Catering Services

Catering (catering) – an activity for which any restaurant service, whether it is holding a banquet, buffet or coffee break is organized virtually anywhere. This may be be visiting a banquet, cocktail parties, barbecues, cocktail, coffee breaks or other form of service. In the case of catering banquets restaurant catering service is almost no way inferior to stationary format of the event. With a professional approach to organization processes Catering, banquets at the exit will be as high as in the restaurant. In addition, on-site restaurant has advantages such as portability, which allows quickly organize entertainment for your friends, partners or colleagues virtually anywhere and at any time.

Widespread in the Russian market for catering or banquets to leave acquired relatively recently. But despite the novelty of these services, the customer makes to the restaurant and catering service catering service are rather high, rigid requirements: on-site restaurant must comply with such criteria such as "quality of the banquet, the organization of activities at the highest level, superior taste, originality of design, impeccable service and a banquet at the field much, much more," Since the inception of Our 'Banquet Dinner' is the motto of these requirements! Our company provide for a banquet, Dinner or coffee breaks at the highest level. Restaurant catering 'Banquet Dinner' has its own extensive database specialist and special technical equipment for banquets, receptions and conduct other activities, so that our banquet service can cater for a lump sum of up to 1,500 guests at the event out buffet table and up to 500 for banquet seating. An important point is our own production in catering 'Banquet Dinner' so we have room for maneuver in case of any unusual customer demands. Also, cooperation with renowned companies in the Event Service, allows you to our restaurant catering service to offer customers a full range of organization and equipment of the event. Catering 'Banquet Dinner' has extensive experience in the service of family festivities, VIP events, corporate holidays. Organizing the banquet is held completely under our control, so exit the restaurant 'Banquet Dinner "takes full responsibility for the quality of service.

Holding a banquet at the highest level by coherence of managerial executives of the company 'Banquet Reception', high professionalism of the staff and of course the skill of our chefs. Visiting banquet will be appropriate in the case of training or seminars, If on-site activities is not possible to organize meals. Also on-site buffet – the perfect solution in case of corporate events in nature. In the case of an organization's birthday or a wedding from afar the urban bustle, you can order on-site banquet. Visiting feast does not lose as compared with the banquet services in a hospital, and takes the novelty and originality emphasizes outreach. Catering 'Banquet Dinner' is always at your service! Request banquet, buffet Moscow.