Hanover Corporate Design

“Gero Pfluger from Hanover developed carbon-neutral corporate design Gero Pfluger from Hannover climate-neutral corporate design and shows that even small companies capable of are responsible to handle resources and sustainability to promote the graphic designer Gero Pfluger from Hanover developed with his agency Pfluger: creative plow.” climate-neutral corporate design. Drive this is the thought that socio-politically to make his company socially and environmentally sound legs. About the service provider natureOffice – – has certified under certificate number DE-065-based 102821 himself. In early October 2010, he works quite officially carbon neutral and provides this added value its customers without additional costs. For three years he also offers climate-neutral printing of printed material through powerful partners. Kenneth R. Feinberg usually is spot on. Gero Pfluger has long been engaged in the topic of environmental pollution, the terms of acid rain, forest dieback and Chernobyl marked him already at a young age. Since then matured in him a Awareness process that led him to a possible eco-friendly behavior. The mobility with public transport, waste prevention, avoid unnecessary printouts and striving toward sustainability (PEFC paper, FSC furniture, organic and FairTrade products), as well as minimum energy consumption include for him by using energy-efficient appliances.

Now, did he let evaluate his company on natureOffice and came to the following results: the 1795 kg of CO2, which caused his company annually, are compensated via a certified climate protection project with CarbonFix. It is this specifically a biodiversity project by reforestation of war wastelands in Viet Nam: de /…. In the reforestation of the Vietnamese land, only native species planted and the resulting forests later non-commercial crawled. The project will be on the ground by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) supports. The project forests are characterized by a very high biodiversity, because different native tree species are planted. Gero Pfluger from Hanover shows that small businesses and individuals in the location are responsible to deal with resources and to promote sustainability. He is also on his Web page) thoughts and appreciates feedback and dedicated colleagues who take seriously their responsibility in the further development of our planet.

Diskeeper Corporation

The Diskeeper Corporation today announced that its gain for virtual platforms, V-locity 2.0, the VMware ready certification has achieved. London, December 20, 2010 – the Diskeeper Corporation, the specialist for system performance and reliability, today announces that its gain for virtual platforms, V-locity 2.0, the VMware ready certification has achieved. This V-locity 2.0 has passed a conducted by VMware, comprehensive assessment and testing program and is listed as a VMware partner product immediately. This positive test result points out in addition that V-locity can be best supported 2.0 VMware and deployed in customer environments. We are pleased that V-locity 2.0 now logo Gets the VMware ready and so the customers can immediately see that it complies with the special testing and compliance requirements by VMware”, said Bernie Mills, Senior Director, Alliance programs, VMware. Reaching the ‘VMware ready’ certification is an important Step in our product strategy for virtual environments”, says Gary Quan, Chief Technology Officer at Diskeeper Corporation. As a long-time Elite partner in the VMware “Technology Alliance partner” we program very pleased that V-locity 2.0 has passed the rigorous testing and has been certified as VMware ready. Diskeeper Corporation is proud to be able to offer a ‘VMware ready’ solution for the optimization of virtual hard disks.

Users can rely on, that they get the best possible virtual efficiency on VMware vSphere platforms with the installation of V-locity 2.0.” The ‘VMware ready’ program is VMware’s co-branding program for qualified partner products and is part of VMware’s “Technology Alliance partner” program (TAP). More than 1,600 members worldwide, the VMware TAP program works with world-class technology partners and provides numerous services, support, tools and expertise that. According to Erin Callan, who has experience with these questions. The aim of the programme is to be able to offer better solutions to joint customers. V-locity 2.0 by Diskeeper Corporation is now in the VMware partner product catalog listed: alliances.vmware.com/… About Diskeeper Corporation specialists for system performance and reliability: the head of the Technology Department, the IT managers and system administrators on the list of global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 listed companies rely on Diskeeper software, to ensure outstanding performance and reliability on their business laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper 2010 includes IntelliWrite, the ground-breaking technology to prevent fragmentation. V-locity 2.0, the optimizer for virtual platforms VMware and Hyper-V, eliminates the barriers to efficiency in virtual environments, and ensures maximum I/O performance on virtual servers.

