Methods Of Gathering Mushrooms

For the mushrooms are usually used wicker baskets. With abundant harvests on his shoulders behind his back wearing "body" and in his hands take a small basket. When filled with a small basket and its contents is passing into the body. In a soft containers (bags, backpacks, bags), mushrooms and crumble crumple. When gathering mushrooms in the main cut. Tubular mushrooms can be gently twist out of the ground without disturbing the bedding and not damaging the mycelium. Agaric, whatever they frustrated, break a leg or in the junction with the stalk of mycelium, while not exposing the mycelium and not pulled out. Fossa, formed after the fungus is cleared, you must sprinkle the litter, as an opportunity clean pillows for cleaning equipment bag.

With these precautions will spawn more than once to bear fruit at this site. Careless of mushrooms with the destruction of the fungal mycelium of litter and damage leads to a significant decrease in the reproduction of fungi, reducing their yields. You should not collect large, almost ripe and overripe especially mushrooms – they scatter through the woods a lot of controversy and give rise to new young strong mycelium. Cut or picked mushrooms clean hands or a knife from the earth and sand, so they do not contaminate the cart and other fungi. All plate of mushrooms, which go to salting the legs cut off. Need cleaning pillows. Keeps legs only Ryzhikov, chanterelles, and syroezhek volnushek.

For putting mushrooms on procurement items should be sorted by type and size of the cap because their size determines the grade of product. We accept only collected on the day of acceptance of mushrooms. The old, wrinkled, flabby, wormy mushrooms and broken do not accept. Tubular mushrooms with dried-caps are not suitable for pickling, as they are boiled soft, and the marinade is cloudy. Fresh mushrooms should not be left in the sun or rain. Especially not withstand prolonged storage mushrooms collected in the rainy morning. Mushrooms harvested for future use in several ways: drying, salting, pickling. In in this respect of consumer cooperation in the restoration of much experience. Thus, gribovary Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Irkutsk, Sakhalin potrebsoyuzov skillfully salted mushrooms, Tver, Moscow, Gomel – pickled, and Belarusian harvesters are well dried mushrooms.