LCD Machine

Thus, the program temperature and time of washing can be set, even without going to the car. In the mass production model has not yet arrived, but if the results presentation will show that users interested in "Hermine", that soon she will be able to take their place in the market of expensive high technology. Company Gorenje has equipped its new model Premium Touch WA 65 205 sensors and an electronic intelligence UseLogic. With their help, the machine gathers and analyzes information, and then selects the best system of washing. At the same time determined by the required minimum water, electricity and detergent. Clear Water system checks the cleanliness of the water during the rinse, and Teach function "Full Aqua Stop prevents leakage. In addition to the proposed standard software provides a washing machine create your own, individual, that can be made in memory and to use every time you wash. By means of a dialog screen.

In Russian report on the washing machine water flow, Spin speed and time until the end of the process. And at the end of washing, it will beep. Washing machine with the ability to choose the wash and tries to keep the company Electrolux, which offers consumers a new washing machine with the function of Time Manager. This model is equipped with a convenient LCD display and buttons to change the time of washing, allows housewives to choose the duration of the cycle. But modern technology, used in the machine, ensure excellent results even while reducing the time of washing.