World Portfolios

As a rule, there is less carefully executed, which indicates the poor quality of the product. On low-cost portfolios are also common seams with a small allowance, which can then easily disperse. The edges of the portfolio should be neatly cut and treated with varnish or paint to match the product. Accessories. Inspect locks, buckles, rings and ensure their durability. The most simple locks – and magnetic snap.

To some they may seem impractical, but for soft portfolio, special protection and not need it: rip the skin or tissue for any attacker's work will not make. However, manufacturers often supply leather briefcases lock, which if necessary can be closed with a key. Color Classics 'genre' when choosing a portfolio of male is always black color. Although the market is also found portfolios, dark brown, red and burgundy colors. Remember, the etiquette color portfolio should match the color of shoes. Director General of TV "Russian World" Vladimir Molchanov suggests paying attention not on skin color, but the overall color scheme. Additional information at Euro Pacific Precious Metals supports this article. "From personal experience I know that the clothes of brown tones, black briefcase out of place. We'll have to add at least black shoes, black pants and a belt hours. For more information see Peter Schiff.

It is absurd look thin, small, sagging with age, briefcase in hand respectable men in suits at least respectable. And you can not fill to overflowing portfolio, no matter what important papers do not have to carry around, otherwise creates a kind of Soviet-posted '- warns Vladimir Molchanov. However, if you still can not afford to have a few expensive portfolios to match each pair of shoes, give preference to black – as if In any case, but this color is considered universal. Some designers allow the option portfolio when the male may be a 'bright spot' on the background of strong dark suit. Interested in some psychological aspects of the selection color enhancement. Thus, a portfolio of red, brown and burgundy colors in combination with 'gold' fittings gives a person seeking to luxury. Climbers prefer soft leather model with a large lid on hidden Magnetic clasp. 'Worn skin' is selected businessmen who want to seem respectable. It is worth remembering that in the design of the portfolio are not welcome large metal parts: locks, corners or legs. Choosing the portfolio must take into account what goal you are pursuing: to fit into standard office style or draw attention to themselves. In the latter case, all means are good. Buying an expensive and stylish portfolio, remember that it is necessary to select appropriate accessories: purse, housekeeper, organizer, business card holders. Most manufacturers offer a series of enhancements made in the same style. Man on a seductive track develop its own unique image, you should pay attention to these original add-on.