New Year’s Corporate Holiday

Thinking in advance and preparing a Christmas program, can reduce not only financial costs, but also your own emotional stress. Professionally organized event is an effective tool achieve corporate objectives in the company’s personnel, establishment of good relations with customers and partners. Creative Workshop Andrew Kislyuk for many years providing services to organize and conduct corporate events of any complexity – from the party for 50 people to the city’s major projects. Today we can offer you the options of the conceptual ideas of the “New Year’s celebration in 2008.” Option 1. “Knights of Round Table.

” History of the company from the perspective of the Code of the Knights of all time. Round Table knights are “elders” – Knights of the company. The main story is in verse form, stylistically matching a particular character. The company, in this context is represented as a kind of principality with its own laws, images, characters. This will give the opportunity to take part in the action of a maximal number of employees. Each of the following advantages will be backed up by real life example of the company relative to the working points, nuances and interesting contests. 1. Knight should differ beauty overdress.

2. Knight necessary remarkable strength. 3. Knight should be generous, without bargaining, to give anyone what he asks. 4. Knight should be generous. 5. Knight should be courageous 6. Knight has to take care of maintaining its glory. 7. Knight has to respect the opponent. 8. Knight has the right to withdraw. 9. Knight has to take care of citizens 10. Knight should be faithful to duty and their obligations in relation to his equal, giving an oath not to violate it under any circumstances. This approach to New Year’s corporate holiday will raise the value of the company, and as a consequence, increase the value of each employee. Option 2. “Formula of Love” The famous adventurer, Count Cagliostro, accompanied by his very extravagant entourage arrives in Russia to produce the formula of love. Here he comes to New Year’s corporate holiday. All Cagliostro-night host is busy identifying the formula, because This company, in its opinion, the most appropriate example of people who love their job. His entourage – the Italians and girls selyanki (professional actors) perform cabaret numbers, hold contests. All contests and pop numbers used in this program are original, and developed on the subject. No nonsense, stylish and unusual program will allow each employee to take directly involved in the action, a charge the festive mood and relax here. Option 3. Corporation of stars! Unconventional form of a corporate holiday, which serves as the development and strengthening corporate spirit in the company, increase employee loyalty, team building. The idea is to provide entertainment corporate event like a gala concert “Stars Inc.”, where “Stars” is the company’s staff. The principle of “Star Academy”, where the inexperienced skill in stage people are professional authors of the texts, arrangers, sound engineers, director, costume designers, makeup artists. When you order a New Year celebration before November 1, and a system of bonuses, which depend on the approved concept of the holiday. The individual scenario development holiday.