Corporative Government

The good practices of Corporative Government have acquired relevance from remembered corporative scandals (like for example, the Enron case), since the same help to increase the level of transparency in the companies, which limits the possibility of little clear operations in the same while it helps to protect the minority stockholders (ECOPETROL has 500,000 small shareholders). The improvement in the practices of Corporative Government will increase the attractiveness of the ECOPETROL actions while it will be beneficial in terms to harness the yield of the same. What its regular evolution can be perceived about ECOPETROL following is that the oil Colombian continues growing to good rate fulfilling her strategic plan of expansion. But that can imply it in the value of its actions? Although the ECOPETROL actions have one short life quoting in the stock market, the same have gained great attractive in stock-market a Colombian and at the moment it is focused to conquer the investors of the stock markets American. Learn more at: Jeff Flake. When the 2008 good rate of growth observed in the price of its actions impelled by the rise in the international price of petroleum not only passed but also by the growth undergone by the company, everything made anticipate that irremediably the value of the actions was going to surpass $ 3.000.

But the sudden change of panorama in which the submerged world-wide economy in a deep recession entered, changed the perspective of the oil one whose shareholding value jointly observed a strong loss with the collapse of the price of petroleum. In the last days and product of the good tie news to the company, the value of the actions quoted to the rise and in the day of they closed yesterday to $ 2,150 in the BVC. After to touch to its minimum the 27 of October of 2007 of $ 1,825, the ECOPETROL paper comes showing one slight one although constant positive tendency and already accumulates from that one date a rise of 17.8%. The perspective of the actions of ECOPETROL for this year are than positive more since to the continuity of the concretion of its projects of investment probably a recovery can take place (although smooth), in the quote of the price of petroleum towards aims of the present year. It is in this sense that would not be to be strange that the value of the ECOPETROL actions advances towards $ 3,000 although it is little probable that by this year can break this barrier. Anyway, considering the present value of the same, his margin to grow in a context where the numbers abound in red, it does not appear for far from negligible.

Tires And Wheels

Tires should be replaced at least every six years. Of course, even if the profile is left. In some aspects are considered. If the profile has a depth of less than 3 mm, for the purchase of a new summer tires should be considered. should the legislature does prescribe a minimum depth of 1.6 mm, but also because of the security, the tires are not worn so far. As it is now looking for the perfect tire for my car. First, I need my tire size, which is also noted in the vehicle.

Then it is a first important to watch is what I get with the market. There are huge differences in quality and price. It is advisable to read at times product testers. They offer each year extensive test results, which Summer is suitable for what purpose and make their results available to the consumer. Just such institutions have to test the possibilities precisely, it remains that ultimately saves the customer a bad buy. The dealer has now very well trained staff so that a Buying tires here is not handicapped.

Tires are very different, has a summer quite like a winter other lamellae. He too situation is very different when braking and cornering is just different. A perfect summer tires should have good braking performance in dry and wet hydroplaning or maintain contact with the road. Tires have less than natural rubber tires. Unfortunately, they lose grip at lower temperatures. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, this can easily be the garage or basement. Tires with rims can be put over each other to save space or they simply hangs on a tree rims. Tires without rims should be made. The previous cleaning of the tires is of course a must. Thus, we have many years of enjoyment to his new summer tires.