Interesting and opportune the substance propagated in the Periodical of the City of the day 14 of September on the young and doubts on the profession to follow. The news article moved me it the times of adolescent when it affirmed to all categorically the ideal of being football player. When hearing my sentence, much people said: Excellent, of the much money! After advancing the phases of the life I witnessed the growth of some cousins. My aunts, mothers of these boys said: She studies, my son, to be doctor, therefore of the one good money! More ahead I came across myself with friends who instruam the children to be engineers. One of them arrived at the accumulation to suggest to its cries, that it yearned for to gain its daily bread in the classrooms, that were not ventured to be professor. Professor? questioned the colleague immediately afterwards to beat its hammer? Professor earns little, my son, leaves this bobagem of side, you must study to be promotional. Saint mixed capitalism the intromission in the other people’s life! Between the vocation and the desire of the young in many cases it has the finger of the others to xeretar in its decisions. You must be doctor, engineer, architect, journalist Many parents unhappyly want to become fullfilled themselves in the choices of the children, being forgotten themselves to respect its vocations, aptitudes and necessities.

They can negative influence the choice of the children with this inadequate and neglected the education of behavior. the head of the adolescent fervilha enters the opinions of the parents and friends and its desire, what it still causes a bigger pressure the crucial moment to choose the future to tread. I still remember myself of boy who wanted to be dancer. The father, citizen with difficulties in accepting the option other people’s, esbravejava: Ballet is thing of Pra leaves there, is good for not finishing the phrase here incorrigible machista it. I am to think: Where, then, it is the vocation? Where it is our personal accomplishment that if translates the objective to follow the dreamed profession, that in them brings pleasure and that it will carry through in them as human beings? It will be that it imports only the status and the currencies that determined profession it will provide? Therefore, the boarding not if dirige to the young, but, yes, to its parents in intention to make with that they reflect ahead in its attitudes of the choices of its children. Nor always what in them he seems good it will be for the other. In these cases valley always to remember that our children have proper will and deserve respect and consideration. If we want, in fact, to contribute to nullify the doubts of our children in the professional field to follow, is important to support and to offer the necessary tools so that they make the correct choice, they are happy and they can benefit the society with the exercise of the vocation that brings in its soul. A prosperous native land if makes with individuals that exert its activities with love and pleasure. Therefore, let us respect the choice of the young placing us in the paper of coadjuvantes and not principal actors, after all, the life is of them and fits they to decide the ways to cover.