The Wedding Business

The process of finding the most fabulous dress for that important event like a wedding – a real adventure. We recommend that you look at the wedding collection Marchesa Spring 2011, which offers a variety of ideas and silhouettes, ruffles and volume mixing textures of fabrics to make this delightful design even more attractive. Let me carry a wave of admiration and delight, which will rush at you after watching the most fantasy wedding gowns for next season. The design team, consisting of Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman began his project of wedding clothes in early 2001 and since then she always managed to charm the women most fascinating collections, which were fabulous repertoire of wedding dresses, differing unearthly beauty and sophistication. These designers drew inspiration for their dresses in 2011 mainly in Asian culture and style trends vintage.

As a result of mixing of these two trends in one collection Marchesa Spring 2011, we were able to see the wonderful parade of wedding images. For those who seek to review all possible alternatives to choose the perfect wedding gown dress, just need to pay attention to these models, made from the finest fabrics with unique techniques of cut, topped with additional details, presenting the latest trends in fashion, dominating the fashion show evening wear. Bulk tulle texture betrays a stylish open wedding dresses strapless most sensual and feminine appearance. Those who love model with bare shoulders and neck will be pleasantly surprised by the exquisite detail included in this unforgettable design wedding dresses. Brand Marchesa truly famous for its design Baroque technique with the use of multi-layered frills and volume textures fabrics that make this dress magically beautiful, so that the bride, dressed in a dress, feel hovering above the crowd, a princess, let even this feeling only lasts for one day. Pay special attention to the subtle accessories and applications, and select those that best highlight your strengths and weaknesses skillfully concealed, so that you look ideally during this important event.

Ottelka lace, as well as ruffles, is one of the basic techniques of brand Marchesa and characterizes its corporate identity, which will surely attract the attention of the bride, who dreams of a unique dress, emphasizing the benefit of any type of shape and fully revealing the inner beauty of women. Stop the choice for one of these delightful dresses, chic strapless models, to dazzle all those around her flawless skin or a variant of the one over the shoulder straps, which is also popular and looks very elegant. Lush and layered design of your exterior adds that may not be the best solution if you are not happy with her figure. The right choice to be straight, not too tight-fitting evening gown for 2011, which is perfectly suited to all types of shapes. Determine for yourself length and design her wedding dress, Marchesa and give you endless possibilities to choose from. Every dress a unique and gives a feeling of uniqueness in this very important day for you. Short wedding dresses identified a new trend of fashion in wedding gowns, so if you want to try these cute "girls'" model, create a romantic image of a flirty frills, giving it a glamorous effect short length of this type dresses. Modern brides will simply fascinated by the beauty of feminine dresses that look fantastic, especially for petite figure. But those who are closer to long-proven reputation as a princess orders should follow the admirable length and choose the perfect bridal gown of endless parade of fabulous wedding dresses.

ISP Proxy

As you know, for those who are not paid subscriber of the service, to RapidShare set limit to the number of downloads from the same ip address. And if such a restriction to your ip was exceeded, by replacing a network address for any other it is possible to try to solve this problem. Reach the same one or another of anonymity on the Internet in several ways. Sites anonymizers In the network there are plenty of so-called proxy sites like this all the user needs, wanting to ensure their anonymity is go to a web proxy and put in a special field address of the site to visit. Further follow links will also be anonymous, but usually when surfing the top of the loaded pages will be a small viewing pane does not interfere anonymizer. On Most of these sites, proxy settings, you can choose surfing, for example – include blocking scripts or cookies, disable image uploading.

Checking the operation of these services in practice, you will notice that they really a substitute for ip, but still do not hide information about the browser, while some of them have problems with displaying Russian text encoding. Proxies For those who do not know, a proxy server, this is a special computer through which you can go online. You may already use a proxy server at your ISP or corporate proxy, if you go to the Internet from your desktop in the office. In the case of Internet service proxy can be used to block access to websites with inappropriate content, restrictions on traffic and safety reasons (protection from viruses, unauthorized access to the users' computers, etc.) But there are other so-called public proxy servers through which the user if desired, can also go online.

