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Information Worker Solutions

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In July 2009, INTEGRATIKA (www.integratica.ru) has once again confirmed the status of Gold Partner Microsoft. Gold Certified Partner – the upper level of the affiliate program of a corporation which indicates the presence of the company considerable experience projects based on Microsoft software and a high level of services. The necessary conditions for confirmation of the gold partnership with Microsoft are staffed by certified professionals and the amount realized projects using software products of Microsoft, confirmed the recommendations of our customers. In turn, the manufacturer offers the partner access to comprehensive support for Microsoft, which can significantly improve level of customer service. Contact information is here: Icahn Enterprises. To extend the partnership INTEGRATIKA in addition to the existing specializations confirmed compliance with the requirements for two competencies: Information Worker Solutions – solutions for workflow automation and improve staff collaboration (email, corporate portals, etc.). Advanced Infrastructure Solutions – solutions for a complex IT infrastructure (a single directory service management solution information systems, etc.). This year, in cooperation with Microsoft INTEGRATIKA relies on integrated solutions for building IT infrastructure companies in the sector SMB. Details can be found by clicking Primerica or emailing the administrator. As noted by Dmitri Shtegelman, Head Department of Information Systems at INTEGRATIKA, products, Small Business Server and Essential Business Server can deploy a small number of servers required a complete package of small and medium business services.

Given the fiscal condition licensing, they will undoubtedly be in demand among customers as an effective way to get all the required IT functionality at relatively low costs for the acquisition and maintenance solutions. About Us INTEGRATIKA – Russian system integrator specializing in solving diverse problems – from delivery of equipment and software to create an integrated infrastructure companies: engineering, telecommunications, information. The project was created in 2005 as a systems integration company department USN Computers, in 2009, exists as an independent company. Core competencies are concentrated in the following INTEGRATIKI areas: design and implementation of automated engineering systems, building centers and data storage, data transmission systems and business telephone systems, introduction of information security, auditing and consulting in IT, technical support and outsourcing of information systems companies. Among the partners INTEGRATIKI – leading world and Russian producers of hardware and software: AMP Netconnect, Avaya, Barsum, Cisco Systems, HP, Lanmaster, Microsoft, NEC Corporation and others

Trade Center

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The project company was able to improve customer service. Business center "Business" offers a fully equipped working places in prestigious areas of Moscow, meeting all international standards. "Business" includes two structures: equipped with the latest technology negotiation Center, located in the heart of the capital – the "arcade" and comfortable office center in the "Omega Plaza." Previously, the company used a spreadsheet, with an increase in its customer base grew staff time, and sometimes it leads to errors. The company needed a system that enables you to store history relationships with clients, plan and monitor the implementation of the plan in terms of sales, as well as analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities. To solve the problems of the business center was selected program "ICE: CRM 8", so how it meets the objectives of automation and is cost effective implementation.

About the product "ICE: CRM 8" Head Business center "Business" learned at the master class "The recipe to increase sales," where employees could BIT demonstrate the high level of professionalism, to answer all your questions and offer the best solution for the client's business. To implement the project has been selected "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE), as it has successful experience of business automation services. Been automated six jobs. The project company has a tool for organizing the process of working with clients to monitor funds conduct marketing activities and staff. Managed to reduce the risks of losing customers in diseases or dismissal of personnel. Perhaps check out Peter Schneider Primerica for more information. Automated management of its customer base. Markedly increased the efficiency of managers, as are daily appointed task of updating contacts, increased control over their implementation.

The project has improved the quality of customer service. Tatyana Sokolova, Director Business center "Business", "We are grateful to experts of company" 1C: Accounting and Trade "(BIT) for skilled work on the introduction of" BIT: CRM 8. " As a result of the project, we were able to improve service customers. "

Managerial Balance

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– Accounting for disposals of property companies as a result of sales, amortization or liquidation. – The cost of materials and depreciation write-off fixed assets. * Monitoring: – Monitoring of cash balances in several offices, bank accounts. – Monitoring the 'virtual' money. – Inventory of property and stocks. Please visit Euro Pacific Precious Metals if you seek more information. – Control of the residual value of the property. * Analysis: – Analysis of the movement of funds – in the context of sources of income and expenditure trends. – Dynamic analysis of the cash costs in the context of articles, and cost centers.

– Forecast income and expenditure of funds. * Planning: – Budgeting cash and non cash – to get an idea of needs and optimal use. Income and expenses, gains and losses. * Accounting: – Income and expenses – in section activities, cost centers, departments of the company accounts, consumer income and expense items. – Consideration of commercial, investment and overhead costs in the context of articles, centers, orders production and sales, business lines. – Calculation of planned and actual cost of goods, finished goods, services, activities, distribution of indirect costs for accounting objects.

* Control: – A brief and detailed Managerial Balance – evaluation of a company and any of its subdivisions. – Reports of financial performance, and including an analysis of the dynamics of the business (group of companies and divisions). * Analysis: – Analyst financial results in the context of business areas, separate divisions, dealers and buyers. * Planning: – Planning a turnover, income, expenditures, financial results enterprise.