The description of the corruption proves in the primrdios of the civilization and politicosocial organization human being. Its concept if does not only restrict to the politician-administrative adversities, however he is closely on with some forms of disrespect to the citizen. In a general way, the disloyal practical manifestations of to the exercise politician in nations whose been economic it meets in development state, where financial disequilibrium and the great indices of social inaqualities are pointed reflect resulted exponential and depend on the financial alliance with too much developed countries. The fraudulent public shunting line acts of resources, money laudering, abuse of being able, superinvoicing, fake and traffic of drugs finish for denigrating the semblante of a nation, beyond causing drastic effect to the economy, conferring to a clutter in the structure of the citizenship of the same one. In short, the corruption interlaces it the absolutism a time that democracy has failed, by means of the absence of concomitant information and transparency to the citizen in which the same vote was delegated or the confidence. Ahead of this scene Justice has splendid paper in verifying, analyzing, to process and to judge the involved litigated ones in such frauds and, therefore, to impose the progress and the order amongst diverse component scopes of the state, state and municipal spheres.

In case that this not to occasion ciphers against the infractors, one more time will be unpunished the culprits being the injured society again, leading to believe that Justice shelters the corruption in way to its pillars. It is essential that the citizen analyzes, it searchs and it investigates the past and the information of the representative candidate or of which it is desired to delegate the power, therefore using itself of this procedure will be viable better relation of transparency between the sectors that conduct the sovereignty of the popular democracy. However the insolvency, in general terms, spreads enters the axles of a social or same organization in the division of the Power in Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. These that if make responsible in imposing the duty to command and to contribute for the inherent development to the quality of life of the population long for banal cases of corruption stop with the public, vital financial resource to the satisfaction and structural conditions to the citizen. For in such a way, to extinguish the corruption in the States, in a generalized manner, becomes still more difficult when it has disequilibrium notable in the relation politician-socioeconmico. In thesis, it is preponderant that the society in set if pledges in brightening up all the condizentes causes to the corruption. from there that one will mainly establish the growth of the economy and eradication of the poverty in the emergent countries.

National Association

Accountability says respect to the reply, to feedback, the rendering of accounts of the elect ones for the electorate of transparent form, and also the responsabilizao of the acts politicians, what it is in fact essential and basic so that occurs the social control on the public administration and the had punishment to the made responsible ones, being able to thus guarantee the interests of the mass and the exercise of the beginning of efficiency of the State, thus diminishing the barrier that the ditancia. Beyond the necessity of the control of the constituent on the elect ones, and its approval on the acts politicians, the vertical call accountability, also is necessary accountability horizontal, where the internal control is exerted being able of them, that is, one on the other, diferenciadamente in each type of being able, the Legislative one, the Judiciary one and the Executive, therefore each one of them possesss different characteristics. In fact, many quarrels encircle this problematic one of the public administration, and initiatives in favor of the reorganization of the same one, in favor of the democratization, of bigger social participation, fiscalization, control and elect improvement of the relation between electorate and happen effectively since 1990, and expect that they continue to happen until if can not only get in Brazil a translation to this term, but also the practical one. .

Brazilian Automotive Market

Research sample that in the year of the Olimpadas of Brazil, the country will be the third bigger market of automobiles. 200 executives of great manufacturers of automobiles of the world had been interviewed. The International KPMG, recognized company in the branch of the research, made a study with 200 executives who work in the automotiva area, indicating a great possibility of Brazil to go up in ranking of bigger automotivos markets of the world, being assumed the third rank. The research sample that in four years, the number of cars vendidos in the country will be between four and six million, surpassing Japan. Charles Krieck, partner-leader of the area that takes care of of the industrial market and auditorship of the International KPMG, affirmed: ' ' The result of the research demonstrates clearly the image that world-wide the automobile market projects for Brazil: of a country with healthful economy and the excellent perspectives for businesses. To the end, the automobile market found a proper place in the Brasil' '. Another result of the research, was the indication of that the emergent countries of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) they will be the responsible ones for 40% of world-wide the automotivo market in 2016.

The tip of ranking will continue with China, followed of the United States and with Brazil in third place, surpassing Japan (current third place) and Germany (current room place). ' ' Global Automotive Executive Survey 2012 Managing Growth While Navigating Uncharted Routes' ' (' ' Global research of the Automobilsco Sector Managing the Growth While Unexplored Routes are Desbravadas' ') it showed that the hybrid cars will be the consumed ecological option more. Exactly thus, they will have between 9 and 14 million electric cars circulating for the planet up to 2026. Liqui team Tires