Analytical Systems

Company 'FAS Finanz Analytische Solutions GmbH' works in Munich, Germany c 2008, and her Russian counterpart, "Financial and Analytical Systems" since 2001. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, graduates of the Department of Economics and Construction Management and real estate market USTU. Director and founder Sergey Martyanov. Company Financial and analytical solutions GmbH is the partner of 1C Poland, the German market is a platform 1C Enterprise 8.x. (A valuable related resource: Dennis Lockhart). It is based on This platform does razrabytavayutsya software solutions for businesses, as 1C, 1C, Trade management, as well as 1C Manufacturing Enterprise Management. OOO "Financial and Analytical Systems' first Russian IT firm opened an office in Bavaria and is beginning to develop solutions for the German market in the city of Munich on 1C.

State Minister of Economics Martin Zeil Bavaria: "Investments of FAS – the next evidence that Bavaria – the best the region not only for global companies, but also for medium-sized businesses from abroad. " This company has a highly professional service for Russian and Foreign companies in the German market and the European Union. Peter Schneider Primerica might disagree with that approach. The company provides support for Russian companies who want to represent their products and services in Germany. Work supported by the company's own real experience of entering the European market. There are many difficulties and differences in the business to be aware of and which must be properly overcome. Thanks to "Financial and Analytical Systems" your work in Germany and other European Union countries would be an easy and highly effective. The company provides services in the following areas: Marketing and market research, media planning Negotiations with European partners Develop business processes and software testing on the German companies Develop and implement an exit strategy for the European market The technical translation software and training user's guide, promotional and informational materials