Smoke Heating

Any heating device – a complicated and fire the device, so installation of flues should be carried out by professional firms, responsible for quality of their work. It is best to consult a specialist at the design stage chimney. Experienced professionals will help you choose a product with all the possible wishes, prepare a project and figure out all of its components, acquire or make all the necessary elements, will work on installation, hand over a working system, tell us how to care for her, and, naturally, will give a guarantee on their work. The minimum height of the chimney furnaces must be at least 5 meters (if it be considered for a specific home – the height of the chimney should be at least 0.5 meters above the roof ridge). The cost of one meter of high-quality certified pipe depends on manufacturer (on the market today introduced range of pipes, both Russian and foreign production).

Thus, installation of flue involves the acquisition of spare parts for the chimney with subject to the necessary elements for a safe passage through the floors and roof, and the final cost of construction works depends on the diameter of the chimney's height and erection of chimney concrete scheme. System elements Smoke (or simply the chimney) through which the smoke from the combustion of fuel in the heating unit is displayed outside – one of the most important parts of the heating system. In organizing the construction of a chimney wood heating should be given increased attention.