Car Accessories

As you know, car accessories and gadgets are very significant influence on the appearance of your car and can hide minor imperfections or jambs. In the first place in this list should put caps on the disks. So what functions are performed by car hoods? It is necessary to distinguish two main functions of the 'bloat'. First, the shields provide aesthetics to your car, adorning its exterior. Caps are able to give some flavor – unique vivid image of your car, hide flaws wheel disc (for example, traces of corrosion or any kind of chips), or simply to hide is not the most beautiful view of the factory stamped disk. In addition, disc caps designed to protect the braking system on the car from pollution and contamination, and this, in turn, prolongs the life of brake pads and contributes to avoiding unpleasant 'squeaks' brakes. By the way, often drives installed caps take a cast. This is very significantly increases the attractiveness and 'toughness' car.

A second no less important task – protective. Caps prevent dirt accumulation and even improve the aerodynamic performance machine. Wheels mounted with caps retain color wheel are much longer and increase resistance to corrosion. But do not close the cap too tightly, as his profiling the holes needed for the ventilation system of the brakes. Finally, caps can be installed on virtually any extruded disk. And to select the cap enough to know the radius of the wheel. The dimension of the automobile hoods same radius disks that are marked as follows: R12, R13, R14, R15 and R16. Happy journey!

Motor Oils

Today, manufacturers of motor oils offer the user a huge range of motor oils. How, amid this abundance also opt for the "heart" of his friend the highest quality steel and the right oil? After correct choice of engine oil to the engine – it's long life, power and continuity in the work … The editors ENGINE-MARKET gathered material that will answer the most controversial points concerning engine oil for internal combustion engines. A Specifically, in the paper, we consider such important issues for any motorist: pledge a long and successful operation of internal combustion engines, how to choose the right motor oil, how to determine the quality of motor oil, and the transition from one grade oil to another, how often to change engine oil, particularly labeling of motor oil, you need to read the label on the engine oil of different manufacturers. Let us begin with definitions of key terms.

Motor oil – oil used to lubricate the piston and rotary internal combustion engines. Depending on the purpose they are divided into oil for diesel engines, oils for gasoline engines and universal motor oil, which are designed to lubricate engines of both types. All of the modern motor oils consist of base oils and additives improving its properties. On temperature limits performance motor oils are divided in summer, winter and all season. As the base oil component of distillate use of different viscosity, residual components, a mixture of residual and distillate components and synthetic products (Poly-alpha olefins, alkylbenzenes, esters).

Struck Corporation

These vehicles include bulldozers, made on the basis of tractor DT-75 plants Pavlodar (JSC Kazahstantraktor) and Volgograd and bulldozers to hitch on the tractors of JSC “Altai Tractor. Under license from the DT-75 in China, the company manufactures the bulldozers YTO International Series . In all these bulldozers are used manual transmission, including a reverse gear. For all of these machines is characterized by one detail – the trim on the nose “that, given the design of the sprung rollers affects the productivity is not the best manner. Total in Russia bulldozer blade on the basis of farm tractors produced eight companies, and a number of modifications possible in the aggregation (albeit only at the expense of capacity installed on Base tractor diesel engine), more than thirty. It is worth noting that the universal snow plow for tractors hauling Class 3 produces only OAO Kazahstantraktor “(former Pavlodar Tractor Plant).

Smallest bulldozer in the Soviet Union produced in Chisinau (tractor T-80S traction class 2), and the smallest in the world of bulldozers Magnatrac since 1964 an American company produces S. F. Struck Corporation. This lawn and garden tractor is equipped with a 10-horsepower gasoline engine and with its modest size (1,33 x1, 03h0, 69 m) fit in the back of a light van or pickup truck. Industrial tractors second line construction bulldozers on the basis of crawler tractors for industrial use in recent time becomes more popular.


