Dr Claude

In this in case that, the depressive pictures characterize a chemical poisoning and not a psychic illness. The more quickly the person will be treated, more early the signals and depressive symptoms will disappear. EXISTENTIAL In this in case that, the depressive picture (signals and symptoms) is resulted of an existential conflict. The episode existential it generates the depressive picture. The existential depressive picture happens, when we do not perceive in time the curses provoked for our way to react to the frustrations, disillusionments, etc. In the reality, we are that we are the managers of our existential depressive states. They in accordance with develop the existential difficulties of each person.

They serve to prevent or to run away from situations that bother in them or that we do not like, in restricting to an immature form to react to the unexpected ones of the life. The fact of some people not to want to assume the responsibility for its depressive picture, transferring the cause to third or the illnesses in general way, beyond not brightening up the responsibility for what they are happening to them, does not bring them no existential benefit. Care with this magical formula to manage the frustrations, disillusionments, etc, therefore, the way as we interpret the existential episodes is that it leads our reaction. By no means, we must be searching guilty and nor passive, waiting that something external cures in them. Our participation is decisive in the proper overcoming. The others only help. The medicamentoso treatment is valid until certain point, but, without positive a mental attitude, it does not have overcoming conditions. To the measure that we are in this problematic one, we run the risk of incorporating in them the image that we go idealizing, not obtaining, with the time, to recognize more our real identity.

Therefore, we need to be intent to we ourselves. The autoquestionamento is basic, because it allows in to see them the difference between the real image and the idealized one. For the autogerenciamento, the only moment where a depressive picture can evolve for an illness is when it incorporates it to the person, making it part of itself. It idealizes an image that, to the few, goes if possessing of its being. E, when occurring the fusing of the person to the idealized image, it goes leaving to have doubts regarding the proper attitudes, of the proper behaviors and thoughts, making it difficult or thus hindering the treatment. Occurring the first ones depressive pictures or of phobias, start to be basic, in the recovery process, that the professional knows to choose the adequate procedure to each patient, to prevent the integration person/image, a time that, with the related fusing, the idealized image will start to direct the future acts of the person. Thus, in the vision of the autogerenciamento, it is extremely important that the person has the conscience of that, in these cases, the adoecimento or cure is in same it. To dream of a tomorrow different one making the same things, is thing of .