Courageous Woman

Not so long ago, producing a literature review of new products at one of the readers’ forums, I stumbled upon a site link about the young writer Vladimir Kolesov. The website contains two of the first books of Vladimir – the ‘Deadly Game’ and ‘Registrar’. Frankly, the first product under the name ‘Death Game’ I was not impressed, and the plot is very familiar, but the detective ‘Secretary’ I was pleasantly surprised. The fact that the author begins, it is noticeable, but that’s the style impresses with its openness. The book is written in the style of ‘real life’ without the gloss and denominations, and the plot is very exciting. In the book description of her life Eugene, who is faced with serious troubles solve them rather sophisticated ways of reaching even more than the desired result, but luck plays a role. Action takes place in Kazan, the birthplace of the author and I suspect that a large proportion of the plot is described in life of the author himself, although he denies it. Fans new styles, unexpected, but realistic advice to read the work..