Munich Environment

Dynamic Publihsing (adv) brings many advantages Rohrbach / Graz also the business environment & process of technology group ANDRITZ dynamic publishing optimized Rahmani agency ADVERMA now the marketing activities of the Division of environment & process of the international technology group ANDRITZ. “Printable brochures and ads, complex websites, apps and all other advertising media at lightning speed in house fashion, as graphically high-quality products, which is continuous exactly at the corporate identity, the strategically important face” the corporate brand, which align company wishes not? For the business environment & process of international system maker ANDRITZ, this desire has become a reality. Dynamic publishing is the intelligent technological modular system with which the greater Munich-based ADVERMA has made independent of external graphic services advertising & Marketing GmbH their Austrian wholesale. Easy all-rounder it is incredible how naturally the employees can use our new IT powerhouse after only one day of training,”says Andreas us, divisional marketing manager at ANDRITZ. And to do this we had to even install a software.

Everything about our Web browser and that in over ten companies involved in currently seven countries. We enter above the texts, pictures, or tables and below the print-ready ad or brochure comes out.” It is not that easy of course. Before staff in the worldwide Andritz environment & process have shown still spoilt for choice between dozens of individual layout templates, which assembled the finished work to the end of. Only the image of a nationally valid limits of corporate creativity, within which the user can flexibly move. Formats for viewing are entering the desired Size parameters are automatically converted. To meet the application at the offices on five continents, the technological all-rounder speak 35 languages.