Launguage Study Equipment

Necessary means for self-study language 1. The most important thing – a textbook! In the annotation to see him, whom he recommended. As his very first tutorial, choose the ones where there is a recommendation "for the students themselves" 2. Audiokurs initial stages of language learning. They are now in many stores for virtually all European languages. Necessarily look at abstract to him, text support, volume and content themes. Choose a topic which is more consistent with your goals – household general lexicon, hiking, or your profession.

Order not to have so that you accidentally bought a set of discs for children of preschool age! 3. Keeping notebooks Compendium is a must. Yes, if you want to get serious. It is necessary to take notes in a notebook, write back everything that you want to remember, draw it to record labels and rules, as well as their own comments to learning. According to its own records, usually much easier to repeat passed than a textbook. 4. Dictionary. When will choose the dictionary, use the same approach as the choice of textbooks – first look through, check, check, do you understand that it is written and easy to use whether a dictionary for learning.

5. Your personal notebook dictionary. She absolutely necessary at the initial stage of language learning! This is your personal dictionary, you'll collect new words, and better to do it thematically. Suppose to write individual words on the topics: "household items" "Food," "feelings", etc. Be sure to introduce topics related to your profession, if you study the language in order to move up the corporate ladder or get a new job. Organize your own personal "language environment" Long, long been noted: repetition – the mother of learning. Ideally, if you can afford to study the language on a daily basis at least an hour. But as a rule, people working with families can not always find this hour free time. What should I do? Surround yourself with "reminder"! Ancient techniques – putting up cards with words in all the places in your home where your eyes can linger on them. Importantly – the right to have your "Visual aids" in the right place. And at the right time to mobilize ourselves to ensure that pay attention to them. Then you will see that, without straining, you calmly "dial" the necessary time to recurrence.>>