accumulate dust.

It remains only a matter of choice. You can buy a carpet from synthetic fibers. The quality of these coatings can argue not only the notified person. Synthetics do not emit harmful substances into the air and has good heat insulation and sound deadening properties. He is durable and easy to clean, because ideal for living rooms. For bedrooms ideal coating of sheep's wool, mostly pastel colors.

Luxurious, warm and cozy. Requires special care and may seem too capricious to clean. For children the best option would be coating of polyimide. It is soft but keeps the shape perfect nap because even the heaviest furniture it is not terrible. All the possible color gamut and a wide selection of paintings will adorn any room and create a good mood.

Motor Oils

Today, manufacturers of motor oils offer the user a huge range of motor oils. How, amid this abundance also opt for the "heart" of his friend the highest quality steel and the right oil? After correct choice of engine oil to the engine – it's long life, power and continuity in the work … The editors ENGINE-MARKET gathered material that will answer the most controversial points concerning engine oil for internal combustion engines. A Specifically, in the paper, we consider such important issues for any motorist: pledge a long and successful operation of internal combustion engines, how to choose the right motor oil, how to determine the quality of motor oil, and the transition from one grade oil to another, how often to change engine oil, particularly labeling of motor oil, you need to read the label on the engine oil of different manufacturers. Let us begin with definitions of key terms.

Motor oil – oil used to lubricate the piston and rotary internal combustion engines. Depending on the purpose they are divided into oil for diesel engines, oils for gasoline engines and universal motor oil, which are designed to lubricate engines of both types. All of the modern motor oils consist of base oils and additives improving its properties. On temperature limits performance motor oils are divided in summer, winter and all season. As the base oil component of distillate use of different viscosity, residual components, a mixture of residual and distillate components and synthetic products (Poly-alpha olefins, alkylbenzenes, esters).

Tires And Wheels

Tires should be replaced at least every six years. Of course, even if the profile is left. In some aspects are considered. If the profile has a depth of less than 3 mm, for the purchase of a new summer tires should be considered. should the legislature does prescribe a minimum depth of 1.6 mm, but also because of the security, the tires are not worn so far. As it is now looking for the perfect tire for my car. First, I need my tire size, which is also noted in the vehicle.

Then it is a first important to watch is what I get with the market. There are huge differences in quality and price. It is advisable to read at times product testers. They offer each year extensive test results, which Summer is suitable for what purpose and make their results available to the consumer. Just such institutions have to test the possibilities precisely, it remains that ultimately saves the customer a bad buy. The dealer has now very well trained staff so that a Buying tires here is not handicapped.

Tires are very different, has a summer quite like a winter other lamellae. He too situation is very different when braking and cornering is just different. A perfect summer tires should have good braking performance in dry and wet hydroplaning or maintain contact with the road. Tires have less than natural rubber tires. Unfortunately, they lose grip at lower temperatures. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, this can easily be the garage or basement. Tires with rims can be put over each other to save space or they simply hangs on a tree rims. Tires without rims should be made. The previous cleaning of the tires is of course a must. Thus, we have many years of enjoyment to his new summer tires.