Customer Information

Information on the label should be written so that consumers may be interested. Sometimes not enough to create a beautiful label, one must also consider the manufacture of the entire package relating to a particular environment of use. So, what should be a label, to interest and attract potential customers. Presentable in appearance design, inspiring confidence, pleasant, and attach text content. Secondly, the label should not be stupid or boring, if that does not require those. mission, approved by the customer. For example, you work on the project design and positioning of a wine bottle.

It is not enough just to hang out on the market product range and to disclose the value of each series of wines. An important factor for the correct positioning of the drink is an interesting development legends about the origin of wine, facts, cases. Of course, the information must be accompanied by interesting illustrations and stories, so the information about the wine does not stop to make a few interesting photos of the place where grow those same vineyards, from which this is actually an alcoholic beverage. And this is only part of a marketing strategy. The fact that the self will be a visual image, thinking through this – is the first and most important stage of development. To do this we first of the conversation with the customer define the objectives and strategy for the conduct of its companies. Collects information about the drink, its advantages, as well as competitive companies (that they are represent themselves as positioned – should be analyzed the pros and cons of their resources) – it all into the development of alcoholic products.