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Direct consequence of this phenomenon is that it increases the competition in the manufacture of the consumer goods looking for the optimization of the production costs to be able to offer to the consumer more reasonable prices to him. Thanks to the technological innovations, the world of the work becomes rich with new professions, whereas others disappear. In the present phase of transition it is attended passing of employees of the industry to the services, losing land continuous the tie traditional economic and social model to the great factories and appearing the phenomenon of the productive decentralization, what is called " outsourcing" , with a greater specialization of the production. Get all the facts and insights with Robotics, another great source of information. In this way we are living a transition on the work characterized by a strong dependency in a rigid organizational structure and centralized, to more flexible systems of organization, than they offer a greater autonomy to the worker and therefore it allows a greater development him of his creative capacity, consequently one secures a greater valuation of his work and increases his repayment, as well as the possibilities of making compatible it with the familiar life. NEW PROFESSIONS " life coach" it is a profession that in the USA already has a great notoriety for several decades, and that basically consists of advising to its clients at the time of planning its life in the financial aspect. With the reform of the public system of pensions that is taking place in Spain, the financial planning like instrument is going to become more necessary to be able to get to accumulate a patrimony that allows to maintain our standard of life us once the income coming from the work stop. For assistance, try visiting Dan Miller.

" life coach" it must be a professional who knows to anticipate itself to the changes that are going to take place in the scope of the social forecast and to offer to their clients solutions that give security him facing the future, knowing to advise them the different options which they exist in the market at the time of designing a complementary plan of deprived personal forecast to the public system, considering the mentality of their client at the time of confronting risks in their investments, as well as taking advantage of to the maximum the fiscal benefits in which it can take refuge to secure the maximum yield to its investments as much in the financial aspect as in the public prosecutor. " social average manager" she is a professional already met in the great companies, and has the assignment to remove the maximum possible benefit to the opportunities that offer social mass media, and among them, in a especially outstanding place, Internet. The great companies already for years they have been highly having enabled professionals in this matter, but every day they begin to appear more professional independent than they offer its services to small companies in regime of renting of services like independent professionals. In this way " social average manager" it can offer his services to small companies, independent professionals, and until a particular that wants to remove benefit to the opportunities that nowadays Internet offers to generate income with the increase extraordinary which they are undergoing the social networks, like example, according to statistics done public by Gmedia Communication, Facebook has secured 250 million new users in the past year, reaching the number of 600 million users at the end of the 2010. Original author and source of the article.

Becoming Work

Every day tens of blogs are born and die written in their majority by fans, Despite you knew that they exist thousands of bloggers in everybody that they exclusively live on his passion to write articles in the network? A great difference between being exists to blogger fan and one that wants to make of its liking a profession. The way to obtain it consists like of any other creative work in making an effort, to invest to us long time actually but mainly in acquiring habits and routines of work that benefit and discipline to us to achieve our objectives. Here I review some to you of the keys that you need to get to be to blogger professional if is that your goal: 1) To define your objectives you do not have to begin nothing without before knowing to where you want to arrive or which is the intention to do what you want to do, in this case: to get to be Professional Blogger. 2) To be prolific key to be a good one for blogger it is TO WRITE, to write and to write. At the most you write, you will make better it. Whatever posts we publish more, better we will be tried by the motors search. The more original content we offer to our readers, the more subscribers we will have. This key it is simple, but normally usually it is failed to fulfill since almost always, after exciting beginnings, the majority of blogs, usually languishes, letting more and more pass time between publication and publication, which takes finally them to disappear. By all means that is not easy and the first positive results, will take in arriving therefore we do not have to be hopeless if after some months of effort and constant work, the number of visits no it grows as we would want.