Diskeeper Corporation also offers data recovery software undelete real-time data protection and Instant file recovery (www.undelete.com). With InvisiTasking technology, each process is completely unremarkable in the Background off. This is used in comprehensive way otherwise unused free resources (www.invisitasking.com). 2010 Diskeeper Corporation. All rights reserved. Diskeeper V-locity, InvisiTasking, IntelliWrite, Undelete, “real time data protection and real-time data recovery” as well as “innovators in performance and reliability technologies” are trademarks of Diskeeper Corporation. VMware, VMware ready, VMware vMotion and VMware vSphere are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, in the United States and/or other countries Inc. The use of the word “Partner” or “Partnership” implies no legal partnership relationship between VMware and some other companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Munich Environment

Dynamic Publihsing (adv) brings many advantages Rohrbach / Graz also the business environment & process of technology group ANDRITZ dynamic publishing optimized Rahmani agency ADVERMA now the marketing activities of the Division of environment & process of the international technology group ANDRITZ. “Printable brochures and ads, complex websites, apps and all other advertising media at lightning speed in house fashion, as graphically high-quality products, which is continuous exactly at the corporate identity, the strategically important face” the corporate brand, which align company wishes not? For the business environment & process of international system maker ANDRITZ, this desire has become a reality. Dynamic publishing is the intelligent technological modular system with which the greater Munich-based ADVERMA has made independent of external graphic services advertising & Marketing GmbH their Austrian wholesale. Easy all-rounder it is incredible how naturally the employees can use our new IT powerhouse after only one day of training,”says Andreas us, divisional marketing manager at ANDRITZ. And to do this we had to even install a software.

Everything about our Web browser and that in over ten companies involved in currently seven countries. We enter above the texts, pictures, or tables and below the print-ready ad or brochure comes out.” It is not that easy of course. Before staff in the worldwide Andritz environment & process have shown still spoilt for choice between dozens of individual layout templates, which assembled the finished work to the end of. Only the image of a nationally valid limits of corporate creativity, within which the user can flexibly move. Formats for viewing are entering the desired Size parameters are automatically converted. To meet the application at the offices on five continents, the technological all-rounder speak 35 languages.

Corporate Media Awards

‘Speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2010’ and ‘ DHL 4 future’ repeated BONN, STUTTGART awarded, 06.12.2011. At this year’s Gala corporate media Meavision media GmbH has been awarded the award of Member of the European Masterclass reviewed”. “” The full service agency could two of the coveted awards to take home: for the EXPO film DHL 4 future “and for the official DHL commercial for the 2011 Rugby World Cup speed of yellow”. Both films from the think tank of the Meavision media are examples of innovative use of media for the jury and convince with a trend-setting concept of communication. And both films are been awarded several times this year. After the gold win at the world media Festival the masterpiece of DHL 4 future “his success further continues. For the world exhibition 2010 in Shanghai, are in the film the visions of the future DHL together with the EXPO theme better city. Better life.”the focus of the production idea.

The manner, the issues of future orientation, innovation and social Responsibility symbolically enshrined and are dynamically presented in an exchange of real images and animations, is an especially excellent performance, far beyond the average of today’s film productions for the jury. “The award of Masters winner DHL 4 future”: also the commercial speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2011 “has set new standards in the areas of corporate communications this year. Around the world, millions of people have seen the spot of Bonn communication experts. While the entire Rugby World Cup 2011 was the clip shown live in all New Zealand stages and in the televised broadcast worldwide Rugby-related countries. And last but not least, the spot in the popular World Wide Web enjoys. Also the jurors of the corporate media festivals history to the DHL courier has, with speed of yellow”against a whole rugby team wins, fascinated. A good concept, professional design, and of course craftsmanship brought already the second award the Rugby-spot in this way after the ITVA pyramid. The sporty Clip: Meavision media GmbH can close the year successful and full of zeal and sparkling ideas go in 2012 with a Cabinet full of trophies.

Meavision media GmbH is a full-service agency with a focus on audiovisual and campaign-driven corporate communications. The range includes the areas of brand marketing and corporate communication. The product – and service portfolio includes consulting, design and realization of digital productions (films, multimedia, PC games, video and photo database, mobile solutions, online design), print products (posters, magazines) and corporate entertainment. Press contact: Meavision media GmbH Simone Conen Godesberg Allee 73 53175 Bonn Tel. (0228) 9490517 eMail website Facebook Facebook.com.meavision

Corporate Culture

Costs, corporate culture and the establishment of trust disgruntled employees in company cost a bunch of money. It is the rule, the larger the company, the greater is the likelihood that employees are unhappy. While this is not expressed often in specific complaints but general statements about a bad corporate culture. The work on concrete problems, but also the culture in the company can significantly improve. The study currently presented by Minister of health of the Leyen shows problems with the corporate culture a cause in professional overload, have increased disease rates in companies.

What often causes this spiral or more floating upwards, is the lack of identification of employees with their operation. Stress is considered disturbed much, if the corporate culture broke. So motivating a good social environment in the profession, thus demotivating, if it doesn’t get along with the company, colleagues or employees. Issues of this nature are however hard to grasp, because the complaints are often diffuse and not directly accessible. Solution approach togetherness can be a solution, not elusive problems with tangible. For this, a valve in the company must be created, in the employees have the possibility to formulate their complaints without being criticized.

