Public Catering System

Use it in a professional kitchen can cause damage to vessels, as it is not designed for the existing load. Personal injury. The lack of certificates carries such consequences: – dishes deformed at high temperatures – is oxidized to different environments – "rumpled" and "washed" with the sloppy use; criterion number 3: Using a system of public catering. The use of professional solutions in the public catering system indicates the class of institutions. The client must be sure that the cooked food is distinguished by the most stringent hygiene requirements. What can not be achieved by using products of unknown companies, produced no clear by whom, how and most important of which. Products no name, as a rule, consists of alloys, whose composition is unknown.

In addition, professional cookware, bar and restaurants is different from its well thought-out consumer and user-friendliness. Dense fasteners, which provide food from falling between the boiler and the most grip. Much guaranteed hygiene. Pen stand indicated by weight and volume. Distinct forms make it easy to store – stacking.

As mentioned earlier in virtue of the materials used utensils and crockery PUJADAS characterized by strength and not deformed in the process use. Naplitnaya dishes from PUJADAS is unpolished exterior, practical and easily cleaned, also resistant to mechanical damage that such an intensive operation, which happens in the kitchens, is a definite plus. Criterion 4 thick metal. Well-known manufacturers such as Pujadas, Stalgast use steel with a thickness ranging from 1 to 2.5 mm. Thanks to high-tech polishing and machining of metal all forms of flat and do not have a "burr". This provides protection against strain-to-use security personnel. As well as reliability and durability. For example, a dishwasher at frequent (and professional kitchen – continuous) using the alkali metal is thin and unprofessional "washed." Such metals and non-professional subjects include: aluminum, enameled pans, stainless steel corrosion-free substances.