New Land House

It does not appear in the registers of New Land nor in the ones of Parnamirim the date of Installation. The state Decree n 235, of 9 of December of 1938 fixed the division to invigorate in quinquennium 1939-1943, the New Land district started to be city and the city of Leopoldina started to call Parnamirim, also strengthened for the state Decree n 952, of 31-12-1943. (As opposed to Pacific Mortgage Services). In another Decree, that fixed judiciary-administrative the territorial division of the State, invigorating in quinquennium 1944-1948 also it created the judicial district of Parnamirim, continuing the same situation, determined for the state law n 1819, of 30 of December of 1953. (Extracted Data of the Internet day 27 of May of 2008). to achieve this success. From then on Leopoldina also started to be forgotten and its old inhabitants.

Currently, one does not meet in the parnamirinense region leopoldinenses and yes or parnaminioara (not used forms) and parnamiriense (more used form). In interview, Mr. Geraldo Simes de Almeida, paraibano born in the city of Battalion, day 05 of April of 1928, count that the Parnamirim in 1944 arrived, liveed in the house of its Severino brother and its Djanira brother-in-law, in the house of the Street Jambo Colonel, that was neighboring of the left side of the old house of Z Magalhes, in the way that followed for Well of the Door; e, of the right side was neighboring with Julieh Magalhes. At the time, according to it counts, only more I come all tera to the Leopoldina. Geraldo, still young worked with Severino and Djanira during five years in Parnamirim and the Surubim Farm. Geraldo remembers funny tickets that oldest of the time counted.