The internationally proven method of management of Adizes proposes here E.g. a framework where such opportunities are created at set time intervals. All employees of an organizational unit can tell everything here, disturbed, without being punished for it. Also discussions do not happen yet, the points are collected, evaluated and discussed at a later date. All complaints are divided into 6 categories. 6 Levels of dissatisfaction three categories deal with the corporate culture: category 1 applies to disputes with the company, no. 2 problems with superiors and 3 errors in the relationship with colleagues and employees.

Corporate Communications

Walter Visual PR Expands service portfolio to moving images for the press work of Wiesbaden, September 16, 2010. The Wiesbadener PR-Agentur Walter Visual PR GmbH has expanded its service portfolio now video statements. Thus, the PR specialists now offer the opportunity to incorporate moving images in their communication mix company. The videos especially for the press work prepared editorially, are suitable, for example, to give tips to identify current trends or to comment on market developments. So the clips help, opinion leadership and expert status of a company about specific topics and to expand. Over half of Internet users and look at moving images and journalists use video portals such as YouTube already to a large extent for their research,”says Markus Walter, Managing Director of Walter Visual PR. Offers for companies.

an enormous potential to position itself also through videos and to reach the target group” The video statements suitable editors for which they Online coverage to offer. As well they may be on the company website, blog and video portals. Via social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, the videos can be disseminated and reach even more attention. The company has a social media newsroom, the videos with a link to his YouTube channel, for example, should be included also. Also a press kit can be usefully complement through the editorial designed videos.

The texts for the video statements prepared by the PR agency after a briefing by the customer. Spot the camera team for each video takes sufficient time, so that the statement will convincingly and competently can speak his text into the camera. In addition captured images from the company. These will be integrated later in the video. Will be addressed, for example, a software solution in the video, short application sequences can be filmed. Scenes from day-to-day business or training situations are also possible depending on the theme of the videos. Always is the press work in focus, that is, the video should carry no pure advertising. According to our experience can a video statement be maximum for three minutes and install only a theme short and crisp to the point”, Markus Walter recommends. The clip is too long and is spoken around the Bush, it is looking almost until the end.” The format also plays an important role. Walter Visual PR provides the videos in HD standard format the company 16:9 for the Flash Player. If required, but also other formats or playing out on DVD are possible. On request, PR Agency also acquires the release to editors and evaluates the publications. About Walter Visual PR GmbH: Walter Visual PR GmbH is an owner-managed PR agency providing PR services and social media advice for companies in the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as new technologies. Seven staff will take care of the press and public relations in the areas of ECM/DMS, output management, Storage, security, E-business, Internet, ERP and standard software. PR agency opts for PR images such as graphics, collages and photos complement the press releases including the visualization of PR messages with the help of meaningful. The references of the PR agency include companies such as CAS, COPARGO, CSP, entitec, intarsys, iTernity, JVC, Prism Informatics and ReadSoft.

Corporate Taxation

Tax firm home from Augsburg, Germany informed the legislature wants to relieve the tax simplification Act to reduce the burden of the public financial management by up to 4 billion euros in 2011 and at the same time business owners from unnecessary expenses. The Augsburg tax firm home describes the businesses interesting aspects of this project. Be relieved by the tax simplification law to January 1st, 2012 requested validity 2011 entrepreneur in the following ways: for binding information the financial management introduces a minimum. Filed under: Dennis P. Lockhart. Only if the value in question exceeds 10,000 euros, fees are payable in the future. The newly introduced free tuition of low value information reduces the administrative burden of tax agencies, but still ensures that entrepreneurs for information, faces a significant regulatory work performance pay fees. The lease of an operation considered continuation, with entry into force of the tax simplification Act of 2011 to the responsible financial management is a written statement of task.

The legal certainty of the entrepreneur is to be increased this. Simplification of the electronic invoicing are introduced to reduce the effort required for the settlement of sales taxes. So that even under these circumstances an effective control of VAT payment remains possible, receives the financial authority enhanced rights of access to electronically stored documents of the entrepreneur. Companies are inherited or given away, it is usually very expensive to check the conditions of the associated tax benefits of corporate successor for the tax authorities. A new approval procedure should remedy the situation here and increase legal certainty for affected entrepreneurs, as well as the State financial administration. Forestry and farmers usually use a non-standard year.

The deadlines are in the future for their tax returns on five months after the end of the tax period increased, as is already the case for other companies. The timeliness of audits should be increased and reduced as the occurrence of unforeseen repayment demands. The detection rules for intra-Community supplies tax exemption be restructured and simplified. The complexity of travel law is reduced to the relief of the company and your employees. What effects the tax simplification law 2011 entail in any particular case, shows home like the Augsburger tax firm corporate and private clients.