Choosing a Fireplace

Fireplace at all times been associated with warmth and comfort in the house. Flame burning in the fireplace attracts and fascinates. Construction of heating systems in suburban homes and in the twenty-first century is still very popular. Manufacturer fireplaces and stoves – a process that requires high skills of all professionals: builders, packers and designers. Importantly – the fireplace should be specific to the room in which to be located. By type of fireplaces are: 1.zakrytye (Incorporated in main walls) 2.poluotkrytye (adjoined to the wall) 3.otkrytye (free standing) for the construction, finishing and decorating fireplaces use a variety of materials. Among them are: ceramics, wood, marble, stone, metal and other construction and finishing materials.

To choose the right fireplace to turn to professionals in their field to help you choose exactly what will decorate your house. You will receive professional advice on choosing a fireplace, fireplace facings and hearths, experts prompt better location fireplace, calculate the required length for the fireplace, sectional view and completing the fireplace chimney will provide valuable guidance on the operation of the furnace. Typically, the acquisition of fire offered two options: The first approach saves time and money – this fireplaces sale of high-grade standard furnace, and paneling chimneys. The second approach requires more time and money, because the fire will be made to your individual order, taking into account all your wishes. You yourself will pick up material, type of finish, fit, power. And the staff – a professional team of designers, engineers, architects, designers work with you to paint a sketch plan, will help write the fireplace and chimney into the interior of your home, pick up a suitable furnace. In the process of making the fireplace you can even make possible at this stage of change. And your fireplace will warm your home and family with warmth and light, giving you comfort and good mood.

City Taxi Contest

The company "City Taxi" announced a contest for the best vacation spot in the weekend, "Where to go for the weekend?". From 15 January to 31 March 2008 from everyone who wants to have a chance to spend a weekend with his family in Moscow (inside Moscow) to free ride on the "City Taxi" to the place of rest. According to the contest, the best vacation spot should be located within the Ring Road, have an opportunity to all members of the family holiday program should be exciting, Leisure and myself – a healthy, active and useful. Among all the proposals "City Taxi" chooses the most interesting, recommends an optimal travel time and origin, is developing a route. To enter the contest must be send your proposal and contacts to marked "Competition". Deadline for proposals for the coming weekend – every Thursday of the week. We welcome your requests and suggestions and for their part offer comfort this weekend! For more information on the competition "City Taxi" can be obtained by calling 500-0-500 or visit the company – About the company: "City Taxi" was founded in 2000. Today, it offers its clients the following services: – taxi – a personal vehicle – passenger and cargo transportation; – evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services.

April, 2006. – 'City Taxi' was an official Carrier Domodedovo International Airport. Currently, the building of Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks order 'City Taxi'. May 2007 – 'City Taxi' official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Teply camp '. October, 2007. – The official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha'. November 2007 – 'City Taxi' has reached a new level of service in the direction of the evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles.

Corporate Language Training

Learning foreign languages – Serious work, it requires good conditions, an individual approach, a flexible schedule. Training Centre 'at Pokrovka 31' successfully engaged in teaching foreign languages for More than 25 years. We teach English and Italian, French, German and Spanish – for both beginners and continuing education. Our main advantages: highly qualified teachers effective method for a wide range of training programs for individual approach to each client the latest teaching materials of English publishers OXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, LONGMAN Our teachers and courses Our training center a foreign language courses, where they work only experienced Russian teachers, graduate in linguistics, phonetics, and intercultural communication. All faculty members are leading experts in Moscow Language schools in Moscow.

Specially designed programs and teaching methods that allow us to study languages at our center, fast and fun. The main focus of language study on the development of skills communicative dialogue, as well as reading and listening. Auditorium equipped with video and audio equipment. During the lesson you get the maximum knowledge and skills with minimal time. Our center is: learning a foreign languages at any level, flexible price policy, language teaching in groups and individually, the formation of groups at all levels throughout the year. You can start the course at any time. We also offer corporate language training in a specially designed program.

English language courses at our Training Center is an intensive English language training and preparation for International exams. Come to us! Our center is located in the heart of Moscow. Tel. / fax: (095) 917-5293 Tel.: (095) 916-1327 weekdays from 12.00 to 19.00

RMa Album

Photo Gallery – one of the best gifts! Magic wand for all occasions. It is not surprising that in the ranking of the most popular gifts album is one of the top lines. Need a gift the newlyweds? Wedding handmade photo album – the ideal solution. He will save, perhaps, one of the most important images of a new family. Luxury Romance – luxury wedding album from the skin.

