Amour Collection Screen

Most part of the front surface of the Nokia 7373 is the screen. Physical screen size is 31 x 41 mm, diagonal of 2 "(51 mm) at a resolution of 240×320. The screen can display up to 262 thousand colors and their shades. Picture juicy, bright and clear, good angle review, in contact with the sun screen, even in the sunniest day of the information remains a well-read and seen. The behavior of the sun, the screen is one of the best on the market. On the right side of the phone are a brand name possessed by all members of the L'Amour Collection, on / off button that can be used to reject the call in the closed position and a dedicated button for camera work. On the left side of the phone is rocker volume control, which adjusts the volume of standby, and when an incoming call in a closed state to turn off the ringing tone. On the back of the camera and is only latch the rear panel.

Under the battery cover is a memory card slot, hot swapping is possible, without turning off the devices use a memory card standard microSD, a bundled unit includes a 256 MB card. The keyboard is average in size and has a clear response keys. It is very convenient, very easy to press buttons, no nada exert extra effort when typing SMS and fingers do not get tired. On the keyboard unit is present relief, in form reminiscent of the navigation key.