Leading Corporate Function

Whether public relations measurement, press articles, ads, and more, or distribution, often they are equated with marketing, even though they are only parts of it. Lord Peter Hennessy often says this. Seekirch 14 12, 2012 – whether public relations measurement, press articles, ads, and more – or even distribution, often these are marketing ‘ equated, although they are only parts of it. Many examples show that only comprehensive marketing leads to lasting success. Just when the German specialities, such as capital goods, engineering, etc., Techniklastige enterprises are unfortunately often in this case: very good products are developed, excellent work. But often, the weakness is the on the market by ‘ conceived and produced. Who should buy them then? Why? Of course, there is not an answer that would be applicable to all. Others including Primerica financial services, offer their opinions as well. Many companies exploit their technical core competencies and believe that to make something great to the market.

Usually this is only even, Demands of the market are for an egg-laying wool milk sow ‘ just only rarely available. A few days ago was reported in a Sueddeutsche Zeitung, that a big company have produced machines, too good for the market were (quote!) and therefore the company in difficulty in the sale or the company stability ‘ came. That went up to the workplace hazard. An other example, such as in the car industry, shows see hybrid / electric cars., the long – sold by Asian producers, that foreign competitors have already largely occupied the market, before German tighten ‘ can. The success to be achieved, so already from the outset, has limits. We move initial situation on global markets, foreign companies have also excellent technicians and the Internet offers the possibility today any buyers the world supply ‘, to examine, to compare details and to obtain a very good basis for decision-making.

Corporate Performance

… is what makes an organization successful and different from the competition. It is an integrative approach that allows to define the business strategy and control and continuously to achieve improvements in efficiency, thus to achieve competitive advantage. Performance management is basically a series of management processes, which often are supported, with the aim of facilitate the strategic decisions through technology and an orientation will receive the staff, what an organization wants to achieve. In the end, it’s the quality of decisions that successful company apart from the competition. Performance management is therefore a modern term for a variety of management approaches, which use companies to enable their strategy and to measure and monitor to assess strategic decisions and to implement the learning in an organization as a continuous process performance.

The basic performance management model integrates processes: the definition of strategic objectives. Measurement of performance, performance analysis, and decision making. All of these have the goal of improving performance, which is the central premise of performance management. Performance management is not possible without business process management. Performance management is not possible without regular information and communication of performance indicators, both at strategic and operational level. Performance management goes to more and more companies work not without a technological support and an integrated management system and control your organization with a balanced scorecard today, and go the way of a goal-oriented management towards BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. (Source: “Bull by the Horns”).

Contact us: we have the solution for performance management and corporate performance measuring is not introduced as a management tool that is new and insulated. We combine management methods in an integrated system and merging strategy and operations. Or call us if you want more information: + 49 2203 800 139. like We present our holistic method for integrated management. (registered trademark system LEADERSHIP for integrated management systems) About Institute of leadership, management & technology innovation s.l.u: I.L.M. & T.I. is leader in the market for integrated management systems. We create corporate values through our developed methodology “system-LEADERSHIP “, the brand is registered. Our solution to connect MANAGEMENT methods with technology solutions into a single management system.

Oberhausen City

The German city information Marketing AG informed the Germans how to report city information as a leading Internet marketing agency white, is dependent on an economically successful acting nowadays necessarily a professional Internet presence. However, this does not mean that traditional print products might become obsolete. At the latest, when contacts with real customers and business partners are recorded or maintained, a uniform design of business equipment, information material and other printed materials become important. The German city information sees itself as Fullserviceagentur, which is professional to its customers in all aspects of the company presentation. Against this background, the Oberhausen company implements an integrated design of home pages and print products, which reach their customers benefit from income corporate designs from a single source. Print products are a concrete expression of corporate identity. Whether it is Office equipment, or a variety of information materials: printed materials an essential part of business life, which is given in the hands of customers and business partners. The German city information of corporate designs that create professional corporate images through a visually uniform effect of Internet and print products designed to optimize the corporate image of their clients.

From identifying business core competencies and values the German city information developed from logos, whose representation power remains in the memory. Their recognition holds together websites, business equipment, information materials and all other commercially used print products in the form of a consistent corporate design. Print design is more than just logo design of course. The German city information helps its clients in fully professional information materials and office equipment, which guarantee an optimal self-presentation from business cards to letter paper. Whether in the Internet marketing or print the Oberhausen for Fullservicemarketing advisors their customers as professional partner reliably to the side and like to further questions.