How pleasant it would be then, after weeks, years and decades, to pick up the album and, leafing through pages to look into the cherished photos, remember how it was, and charged with positive energy to do this … no less important event – the birth of child. Give parents souped exclusive children's album, and keep it all together for its content. The first moments of life a unique new man must appear on its pages and step by step. Recently, the company is a priori, which is one of the leaders in event services, has also become the official distributor of the Italian company RMa.

All albums are handmade in single copies or limited series. All materials and chemicals used in the production of albums, including the tanning, passed rigorous tests for safety in regard to photographs, that guarantees the preservation of photographs in for 100 years or more. A priori, the company specializes in luxury holidays. She was taken by a huge number of events of different levels of complexity. It's a wedding, including, and exit, corporate events, anniversaries, children's parties, etc. The company's specialists carefully selected for their customers the very best for the organization of a truly great celebration in St. Petersburg and beyond. More than once, Faced with customer complaints that they can not find a decent frame for professional photographs, obtained after the well of the event, the company held its priori, independent study Market photo album of St. Petersburg. Having come to the disappointing findings, the company entered the global market and signed a contract with unsurpassed masters for the production of leather goods – the Italians. A priori – weddings and celebrations Exclusive Italian albums handmade from leather

Catering Services

Catering (catering) – an activity for which any restaurant service, whether it is holding a banquet, buffet or coffee break is organized virtually anywhere. This may be be visiting a banquet, cocktail parties, barbecues, cocktail, coffee breaks or other form of service. In the case of catering banquets restaurant catering service is almost no way inferior to stationary format of the event. With a professional approach to organization processes Catering, banquets at the exit will be as high as in the restaurant. In addition, on-site restaurant has advantages such as portability, which allows quickly organize entertainment for your friends, partners or colleagues virtually anywhere and at any time.

Widespread in the Russian market for catering or banquets to leave acquired relatively recently. But despite the novelty of these services, the customer makes to the restaurant and catering service catering service are rather high, rigid requirements: on-site restaurant must comply with such criteria such as "quality of the banquet, the organization of activities at the highest level, superior taste, originality of design, impeccable service and a banquet at the field much, much more," Since the inception of Our 'Banquet Dinner' is the motto of these requirements! Our company provide for a banquet, Dinner or coffee breaks at the highest level. Restaurant catering 'Banquet Dinner' has its own extensive database specialist and special technical equipment for banquets, receptions and conduct other activities, so that our banquet service can cater for a lump sum of up to 1,500 guests at the event out buffet table and up to 500 for banquet seating. An important point is our own production in catering 'Banquet Dinner' so we have room for maneuver in case of any unusual customer demands. Also, cooperation with renowned companies in the Event Service, allows you to our restaurant catering service to offer customers a full range of organization and equipment of the event. Catering 'Banquet Dinner' has extensive experience in the service of family festivities, VIP events, corporate holidays. Organizing the banquet is held completely under our control, so exit the restaurant 'Banquet Dinner "takes full responsibility for the quality of service.

Holding a banquet at the highest level by coherence of managerial executives of the company 'Banquet Reception', high professionalism of the staff and of course the skill of our chefs. Visiting banquet will be appropriate in the case of training or seminars, If on-site activities is not possible to organize meals. Also on-site buffet – the perfect solution in case of corporate events in nature. In the case of an organization's birthday or a wedding from afar the urban bustle, you can order on-site banquet. Visiting feast does not lose as compared with the banquet services in a hospital, and takes the novelty and originality emphasizes outreach. Catering 'Banquet Dinner' is always at your service! Request banquet, buffet Moscow.


The spectrum of activities related to this type of promotion is very broad, and in any of them we are not only professionals but also by experts. Depending on the situation, we will develop and carry out event of any kind – bold and entertaining, or, conversely, a strict and formal with strict observance of the protocol. Through our support between your brand and its target audience will be installed solid emotional connection and persistent association of a positive nature. We offer our clients Event – the event of any complexity – it can be both corporate parties and the holding of various conferences and presentations. We can also provide a full range of services associated with participation in the exhibition not only on the grounds of Moscow, and exhibitions that are held in large quantities in the regions. On your request we are ready to provide full range of services, such as script writing, design ideas and mechanics of the event, as well as casting, models, promoters, and other personnel.

