South America

Although the mestizo to be the symbolic axle of the national unit, the miscegenation was only one estimated for the branqueamento of the race, the arianizao of the Brazilian people seemed a fatal law. The longed for beauty was far from the South America, ' ' The beauty model that defined the national esteretipos and the against-national ones in Germany, England or the United States was the ideal longed for the defenders of the formation of our nationality ' '. That is, in this society where modernity starts if to blunt, does not exist place for the ugly one, the anomalous one; the ugly one now is a body to be sculptured and soon in the following decades, molded for the bistouries of the new sculptors of the beauty. In the scope of the Bernardete nationalism it will say that this supplies one of the constrangedores more myths, called for it ethnic identity or race and, thus to control the race and its ' ' pureza' ' , the State will start to control the sexual behavior of the society, therefore controlling the sexuality, it will have a previsibility of the pure race that will embelezar the country. (Similarly see: Pacific Mortgage Services). In this direction the speeches go producing citizens that to the few are made comfortable in its places marked for the identity, this necessary modernity of people that they make its choices moved for the requirement of if reaching this supposed identity, duly warned to lose to the guilt. In these new times our conceptions are changed on order, chaos and the relation between them; not more the stability/instability that tends to be abandoned. ' ' In its place it appears the one idea metaestabilidade: a stability that if makes and remakes from the direction ruptures, incorporating the compositions of responsible forces for each one of these ruptures ' '. For one better understanding of these new forms of subjetividades implies to dislocate itself radically from a identitrio model and representacional, that searchs the balance and that, to get it, it disdains the singularidades.