Design A Wine Label As An Integral Part Of Corporate Identity

This page will be interesting to the novice designer of wine labels. This includes those that are planneingor have already successfully sell their ideas in the field of wine images. You’ll learn why in order to create a good design concept is not enough knowledge of several graphics programs, you will be amazed at how complicated the work of the designer in the field of wine labels, and that in fact these professionals is very small. Graphic design should comply with and be subject to certain purposes, otherwise the results of our work does not make sense, and most likely the result of it is unsatisfactory. The same statement can be attributed to the creation of packaging, corporate identity, brand development, web presentations. Looking at the concept of the created image with many unfamiliar terms and understand that we should know in order to create a quality and distinct from all design design a wine label.

To this end, we consider the label as an essential attribute of corporate identity as an advertising medium. Label as an attribute of corporate identity need to look at the wine through the eyes of the consumer, we need to understand what the corporate identity and that he expresses. Thus, the style – is, first and foremost person of the company, this is the main attribute that distinguishes it among many other companies, producers of goods and services. In corporate style include: a logo or symbol (name of the company, made in a certain style and fashion style, perhaps a stylized image, color scheme with some combination, perhaps, a slogan, a certain location branding).