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the current pedagogy is a real breeding ground for various neuroses." He added later: "I have the firm conviction that the cure for this disease of society lies in exploring the true and complete personality of the individual … and as a preventive measure, a pedagogy based, ie, for founding on understanding, effectiveness, and not on dogmas. " In the sixth century, a teacher of Talmud, Rabbi Yehuda ha-Nassi, had long pondered the extent that the company has pedagogical. He used to say: "Be wise when you teach, because a mistake in education can lead to serious consequences. An established education foundations weak evidence can be detrimental not only immediately, but also corrode from the present, past and future. .. ". The Talmud recommends the study common, and is expressed as: "Words are like fire.

Just as the fire does not burn alone, neither can exist when the words are cultivated by a lonely …". A-induced pathology teaching may be called "didactogenia" by extension of the meaning commonly attributed to the word iatrogenic. "Iatrogenic" from the Greek iatros (doctor), means originating from the doctor. The popular use restricts the meaning of disease caused by the doctor. In this regard, the Academia Argentina de Letras feel this way about the validity of the term "didactogenia": "In the voice can be recognized consulted formants of Greek origin, 'training analyst' and 'genius'. The first, short for 'teaching' expresses the notion of 'natural process of formation "(of what is termed the initial formant), as shown in the voices' pathology' or 'embryogenesis' alluding to the formation of the condition or of the embryo respectively.