Corporate Media Awards

‘Speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2010’ and ‘ DHL 4 future’ repeated BONN, STUTTGART awarded, 06.12.2011. At this year’s Gala corporate media Meavision media GmbH has been awarded the award of Member of the European Masterclass reviewed”. “” The full service agency could two of the coveted awards to take home: for the EXPO film DHL 4 future “and for the official DHL commercial for the 2011 Rugby World Cup speed of yellow”. Both films from the think tank of the Meavision media are examples of innovative use of media for the jury and convince with a trend-setting concept of communication. And both films are been awarded several times this year. After the gold win at the world media Festival the masterpiece of DHL 4 future “his success further continues. For the world exhibition 2010 in Shanghai, are in the film the visions of the future DHL together with the EXPO theme better city. Better life.”the focus of the production idea.

The manner, the issues of future orientation, innovation and social Responsibility symbolically enshrined and are dynamically presented in an exchange of real images and animations, is an especially excellent performance, far beyond the average of today’s film productions for the jury. “The award of Masters winner DHL 4 future”: also the commercial speed of yellow for Rugby World Cup 2011 “has set new standards in the areas of corporate communications this year. Around the world, millions of people have seen the spot of Bonn communication experts. While the entire Rugby World Cup 2011 was the clip shown live in all New Zealand stages and in the televised broadcast worldwide Rugby-related countries. And last but not least, the spot in the popular World Wide Web enjoys. Also the jurors of the corporate media festivals history to the DHL courier has, with speed of yellow”against a whole rugby team wins, fascinated. A good concept, professional design, and of course craftsmanship brought already the second award the Rugby-spot in this way after the ITVA pyramid. The sporty Clip: Meavision media GmbH can close the year successful and full of zeal and sparkling ideas go in 2012 with a Cabinet full of trophies.

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