Audiovisual Production

From Audiovisual workshop want to orient yourself a bit about prices of corporate videos that you can find in the market, depending, of course, the requirements of your audiovisual project. The price of a video is marked mainly by following parameters: scope of dissemination of audiovisual (the technical deployment to a corporate video for web is not the same that has the video that aired on television, nor if delivery can be done on-line or if you must edit a DVD), duration (more expensive is a 60 minute video(, that a video of 5 minutes, for post-production costs), the presence of announcer to professionals and the languages in which to be locutarse, the geographical proximity of the filming sites to the producer (if displacement at the national level there are the cost can increase respect if it is intra-Community journeys), and multi-copying, or not, of the resulting audiovisual production. A basic corporate video for web, less than 5 minutes for a small company located in the vicinity of the producer, that does not require a large technical deployment, without speech and musical tuning, you can have a cost lower than 1000. In fact, during the months of March and April 2011, in Audiovisual workshop we have this type of video in promotion, for a cost less than 600. You can see promotion of audiovisual production of corporate video for web here. A corporate video of 10 minutes of duration already require a full day of shooting.

For an enterprise located in the vicinity of the producer, with locution in one language only and with musical tuning with managed rights, and to be released on DVD, without taking into account multi-copying, may have an approximate cost, based on the real needs of the customer, of between 900 and 1500. If it’s a corporate video for up to 20 minutes for a company located in the vicinity of the producer, with professional talents in several languages (including foreign languages), with musical tuning, with rights managed, and to be edited in a corporate DVD with cover and enhances boxes, you can have a cost, according to the real needs of the customer, ranging from the 1500-3000. For larger projects, better contact your nearest producer to get a budget that fits your needs. In Audiovisual workshop you can consult the budget of your video production for businesses ONLINE, or if you prefer to contact us by phone, we will be happy to assist you.