Receiver Capacity

Step 1. Determination of the maximum air flow Identify capacity air receivers (passport data / information on the tag), completely fill air receivers, connect the consumers of compressed air, measure the fall time pressure of max means. to min means. = Min allowable working pressure in the network calculate the air flow according to the formula: Q = (V xn) x 60 / t (l / min), where: Q – Air flow (l / min), V – Receiver Capacity (L) n – the difference maxdavl-mindavl (optimal difference maxdavl-mindavl = 2 kg/cm2 (bar)), t – Time (sec). Step 2. Find a selection of the compressor the compressor can be as follows: A = (Q xk) / r (l / min), where A – the compressor (L / min), Q – air flow, calculated using the formula in section 1, k – coefficient equal to: 1,6 – for semi-piston compressors, 1,5 – for reciprocating compressors for industrial performance, 1,4 – reciprocating compressors for high-and 1,2 – for screw compressors. r – coefficient of efficiency compressor head: 0,65 – for single heads, 0,75 – two-stage and more heads, 1,0 – for the screw heads. Note: for compressors of household type, since it is impossible for periodic operation, the calculation does not applicable..