Fashion Trend

Fashion trend has not bypassed me – I have decided on their own experience that it is "Russian size, and whether the fruits of these plants are so great as saying. The results of planting want to tell you. Cabbage kohlrabi – born a early. The taste is very delicate. The main thing – do not be afraid of the harmful effects of nitrate and three times during the term of landing feed fertilizers containing nitrogen (the best use of Kemira). After passing thirty days there will be fewer nitrates than vegetables bought at the market! Daikon grew also not small. If the spring to dig the beds for a full bayonet – the root is simply enormous. Not only does he not fit in the fridge, but even wash it will be difficult – it just does not put in the sink! Tomatoes "Russian size" plant did not try and sweet and hot peppers failed big.

Sharp had a length of about 25 centimeters, although this is not a record. Such varieties as "The California Miracle," "Latina," "Purple haze", size or a little, not less. I do believe that in respect of peppers priority should otdvat smaller, but more yielding varieties, such as such as the Bulgarian-79 "or ". Planted as peas – nothing special, despite the fact that a large pea-sized pods a little. Cabbage although not yet reached the promised 15 pounds, was large, averaging 11.10 kg of forks. Smallest pulled by 6 kg. The most annoying is that most large specimens from the garden stole unknown 'helpers'. Pumpkin "Russian size" put simply did not, though the ability to get the seeds had been.

I believe that in our own economy necessary in a pumpkin weighing 150 pounds is not – now the family is not on 20 chelorvek. This is even before the revolution in fashion has been a pumpkin cultivar . I planted leeks are very pleased, "leg" he really is much longer than the other varieties. The beds, he immediately stands out for its size. Carrots – vyrasla very large, high-quality moderately sweet and beautiful red-orange color. Pasternak also claims there are no too pleased with the size. Radish born a big, but nothing special in the amount was not. So grow up and conventional varieties. And another minus – radishes quickly went to color. Squash and turnip "Russian size" plant could not – the seeds of any one store to buy and not failed, although according to the catalog, they do exist. Thus, we can make that giant vegetables in your household – quite realistic, unless you buy the original seeds and not fake. So when buying a call phone, which should be indicated on the package, and describe its appearance.