Receiver System

This system for monitoring debris removal achieves the accuracy of detection of the object to a few meters when using traditional, low-cost receivers gps. The system receives the raw satellite location data and subjects them to treatment, combining this information with the already patched and secured by local stationmaster systems gps. The system consists of a head unit, located at the truck itself, which includes the receiver itself actually tracking system, which works on gps with overlays the signals from the satellite. The head unit is connected via the mobile gprs network to a central server, which receives information from the head unit on the exact location of the truck and any changes that occur in the container exporting garbage on this truck. Secondary device, one for each container, operate as standalone devices, and control the tightness of containers, their temperature, etc.

Secondary device reports to the central unit, all changes associated with the container and its contents use based on certain standards of wireless networking solution. Click Dennis P. Lockhart to learn more. When the garbage truck with one or more containers connected to the freight train, the head unit registers connected to a central server. When garbage containers and disconnected from the truck, the signal is sent to a central server. Thus, the central server can easily compare your planned route and the stage to the actual transportation routes and stages. Before the system was created some exporting hazardous waste truck stops and unloading part, and sometimes the whole, dangerous debris on the road Now it can manage and control – the truck should be on pre-approved and agreed routes and brings the whole dangerous debris certain loading facilities. The system is configured in such a way to record very accurate. The road may pass near the river, and it is important to know that the truck is actually on the road, not near the river outgoing scrap unloading garbage. If the garbage has to make changes to your planned route, such as unplanned road works, the head unit in the truck includes a special device that the driver can use to send a text message to a central server. This system is very topical for Russia and such a huge and populous areas like Moscow and Moscow region, with its vast distances and a huge amount of exported hazardous waste.

Transportation Companies

Many managers believe that if the market for many transportation companies that they can choose and cheaper. Yes can, but after several attempts to establish partnerships with carriers you will understand that's not so simple. Or take another example: If your staff several times a week to go for the company. Is that why you will keep in his state car and driver? I think not, most likely you call a taxi, as the cost of maintaining the car and the driver is much more than just call a taxi. Everyone must do his own job. You – professionals in their field, and be professional. You decide main tasks of the business process that make up the backbone of your business. And that is not a core business that is shipping, but it helps your business grow and have a job ekspeditora.Obychno this company offering freight forwarding services.

Responsibilities of such companies is to build partnerships with carriers are not limited to contracting, as well as paperwork and addressing various issues related to shipping, such as delays in loading, unloading, fines for overloading, cargo insurance, etc. Moreover, as practice shows, the freight forwarding company often stands by the arbitrator, as the customer and the carrier are looking at these issues from their side in the end do not always come to a common denominator. Important is the financial side of freight forwarding company in the provision of services on the organization of cargo transportation. Carrier is often taken for order fulfillment with the rapid receipt of money, that is willing to receive any advance payment, or once all amount, given the question does not match the customer's willingness to make such payment. Freight forwarding company due to the large turnover and other financial instruments eliminates the issue. Such companies in the market are many, but not all of them doing their work properly.

But the cost of freight forwarding companies in the content of their staff is much lower than the content of the same staff at the Customer or carrier. Carrier – transport company, of course, may create its own department of freight forwarders, and this department will work with her and borrowed vehicles. But because the leadership will demand Download your own vehicle, it can lead to negative consequences for the carrier, since in most cases, the machine is placed on an inefficient route. In this regard, the efficiency drops use of company vehicles, and as a result – the deterioration of financial results. How to choose a freight forwarding company? In our opinion, should divide the work on selection of vehicles on several forwarding companies, and for the year will be determined, with whom should continue to work and with whom to leave. Address this issue in the first place you, and do not be afraid to shift work to trucking on professionals. As a result, you get really streamlined the process as cost and implementation. After all, you would rather hand over the goods at the point of departure, and receive a report on the delivery to the destination.

Metallurgical Plant Companies

The problem of 'free places' still relevant for road transport. Until now, many companies to carry goods with different dimensions using the same means of transport: as a rule, long-length vehicles. This leads to a waste of expensive fuel, limited the possibilities of maneuver in urban environments, which affects the timing of delivery. To optimize the transportation companies need to use special types of transportation. For example, Iveco trucks mark with six-meter body is well suited to handle small orders (up to 15 tons of metal).

Such machines can be equipped with a manipulator, which allows more and more refuse handling equipment. 'Modern Smelting Company should be prepared to transport different types of cargo – said Denis Chetverikov, Director of Logistics of the Russian business unit (European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries). – In addition, have to work with other related goods. For example, the transport of sandwich panels, necessary for the construction of buildings of metal and having a relatively low density, we use a trailer bodies 83 cu. m. This is convenient, efficient and inexpensive. " Along with rail and road transport in Russia are increasingly being used ships.

In this case, as the practice of foreign and domestic companies, need to move from a simple '' cargo to its transport container. So, in order to reduce the cost of transportation Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant has started to ship metal for export in containers. By According to Igor Nechaev, commercial director of the company, it reduces transport costs by avoiding unnecessary production of transshipments in the ports, as well as more effectively to build logistics in limited areas.


Transport of goods by road in vast Russia played a crucial role in economic development. Our country – this is a huge area with many inaccessible places, with many kilometers of roads and villages, towns and villages. Questions prompt delivery of goods under such conditions are particularly important. Transport of goods are characterized by a number of valuable qualities both in passenger and in freight transport. In these qualities is – an opportunity to deliver the goods at any advantageous for the customer time and place, in contrast, freight rail, air or sea transport. In addition, transportation of goods by road transport makes it possible to transport goods directly to their destination without having to overload, without further handling. Another excellent quality goods road transport is the ability to choose the most advantageous route, and very easy to replace, if necessary, at a more convenient or when changing circumstances. These and many other qualities have created a trucking automobile, or rather long-distance transport of goods and international transport of goods and the most popular public view transportation.

Transportation of goods is necessary for both private and for corporate clients, both in the countryside and the city needed it and in industrial fields, harvesting and other trucking freight offers a truly enormous number of firms. How to choose among them? By what parameters to navigate? What should be taken into account in order to optimize the delivery costs? It has long been gone have a difficult time for drivers when the truck robbed on the road too often attacked and Truckers do not like to carry the load. Over the past decade the situation has changed radically, although there are still a number of regions in Russia where there are such cases it is now. Developed a convenient network of roads provides an opportunity to automobile cargo in any direction in Russia and abroad. And as long-distance transport of goods and international transport of goods became steadily gain momentum. To date, any transportation company offering trucking freight.

To make the correct choice of the organization of road transport in Yekaterinburg, you should choose the largest and give them a small task. By service quality, delivery time for yourself you clear about whether to apply to this company again or not. Understand, only personal experience will be a faithful adviser in selecting the best transport company. Successful transportation firms have a fleet of vehicles and can provide services for the trucking of any complexity, provide a wide range of related services, constitute the individual schemes of cooperation, carry out transport of goods in any time convenient to the customer’s time. More transport companies have had substantial work experience and possess a large number of contracts with various carriers: maritime transport, railway transport, air freight. Naturally, with this choice the customer will always receive the most optimal way to transport cargo.