City of Paul, that on the Oka River – has long been famous for its handicrafts. Knives, locks, and later – avtoinstrument, and finally – buses. In 1930, the party and the government has decided – Plant avtoinstrumenta (ZATI) – to be. Benefit that working people in Paul's always enough, and metal pavlovchane deal is not the first century. The first task of the new plant was to provide Gaz avtoinstrumenta. Much later, after the war, in 1952 the plant took over the production of bus 651, based on GAZ 51.

And got a new name – Pavlovsky Bus Plant, PAZ. Already in 1958 the plant produced a bus of their own design – ESD 652. The model was so successful that its external appearance is almost without changes migrated into the groove 672, which became very popular throughout the Soviet Union, which was manufactured until 1989, when he was replaced by running a series of new model – PAZ 3205. Bus small class 3205 PAZ became a kind of business Card Factory, and continued success of the previous ESD 672. On the basis of ESD 3205 has been developed mass modifications, as the factory, and third-party developers. The current ruler of the family PAZ-3205 contains the following basic models: * Bus PAZ 32053, Single door version with a gasoline engine ZMZ-5234.10 130 hp and a working volume of 4.67 liters. * PAZ bus 32053-07, Single door version with a diesel engine MMZ-245.7 to 122 hp and the volume of 4.75 liters.

* Two models of the PAZ and PAZ 32054 32054-07, two-door versions of the PAZ and PAZ-32053 32053-07 respectively * Two models of the PAZ and PAZ 32053-70 32053-77, single-door special school buses, engines – gasoline ZMZ-5234.10 (model 32053-70) and diesel 245.7 MEM (for 32053-77) * PAZ 3206, bus terrain with all-wheel drive (4×4), engine – ZMZ-5234.10 gasoline In addition, the rating list of modifications, there are also options such as the PAZ passenger 32053-20, two models for northern conditions PAZ 32053-60 (single door) and PAZ 32054-60 (two-door) with high thermal insulation and and PAZ bus for funeral services 32053-80. PAZ buses and passenger 32053-20 32053-80 for funeral services – are not the public transport vehicles. The high prevalence of bus PAZ 3205 led to what on the basis of it is very convenient to create all sorts of modifications and improvements. For example, there are luxury, tourist buses refinement when Salon is divided into several compartments, set all sorts of additions from the toilets and finishing stove and sink with Ammunition supply of water – while offering all the possibilities for relaxation and comfort. Another direction of the modifications – the creation of specialized buses PAZ, for example medical complexes (with the subsequent installation of sets of medical equipment), mobile headquarters police and security services. Company TC 'RusAvto', (official dealer ESD) offers you all the models PAZ, the possibility of revision on demand, as well as the opportunity to buy a bus leasing and loan on favorable terms.

Chinese Trucks Hania

Haulers Hania – a new line of heavy Chinese Trucks Hania, not long ago started to produce at the Jining plant of China National Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd, a part of corporation cnhtc. The factory has a new modern production line, which allows production of qualitatively new cars. Haulers Hania on the characteristics as close as possible to European trucks: it’s excellent technical performance and low fuel consumption and comfort of the cabin. Hania – this machine new generation of machines is very good quality. Issued on the basis of previous series and Howo Sinotruk, Hania collected all the best. And about 80% of them are interchangeable parts. These trucks are specially built for export to Russia and sold only through authorized dealers. Consequently, the warranty period is increased up to 3 years (60000km run).

Hania is available under the brand almost the entire line of road construction machinery: trucks, tractors, Mixers-Concrete truck, flatbed trucks, watering and snow removal vehicles, fuel trucks and garbage trucks, etc. Hania cars can also be equipped with equipped with trailers and semitrailers. Special Hania completed new six-cylinder engine WD615 (license Austrian Steyr) ranging from 266 to 415ls. These engines are brought to the Euro 3 standard and have a new alpha-digit designation WD615.93 (290 hp), WD615.95 (336 hp), WD615.96 (371 hp). On machines Hania allowed to install dvenadtsatistupenchatoy Transmission Eaton Fuller (U.S.

