Success at Work

As staff and colleagues can contribute to the success of each other? The answer – their own labor. The recognition of equal rank has always been one of the strongest motivating factors. Next, come into play are satisfied with your staff clients. Quite naturally, like the flight of birds or the buzzing of bees, they tell us about your friends, neighbors, partners, colleagues and even their own customers. As a result, these conversations appear "on the recommendation of customers." By themselves, these customers are the reward for your employees and their high expectations are a good incentive for further improvement in the profession. That way, your customers become loyal to your company's sales staff and volunteer, support group managers, mentors and innovators, quality controllers, and all this for a very reasonable cost – for what you make them happy. Agree that you will never be able to hire so many people and still retain profitability. Circle.

You encourage your employees. Your employees encourage each other. They also stimulate your customers to encourage their friends, who become your customers, which in turn, stimulates you – and it all starts over again. As a result, you get a self-sustaining business model. Basic settings technique "word of mouth" effect of "word of mouth" is known for a long time, but marketing recently started to develop it, enhance, improve and subordinate their own interests. The main purpose of marketing, "word of mouth" – give people a reason to discuss your products and services, as well as to create similar discussions fertile soil.