NIF Information

Here is where the problems begin. When you finish your work, i.e. when they deliver the balance or financial statements each month and the Director or owner of the company does not simply use them, you are saying indirectly that his work not is useful to the company. This happens to 99.9% of the counters and is essentially due to two issues: 1.-provide information outside of time making them historians accounting of what has already happened. 2.

The information you deliver doesn’t anyone even when they did with every opportunity. The first issue has a solution. Simply, they must work longer hours and deliver the information on time. The second question is more complex in its analysis and we must ask ourselves the following: does what as much quality information that you give as to the employer take appropriate decisions? If information that prepare the new NIF has no built-in, information won’t be useful to the employer. If for example information that you assembled has not incorporated the quantification of labor liabilities (MFRS D-3), or the determination of deferred taxes (MFRS D-4) or where the deterioration of long-life assets, the assets in discontinuity condition or available for sale (NIF C-1), information simply not will serve nobody. In the past three years, CINIF has published a total of 19 new NIF, this is approximately 50% of the current standards for the financial year 2007.

How much know them and used? Let’s change our professional perspective becoming providers of useful information. Let us be active actors in the decision-making process and not simply the historians of what happened or left to spend in the company. As always send them a cordial greeting and invite you to participate in the seminar regulations of financial information where we will see more than 30 standards (since then the 19 new ones). The seminar has an eminently practical approach which may immediately apply it in their work and thus substantially improve the information that Join monthly. It will give me great pleasure count you among the participants to discuss and to delve deeper into these issues.