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Accountability says respect to the reply, to feedback, the rendering of accounts of the elect ones for the electorate of transparent form, and also the responsabilizao of the acts politicians, what it is in fact essential and basic so that occurs the social control on the public administration and the had punishment to the made responsible ones, being able to thus guarantee the interests of the mass and the exercise of the beginning of efficiency of the State, thus diminishing the barrier that the ditancia. Beyond the necessity of the control of the constituent on the elect ones, and its approval on the acts politicians, the vertical call accountability, also is necessary accountability horizontal, where the internal control is exerted being able of them, that is, one on the other, diferenciadamente in each type of being able, the Legislative one, the Judiciary one and the Executive, therefore each one of them possesss different characteristics. In fact, many quarrels encircle this problematic one of the public administration, and initiatives in favor of the reorganization of the same one, in favor of the democratization, of bigger social participation, fiscalization, control and elect improvement of the relation between electorate and happen effectively since 1990, and expect that they continue to happen until if can not only get in Brazil a translation to this term, but also the practical one. .