license). Also, the cars are put licensed bridges Steyr, steering ZF8098 (licensed in Germany), amplified springs and hydraulic cylinder tipping Hyva (location lift mechanism, taking into account all wishes of our customers, now only the front, that is behind the cab). The main difference from Hania trucks Howo and Sinotruk – this cabin. Hania on the cab is made under license from Scania. Accordingly, the comfort of a new car increased compared with good performance Howo. The cabin is equipped with separate climate control, power windows, adjustable seats, adjustable steering column, heated mirrors. Available for lcd tv and dvd, fridge. And another difference – a mechanism for automatically lifting-lowering cabin! In addition to basic common with Howo parameters such as fluid coupling fan Improved battery, abs, heated body exhaust, generator for maximum power, dump trucks Hania you can set the following additions: liquid preheater motor protective shield sump engine, mud flaps, with a brush, a protective lining Rear light stabilizers front and rear axle, etc. On the new line of trucks is possible to install fuel tanks up to 450 liters in volume. It should be remembered that the engines brought up to standard environmental Euro3, nevertheless did not lose their core competency – the power to them is increased by installing a turbine! A boosted engine, as is known, lives on less. Therefore, the best option will be operation of vehicles with an engine installed at the factory.

Hyundai Showcased

Hyundai Nuvis officially debuted at the International Auto Show, held in New York. Nuvis – crossover new generation, combining avtribuy friendly city car and the characteristics of a premium car. Nuvis – a look at future generation crossover Hyundai (Hyundai), whose representatives are currently Hyundai Tucson (Tussal) and the Hyundai Santa Fe (Santa Fe). Hyundai Nuvis – created in the California design center company in Irvine. The car embodies the very popular recent trends – compact, economical and environmentally friendly. The key to the success of crossover Hyundai Nuvis its hybrid system Hyundai Hybrid Blue Drive, enabling it to fully comply with the fuel economy, which will come into effect in the U.S. in 2015.

Nuvis represent the views of designers at Hyundai urban crossover near future. Appearance crossover settled in the new corporate style of Korean brand, presented recently on the prototype ix-onic on Motor Show – the successor to today's Hyundai Tucson (Tussal) and the Hyundai Santa Fe (Santa Fe). On each side of the concept are opening up two-door type 'gull wing', which will provide access both to the front, and rear seats. Nuvis differ extravagant body design and a spacious interior with neon plastic panels. Designers to create the appearance of the concept car inspired by the movement of water and forms which creates a wind from the snow. Thus, the car must create a sense of motion even while standing still. Nuvis conceived as a versatile vehicle for active people: in the morning his owner could go ride through the desert Happy to go into the mountains, and in the evening an official dinner. As one of the features touted Nuvis interior upholstery, made from recycled plastic bottles! Four passengers can communicate with each other using new technology Methode Electronics TouchSense.

At a mass in 1542 kg of the concept car has a length of 4.78 meters and the width and height of 1.97 and 1.66 meters respectively. Hyundai Nuvis – a hybrid car. This is evidenced by the inscription Blue Drive on the body of the Hyundai Nuvis. The complete assembly of the hybrid Hyundai Nuvis includes 2.4 liter Theta ii engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and electric motor, 30 kW. Accumulate energy lithium-polymer batteries, which are more effective than lithium ion. Hybrid plant provided for the concept car Nuvis, will be used for the Sonata sedan next generation, which will appear in 2010, and the same design will borrow the new Tucson, Premier which is scheduled for the second half of this year. The car can move as a pure electric or by conventional motor, and using these two units together. According to the company, the conceptual crossover spends about 6.9 liters of fuel in the urban cycle, while on the highway fuel consumption is about 6.7 liters. Besides Hyundai Nuvis different modern technologies such as: a system of automatic stop and start engine, which automatically suppresses the motor when stopped at traffic lights or in traffic, a package of polymer lithium batteries and electric air conditioning compressor.