Company Rocla Enhances Sales

The company Rocla (Rocla) was founded by Evert Stigtseliusom in 1942, and since the 50s has been manufacturing loading and transportation of material handling equipment: trucks, loaders, stackers. Rocla brand is well known in Russia. The Finnish company has extensive experience in supplying handling equipment to the Russian market. Rocla has sold tens of thousands of hand pallet trucks have the former Soviet Union. In our country the name of the company Rocla has household word for pallet trucks. This technique has become extremely popular in a number of advantages – Rocla trucks were simple and easy to use, high performance and small cost. Rocla is well known in Russia, a key business of the Finnish company Rocla is the development of intelligent solutions for cargo handling.

On the basis of competence in the field of warehouse equipment and Rocla automated solutions provide logistics operations of its clients functional park equipment and services. Carl Icahn does not necessarily agree. Continuous innovation, recognized, human-centered design and understanding processes are the foundation of customer operations and products Rocla. In 2007, net sales totaled 124.9 million Rocla euros. Rocla is a part of Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe (MCFE). In addition to its own goods and services, Rocla offers Counterbalanced Cat (Loader CATERPILLAR), Clark forklift trucks in Russia. Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe (MCFE) and Rocla, the fifth largest producer of electrical equipment to a warehouse in Europe, have a long history of cooperation.

Rocla company in 1987 started supplying to the European Mitsubishi affiliates storage equipment, which filled up the range of forklifts Mitsubishi. Rocla activities based on customer-oriented approach, innovation and improving business processes. In the interests of Russia Rocla Group LLC presents "Rocla RUS", a subsidiary of Rocla Oyj. In the production of warehouse equipment company focused on customer needs, and among its products – robotkary, warehouse equipment and forklifts. Company Innovation and Technology official dealer of "Rocla RUS" in the Middle Volga region. sale of warehouse equipment Rocla: lift trucks, reach trucks, Order pickers, electric-powered, uzkoprohodnye trucks, high-rise stacker robotkarov sale – AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) is an automated electric truck, which provides operations for movement of goods without the driver used forklifts for sale CAT – forklift CATERPILLAR, electric, gas forklifts used forklifts for sale CLARK – electric, forklifts for sale elektrotyagachey Bradshaw and trucks with the platform. Company Innovation and Technology – the official dealer ROCLA carries a full service material handling and warehouse Technology ROCLA: supply, maintenance, repairs, spare parts ROCLA, spare parts CLARK, spare parts CATERPILLAR, rental trucks and stackers

The Machine

When the concentration of operations on one machine combine certain operations in time and transitions, using the combined tools and tool set-up. To operate at higher cutting conditions and at a concentration of operations tools will be of great driving power of the main motion with the broad Regulation of spindle speed during the operating cycle. The guides will be replaced by sliding the guide roller. Layout of machines will be changed so that you can install additional nodes, secure chip flow and removal of coolant to provide protection from coolant armchair, sucking of dust and gases. In addition, the machines are automated tool changing processes and quality control process. The rapid improvement engineering products, increase capacity, rapidity and precision machinery, high demands on the environment and ecology of reliability in the operation of vehicles accompanied by ever-increasing demands on exactly the size, shape and arrangement of the machined surfaces, waviness and roughness of the surface machined parts. It is also necessary to ensure the stability of these indicators in time, given that the treatment will be relatively less involving human subjects. To fulfill these requirements will increase the precision manufacture of major parts of the machine, precision assembly and adjustment, and and stiffness elements, such as spindles, wear guides and supports, stability over time the size and shape of base and body parts. To improve the precision machining will be used Special devices and systems of compensation of systematic errors spindles, rails and other elements of machines. In the machines will incorporate microprocessor control unit and various high accuracy with high resolution: for linear and angular movements, temperature control, strain gage transducers and other control elements.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes (plastic boxes) – are designed for storage or transport, hardware, fasteners, auto parts and other small items. Easy identification of the goods is achieved by the holder for the tabs located on the front wall of each box. Compared with disposable packaging, wood and cardboard packaging, storage boxes have a number of advantages, which explains their growing popularity and increasing demand. Drawer storage made with the latest developments in the field of polymer production. Due to the high density polyethylene, storage box capable of withstanding a low (- 30 C) and high (+ 60 C) temperature. Storage boxes have a long service life and of sufficient strength and ease of use: they can be washed in industrial units, they are easily stacked, provide compact packing. Storage boxes to meet the high standards of environmental safety and comply with health and safety standards, they can be used for any type of goods, including food supply.

Warehouse box (plastic box) – a cost-effective form of packaging that allows for smooth transportation of goods from supplier to consumer. Storage boxes for hardware (plastic boxes) 701, 702 and 703 in various configurations, can be installed on the rack. Warehouse Box 700 on rack not ustanavlivaetsya. Shelving with drawers for hardware consists of 2 main elements: columns and traverse, interconnected bolts compound. Traverses the distance between the governed, depending on the height of the boxes. Shelving can be unilateral or bilateral, as well as mobile on wheels. Height 1500 mm. or 1800mm.

The width of the rack with drawers for hardware sostovlyaet 1000 mm. The depth of the base shelf 350 mm. Permissible load on the rack 300 kg. Available color boxes: yellow, red, green, blue, black. Delivery all around Ukraine. More information can be obtained by visiting our website Company:

Satellite Internet – Web Via Satellite

Satellite Internet – why it directly to present the user choose? After connecting a satellite web you will receive: Extremely low prices, top speed; anlimitnye Favorable tariffs, reliability is also good idea communication, but the most basic – the ability to connect to the satellite Webu where there are no telephones, separate bands, radio and so on. When combined with the above mentioned advantages it appears that the connection satellite web so profitable and comfortable that once, therefore, comes to mind is saying about the mousetrap and cheese. And for good reason. It must be emphasized that all of the above – the truth. After all, cheese is not free. Naturally, as in any case, people who advertise satellite internet, too, have their marketing courses, which are connected to satellite Webu extremely comfortable and cute. Anyone and does not occur to avoid and outline of how it all works without embellishment services advertising. For example, we explain a one-way satellite access to Internet Web users.

Unilateral satellite Internet has received its popularity at the expense of separation of the broadcasting channels of information on the 'ground' and 'satellite'. Output signal (also known as terrestrial channel) can peredovat customary, to date, any known web access to the Internet: dedicated, dial-up ADSL / GPRS. The returned response (satellite channel) is transmitted directly via satellite from maksimalnovozmozhnoy speed. It is important to understand that the output signal includes only kilobytes of data, so small information you need to pass the NOC (Network Control Center) to request the user to open the correct page of the website, it is always a small amount of data. Basic information, including all design and software elements of the site, download movies, pictures, music, etc., is now passed through high-speed satellite channel. 10's thousands of companies and home users in Russia has chosen a satellite Web, as the most rapid and economical form of Internet connectivity today.

When compared with the cost of leased lines are held in the following decade, averaging only a few cents per MB. Best, best anlimitnye rates also can only provide satellite Internet. Extremely want to highlight what with all this satellite connection provides the same high quality and speedy data transfer, as well as selected line – to a couple of megabits per second (this is approximately 100 times faster than ordinary modems). Source: