Gabriele Collier

Institutional investors show a growing interest in lasting hours. At the same time lamenting the rather average level of sustainability communications. Cologne, 19.04.2012 – for every second institutional investor the topic sustainability plays a significant role in the investment decision. A study of factx society for market and social research comes to this conclusion mbH and agency Hansen communication Collier GmbH, were interviewed for the 366 institutional investors. Federal Reserve Bank does not necessarily agree. Institutional investors, including family offices, asset managers and banks, environmental protection, social responsibility and economic efficiency attach increasing importance to the three pillars of sustainability.

48.9% of the surveyed investors confirmed that sustainability is already considered important investment argument. Almost all respondents, namely 99.2%, stated that the importance of the issue in the future will continue to grow or stay the same at least. Thus, the study shows the growing importance of a credible Sustainable development strategy as an important criterion of competition when it comes to fund raising. The study shows how companies in this competition can exist and what is necessary for a good positioning, also: the institutional investors who questioned the overall quality of the company’s sustainability communication, expressed rather skeptical: 68.2% of the surveyed investors assess the current level of sustainability communication than merely satisfactory to very bad. Often, the information was not sufficient to have a clear strategy of sustainability. The study shows further that institutional investors assume now that sustainable investments are long term successful and achieve a higher return. For companies, which fund themselves through the stock exchange, is quickly apparent: the importance of sustainable business strategies, including their appropriate communications continues to increase.

Although many companies long CSR/sustainability issues dealing with,. document and communicate only comparatively few commitment standards. The competition for sustainable investments will demand more and better sustainable communication. As an experienced Advisor in terms of sustainability communications the managing partner of the Hansen emphasizes communication, Gabriele Collier: good sustainability communications you can stomp not ad-hoc from the ground.