Selection of the room with all necessary equipment, we can take themselves. Analysis of efficiency measures will be provided in exactly the designated time, we did not have any precedent for delayed delivery of the data. Merchandising, or a complex of different activities aimed at increasing sales of goods at point of sale is also carried out in the diversity of its species. We not only provide the most effective presentation of your goods at any retail outlet, whether hypermarket, or a simple pavilion, but also monitored the range and prices of your competitors.

Chinese Trucks

Demand for trucks is now enormous. Immediately behind the traditional European brands on our market manufacturers of trucks pulled out of China. Now in China there is practically no truck with its own mechanism they are all in one, and to some degree taken at other manufacturers. Pure Chinese trucks in Russia – the exception, so for this or that in the heavenly realms trucks can find an example of a hands-market brand. This does not give guarantee that your chosen vehicle will be fully match the quality of the famous instance, although the purchase of "almost Mercedes-Benz or MAN is always more pleasant than the unknown trucks with hard to pronounce and hard to memorable name. Having at his disposal trucks HOWO SX4255NY2904B 6×4 and HOWO ZZ4257S3241V 6 * 4, I first try to grasp the structure. The bulk of both trucks was nearly the same, although one of them thoroughly duplicates, at least superficially, popular in the 1990's MAN F2000, while the other goes back to the early 1970's, copying Mercedes-Benz that period. Both trucks are equipped with six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine 279 hp, created "under license from Steyr.

Other heavyweights differ name, but the technical features are so similar that the difference is almost impossible to notice. In addition to the rear axle – in Shaanxi them with planetary hub reduction. Consequently, that under different "shell" we did same heavyweights? Yes and no … As for technical features, there is no difference at all. And those other heavyweights deliver 20 tons of payload, spending the same amount of fuel As livability of the driver's convenience, service and other trifles, the difference is very big.

About it and talk. The first conclusion suggests itself: Shaanxi in the cabin is the least twenty years more modern and then he and the faithful. But it is not so simple. Along with the actual cabin Shaanxi inherited from MAN interior and exterior decoration of plastics. Now imagine that the heavyweights will be used in the construction, where migrant workers will sit behind the wheel, working in shifts, almost without respite, squeezing out all of the trucks, what they are capable. In that case turned cab Shaanxi two or three months? For the ruthless exploitation of the trucks must meet one condition – The simpler the better. And here Shaanxi fits perfectly! Not for nothing that I have already said that every Chinese model has its adherents. Having dealt with a lot of consumer niches trucks now account all possible details found on the test. I'll start with what Cab MAN F2000 in action Shaanxi not lost its charm. Before the driver's eyes pleasantly recognizable brand appliances in cool colors, but in the hands of the steering wheel with leather trim. On Shaanxi, on the contrary, a great big wheel and thin. Manage it freely, but not very good – we have lost the habit of these "plastic rolls. The only thing more annoying in a Chinese truck, is the quality of workmanship. Not that these Heavyweights were worse than the domestic (as defined by the practice, just the opposite), is simply in our minds strengthened doubts and suspicion in China's heavyweights.

Poor Quality Acrylic Bathtubs

Important points when choosing a bath. And also talk about acrylic and whirlpool. Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi) – a company that, along with the copy machine made happy fate to become a household name, but, in contrast to the copiers, which are all called Xerox, most any spa called Jacuzzi. The name comes from North American firms, which organized the mass production. The company was founded in 1917, one of seven brothers, immigrants from Italy, by the name Jacuzzi, around 1900 he moved to the United States.

Initially the company engaged in manufacturing aircraft and later – hydraulic pumps for agricultural use, and eventually, in 1956, Candido Whirlpool (Candido Jacuzzi (1903-1986)) invented the jacuzzi. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi received a commercial license of this invention, and also established its particular form in which the nozzles are integrated into the very architecture of the baths. In fact, the company Jacuzzi belongs to the sky-luxury bathrooms, equipment does not justify its price. The Russian market is now flooded pseudo acrylic bathtubs, questionable production, where the majority of consumer goods are imported from China that can not withstand any criticism! Original brands Teuco, Jacuzzi, Albotros, Systems Pool …. distinguishes the excellent quality and exorbitant prices. So if money is not sorry, it will be a long bath and honestly serve the bathrooms ….( price of this class begins with 3000 euros) Chinese baths differ Excessive equipment. There are models with TVs, in China you can even bath with a computer game book. Most of the Chinese baths, which are supplied to Russia, are of low quality.