Southeastern Phase

It will be that we can say that the bar-garcense does not have a proper culture? We cannot say this, for being a inverdade, the bar-garcense currently has a culture in construction what it does not mean that the family the one that it belongs does not have the traditions of the region of its origin is south it, north, northeast, Southeast or of the proper center-west, therefore we are sages who the settling of Bar of the Garas occurred in three phases: the phase I pan of it, the phase of the expansion for the west, the phase of agriculture and the third phase of the industry and in each one of these phases the migrantes came of one definitive region. Thus in the first phase goldwasher we have the arrival of the migrantes of the north and northeast, in the second A stage the expansionista is the Southeastern region that arrives the Bar of the Garas, in the third phase of Agriculture and of the industry it is the time of south region to arrive at this region. From there our cultural diversity, without counting the migrantes (even though of the exterior) that here they arrive in search of a better life with the benefits of hot waters or the mysteries that go up to around the Blue Mountain range..